Monday, April 02, 2007

Your Weekly Updates


I've had a discussion with my fellow contributors - a.k.a The Rovers Return Roundtable - about what to do with the updates for the next few weeks during the play offs.

As you many of you know, during the 'playoffs' (Oshawa junior league curling, that is) CBC will only be showing Corrie during the sunday omnibus. So instead of us all trying to scamble and figure out who's bit is who's (that's what she said)...we're going to avail on the updates of that lovely lady overseas Nora. I'll be posting her archived weekly updates to keep us Canucks up to date.

In addition, after the playoffs are through, I'm going to be sharing my Thursday slot updates with Papasmurf and Shatnerian- so you can look forward to more Papa and Shatner goodness.

FINALLY, remember that there will be TWO episodes of Corrie tonight and no Corrie on Thursday. Papa will be posting the update for the first half right after. As for my portion, I will try to get it up as soon as possible. (that's what he said) Forgive me dearhearts, I have a french exam tommorow.


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