Monday, April 02, 2007

Update for Epiosde # 6333 April 2, 2007

I did my best to find a picture of a rat eating some pizza in a tribute to Charlie Stubbs but this rather cutish shot will have to do instead.

Final Delivery

Diggory, Molly and Ty are doing their level best to make a go of the bakery with their newest scheme for late night pizza. In spite of the boundless enthusiasm of the younger two of the triumvirate there is not a lot of pizza being sold. The phone rings and an order for 10 pizzas comes in. Is this the beginning of something big? Sadly it appears to be a hoax, when Ty went to deliver the order he found a slimming club with the doors locked. Ty wonders why a slimming club would order pizza. Diggory guesses that it was a pernicious prank perpetrated by one of the other pizza places in the neighbourhood. Molly tries to put a good face on things but Diggory tells her that the game is up, he has been struggling for months without much success. Businesses come and go, and sometimes you have to know to stop fighting and accept the inevitable.

Charlie meanders in at this point freshly frolicked and famished from his fornicating in The Rovers and orders a pizza. Diggory, ever the master baker, tells Charlie he will make him the best pizza he has ever had, for the last customer the bakery will ever have.

I have quite enjoyed the recent incarnation of Diggory, the philosophical and introspective baker. When he first showed up on the street I found his character to be rather distasteful and over the top, but I like where the writers have taken him in recent epiosodes.

Daddy Can You Hear Me?

Sean continues apace in his manic pursuit of his biological father. He has Adam and Joanne ringing every Paul Jones from the list they have compiled, in spite of the fact that it is nearly midnight. Of course this might explain some of the less than enthusiastic responses they have been receiving. It's almost like an episode of 'Prime Suspect*', except this is for real. Blanche interrupts their endeavours, complaining that it is like she is living in a telephone exchange. Adam tries to explain what they are doing, to which his his grandmother replies 'you're daft in the head'. That pretty much sums it up I think.

Sean wanders around the neighbourhood for a while, before he returns home. Eileen, newly back from London, discovers Sean lurking in the sitting room and asks him what is wrong. They have a lovely heart to heart chat. Sean tells Eileen about his dream family, an older brother, a younger sister, a dog and a hamster - and his biological father of course. Eileen tells her boarder that he should be happy about his circumstances, he has two families - his mother - and Eileen considers him to be her son as well. Sean gets a bit teary eyed at this but is forced to use his sleeve to wipe his nose**. Eileen points out that both of her sons never knew their father and look how they turned out - well maybe not the best example after all.

* A British police drama starring Oscar winner Helen Mirren.
** Tired of seeing his troops wipe their noses on the sleeves of their shiny new uniforms, Napoleon had buttons put on the sleeves in an effort to wipe out (no pun intended) this nasty habit. To this day jackets and coats still have buttons on their sleeves that serve no discernible purpose.

A Little Tipsy

Jason and Sarah are sharing some pizza in al fresco, surrounded by romantic odours from the back alley and the tip. Jason wonders if Sarah thinks of Scooter whenever she sees a rubbish tip. She admits that once in a while she does think of Scooter, but that it is only natural. She asks Jason if he ever thinks about Violet. Builder boy tries to avoid answering the question. Sarah insists it is alright if he does, after all he does see her every day. Like a moth to the flame Jason is drawn into answering that he does think about Violet on occasion, and Sarah pounces on him like my cat attacks a piece of cheese. However, she is only winding him up. Sarah has developed a sense of humour somewhere along the way. They decide to get married as soon as possible so they can sleep together every night - or have pizza every night. Something like that.

Last Regrets

Shel and Charlie are in The Rovers after hours on their own, having a final drink together. The evil one is on his best behaviour - or worst behaviour, depending on your perspective. Charlie compliments Shel, admiring how strong and confident she is these days, just like when they first met. He wonders if he can 'pull' one more pint behind the bar, after all it might be his last chance to do that. Shel agrees and we the viewers are treated to a strange Roman Polanskish directing moment, as Charlie pulls his pint in a strange orgasmophallic fashion. This of course leads to some snogging which of course leads to a little horizontal limbo on the pub table. (remind me to never eat off that particular table)

As they get dressed Charlie explains his motivations for shagging Shel one last time, a contest to see how long it takes to seduce a woman, that sort of thing. He gives Shel a 3 out of 10 on the passion meter for her performance that evening. Shel realizes what a mistake she has made and does her level best to put a brave face on things. Charlie knows he has got the best of her - so far at least.

Bev comes down later that night and finds Shel wiping down the bar, doing her tribute to Lady Macbeth - out, out damned spot. Mother inquires if daughter is alright - Shel says she is, but is obviously upset about something.

Steve and Tracey return from the hospital. Amy is fine and her parents are being civil to each other for a change. Tracey is surprised to find Charlie isn't home yet, and when he does return she tries to confront him about where he has been. Because of his natural sliminess, Charlie again manages to slip out of a sticky wicket. He tells Tracey that he felt shoved out of the way at the restaurant when she left with Steve for the hospital, and how dreadful it was to be stuck with Shel for the rest of the evening. Suitably manipulated, Tracey slyly asks Charlie if he is 'tired' and flops onto her back like the seasoned mattress test pilot that she is.


GoBetty said...

sex with Charlie in the pub = yuck.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Shelley was frantically wiping down the counter when Bev walked in.

The Big Seester said...

I was so sure Shelley would tell him where he could stick it (and not where it ended up) so that when IT happened, I actually screamed NOOOOOOOOO at the television. The NOOOOOO kind of segued into an EEEEWWWWWW as I sat, defeated, thinking how much I wanted to shower. With lots of soap. And really hot water.


Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

I also screamed 'Nooooo' at the TV, but I have to say I LOVED Shelly's line with Jason

Jason, "I think I'd like to have secopnds."
Shelly, "I think you had done, with our Sarah."


Debbie said...

BTW, I think it was Shelly who gives Charlie a 3 out of 10. And then told him that he was talking himself down to a 2.

Anonymous said...


You're absolutely right - Shel did get her own back, and how. But still...ICK! (It's kind of cruel to have a battle of wits with Jayshun though, since he's so clearly unarmed.)

I'm really truly sorry she's leaving the show - she's one of my faves.

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

Shel showing Jason up in the pub happened in the second epiosde I think - which fair Jacqueline is going to update soon.

My cat jumped into my bowl of stew during the latter half of the episode so I missed a bit of what was going on.

Jacqueline said...

yes, I am going to update asap - probably with tommorow's episode.

Just cramming for my french exam tonight.

Also, I think I need a support for my Charlie addiction.

Debbie said...

Get as much Charlie as you want Glacia, one day you may have to go cold turkey.

Papa, did your cat really jump into your dinner last night? Or is that a turn of prase meaning you started making out with someone?

If your cat really did jump into your stew, that is hilarious. You could have taken a picturte and then sent it to

papasmurf said...

Sadly I spoil my lttle feline rotten and she has acquired a taste for human food. (the way Jacqueline hungers for Charlie and DEb hungers for her penetrada dance instructor) The stew I had last night was made by my mom and smelled quite tasty. I was trying to keep Sharky at bay with one hand and take notes with the other when the cat hurdled my arm and landed two front paws and her face in the stew. Made quite a mess - on her and the table. Sadly no camera was at hand to record the event.

missusmac said...

Did everyone else know there was going to be a second show last night?

I just happened to be late getting up for my 97th cup of gin, or I would have left the room and missed it.

Yes, Shelley got hers back later, which was nice to see.

I must say the Search of Shawn is beginning to drag on...

Jacqueline said...

Oh Missusmac....I made two announcement about the two episodes, one yesterday and one on March 22.

I'll have to make bigger announcements, so they don't get lost in all the gibber gabber.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to ask if anyone else had a Coronation Street contest on their local CBC station recently. CBC News Windsor had one, and I know it was local because, although I don't recognize all Canadian newpeople (besides Mansbridge and the guy with the eyebrows Mark always parodies on 22) I DO know Susan Pedlar is CBC Windsor's "face" like Diana Lewis is ABC Detroit's "face."

Anyway, I didn't play, because I didn't find out about it until most of the way through the week (plus it probably wasn't open to those of us north of the border), but it looked way cool - you could win Corrie t-shirts and etc.

I don't generally watch Windsor news, except when I want a refreshing "Wow. Everyone isn't steeped in crime." kind of newscast. I instead like to watch Detroit news, to find out which prisoner escaped this week from the oh-so-competent hands of the Detroit Police (motto: we no longer give a rat's ass) and whether he might turn up in my neck of the woods.

Okey dokey. That's enough Coca-Cola for this afternoon.

Anyway. Was it a nationwide contest?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Also, Papa.

I have a cat who doesn't so much "beg for food" as DEMAND that you share it. If you don't give her a taste when she wants it, she will grab your hand with her paw. It usually doesn't affect my ability to feed myself, but there have been issues balancing the spoon a few times. So I can totally relate.

I'm trying to train Los Gatos that the Corrie Theme Song is code for "come sit on my lap and let's watch this show" but so far, the theme music hasn't had a Pavlovian impact on them.

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

When I get home from my cat yells at me until I give her some form of human food. Literally yells. Which is quite funny beacuse she is quite micro-sized. There have been a few incidents when she has launched herself into my bowl of cereal but last night was the first time she dove into hot food.

Debbie said...

HA!, Penetrada dance instructor. HAHA!

i love him

missusmac said...

No problem, Jacqueline. I expect this is just a sign I should cut down on my drinking!

I consider myself fortunate I stuck around for drink 97, and didn't stop at 96 -- else I'd have missed the second show.

BTW, one of my favorite parts of the evening was the whole Adam/Blanche hookup.

Shawn to Jo: and look, he's brought you an elderly relative! how nice! Much better than flowers.

missusmac said...

Michigander, nope, not a nation-wide contest.

I too played along in rural Nova Scotia all week (OK, I stole the answers from this site) before realizing it was only for people in the TO area.

I too have a cat, but he does not launch himself at our food. Doing so would be acknowledgement that we exist, and he prefers pretending that we don't.

Debbie said...

Adam and Blanche are great together.

Anonymous said...

I loved Sean's comment in the pub that Adam had brought Joanne a little old lady rather than a bunch of flowers. I'm really warming to Adam now that he's abandoned his pouty 'I've been treat unfairly' persona. But Eileen has got to be one of my favourite characters, I almost cried when she told Sean he was like a son to her.

Anonymous said...

You know, I totally forgot about the Adam/Blanche thing, because I was so busy freaking out about Shelley and Charlie. That was absolutely hilarious! I love Blanche so much - not that I LIKE her, but she is always a ton of fun to watch. Scene stealer!

I see Missusmac has a traditional cat - doesn't deign to beg for food. One of my two was a foundling outside a Mexican restaurant, so she survived by begging food (and being super pretty) and she hasn't unlearned the begging thing. However, she's the best advertisement for cats, because she LOOOVES people. No hiding when people come over to visit - she's right there. (The Big Boy, however, is under the bed if you drop a shoe in the other room. Pretty funny because she's 9 lbs and he's 19 lbs.)

Papa, my cats meet me at the door at the end of the day. Not to demand food, just say welcome me home. It's actually kind of touching, since they're my babies.

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

MF - when I lived in Windsor we went for Mexcian food @ Xochi's all the time, but the rumour was the only cat you would find around that neighbourhood was in the chicken chimichnaga.

My cat is friendly even when she isn't trying to mooch some human food.

Anonymous said...

In as much as I liked the "after-midnight" format of this episode, I was surpised to learn that it took place on a Monday. With the dinner date and the late night pizza deliveries, I just assumed it took place on the weekend. It just seemed odd that everyone on the street was awake and having deep, heart-to-heart talks on a Monday.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...Xochi's. Awesome! Have you ever been to Armando's? It's kind of off the beaten path in Mexicantown, but excellent food.

She is very friendly and loving. I think it has to do with having to be friendly to get food for the first 8 months of her life. Whereas I found Big Lou when he was a wee mite. He has no recollection of fear, hunger etc. and is supremely ungrateful for all the comforts I provide him. (As in, he won't sit on my lap and meow the Corrie theme song with me.)

Cat lovers of the world, unite!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I have two cats who love to sleep on my pillow right next to my face at night. Combine this with the two small dogs who lie against my back and on my legs and it gets a bit crowded and warm at times.

Both my cats are the nervous type who high tail it up the stairs if any non-family member comes in the house.