Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekly Update Courtesy of Our Voice in the UK


While the Rovers Roundtable sits on their asses cuddling babies, getting arrested, doing lounge acts (hmmm...Wasn't that Jack Layton's recent campaign for PM?) and whatever the hell it is that Working is doing these days....we're prevailing on the updates posted on Corrienet by Flaming Nora.

I haven't seen the episodes yet, but I think this captures what happened on Sunday without any spoilers.

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update. This week the update is slathered in sun cream and wearing flip flops. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update. - Glenda

It’s Ashley’s day in family court and he agrees to Matt Ramsden having access to Josh. “He can have two hours every mumf” yells Ashley to the judge while going red in the face and all angry-like. When Matt turns up for his allocated spot with Josh, Clare goes into labour and the ambulance arrives after the new baby boy does. Which means that Matt Ramsden the too-tall doctor put the baby into the first Mrs Peacock and pulled the baby out of the second. Ashley thanks Matt for his help but can’t help feeling frustrated and angry by the doctor who roared onto the street in his SUV and parked it behind Maxine’s seat (which is perhaps how they all got into this trouble in the first place).

As “Tainted Love” plays in the background at the Rovers, Danny and Frankie share a moment of tenderness on what would have been their 20th wedding anniversary. Frankie’s back from Spain now and losing patience with Nathan who walks in and then storms out when he finds Danny at home with Frankie poring over her photos of son Warren in Spain.

And Diggory the fat baker this week shut up shop and prepared to move on.

Baby Peacock receives his share of visitors in th’ospickle, all 5lb 6ozs of him as Clare’s mum drops by and Fred’s over the moon with his new grandson, I say, he’s fair pleased. He calls into the Rovers to wet the baby’s head and gets the whiskies in and the cigars out. Mother and baby are sent home for rest, recuperation and bonding but none of that happens as Clare scrubs the house from top to bottom, hosts a lavish tea-party for Roy and Hayley and tries to becomes super-mum in an attempt to ward off oncoming ante-natal depression.

Liz pays an enormous sum to replace Vernon’s stolen Northern Soul record. She sneaks it back into his record bag as a surprise for him, but she finds the original record in the bag that he said had been nicked. What’s he up to then, this Vernon fella? Without his van and his drums, he’s lying around the flat feeling sorry for himself so Liz begs Steve to give him a job driving at Streetcars – something which neither Vernon nor Steve want.

Maria’s fella gets her an interview at a posh hair salon in town and when she doesn’t get the job he’s sarcastic to her and tells her she’s no better than she ought to be. He walks out of the Rovers and so she dumps him by txt msg and then rebounds to Tyrone, telling him she still loves him and wishes they’d never split up. Tyrone has a quiet word with his ex and tells her he’s happy with Molly and doesn’t want to go back to being Maria’s Plan B.

Meanwhile down on the quays, Danny reveals to Leanne his Plan F for Frankie. He wants his old missus back and dumps Leanne quick sharp, thinking he can woo Frankie. Frankie dumps Nathan who hits Danny and knocks him out cold on the cobbles but Danny sees this as a good thing - Frankie’s single status is more reason for him to make his move on her. But Leanne won’t go quietly, she’s a Battersby after all so Danny offers her five thousand pounds to get lost. When she tells him she’s got Mike’s original will ferreted away, she demands one hundred thousand pounds which nervous Danny pays up - half of it now, promising t’other half in 12 months if she keeps her trap shut. Danny forgets once again that she’s the daughter of a Battersby where ‘keep trap’ and ‘shut’ aren’t part of their world.

It’s the school summer holidays which means Chesney and Sophie are knocking around looking for trouble. Chesney rings his mate Cameron who turns up on the cobbles and turns Sophie’s head. She develops a little crush on Chesney’s mate but when questioned by Sally, Sophie just gives her mum one of those looks that 11 year old girls do, oh so well, like duh! In a wonderful scene, Sally gives Sophie her mobile phone in case emergency should strike as she wanders the cobbles. Sophie answers the call when the phone rings later, she turns away from Cameron and Chesney and tells her mum “Spaghetti Hoops”, wonderful stuff.


Rob Swizzle said...

Thanks for the summary. I was feeling lost without knowing what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Super summary! Thanks. I know have to drink several drinks because the word hospicle was actually used!!!