Monday, April 30, 2007

This Weekend's Update

On a personal note - I really, really, REALLY hope Adam gets the lot. I know Danny is a favorite of a lot, but I am not always loving this guy.

From our Glenda.

Hello, come in, sit down, have a cuppa, put your feet up and welcome to another weekly update. This week the update has a crush on the voice of the pre-plastic surgery Tom Jones. What’s new pussycat? Well, without any further ado, let’s crack on and find out so here we go-oh-oh-oh-woah with this weeks’ Coronation Street update.

There’s a whiff of wodge at the Barlow’s as Adam and Ken take Mike’s original will to the solicitors, which means Tracy turns up at the family home hoping to peck at a piece of pecuniary pie. Adam’s solicitor reckons he’s got a good case while Danny’s reckons he doesn’t. Danny’s a worried man and offers Adam a 10% share in the factory, which Adam refuses. Adam reports Danny to the cops and he’s taken in for questioning and told he could be banged up for seven years in the big house for fraud if it turns out he knew about Mike’s original will, which of course he did. The police make noises about rummaging around in his bank account which would mean they’d find the fifty grand he paid Leanne off with, so he’s got a lot to think on. Back at the Barlow’s, Danny ups his offer to Adam to 25% of the factory if he drops all the charges and stops the out of court action. Adam holds firm. Ken holds his nerve and they push for more, which they finally get in the shape of 40% - but I’m not sure what of – the factory? The villa in Spain? Does Adam get 40% of ladies pants and Danny keep control of the purse-strings to the g-strings? Is it 40% of a load of old pants?

Gail and Eileen are united in despair at the upcoming wedding of Jason and Sarah. The two mums sit in the Rovers in a bad mood with arms crossed and hackles raised when their kids tell them they’ve arranged their wedding and Audrey’s put a deposit down on a flat for them. Gail’s new hair-do makes her look like Camilla Parker-Bowles, and this, dear reader, is A Very Bad Thing. Not all the residents are so against the summer wedding, however. Bev offers to do free food at the reception in the Rovers, Roy offers to make a free wedding cake, Rita throws in a free packet of wedding invites and she gives Sarah something old, borrowed and blue for her day. No, it’s not one of Rita’s varicose veins, it’s a butterfly brooch. It’s big, it’s sparkly and looks the sort of thing best pinned onto a cardi. Very Rita.

Clare decorates the house, finds the answer to world peace and a cure for veruccas in her spare time. I made two of those things up but you get the idea. She won’t sit still for a minute and bond with the baby and nobody except 10 million viewers seem to have noticed this. Fred and Ashley, two men who know their way around pork bellies and marbled fat, but haven’t a clue what’s going on Clare who pretends all’s well in the post-natal department.

Rosie returns from France and Craig’s overjoyed to see her until she bores him rigid with tales of her mates and what they all did on their holidays. It gets worse when she shows him her photos: “…. and here’s another one of Laura outside the cafĂ©” and starts demanding latte-dah coffees from Roy’s Rolls instead of the usual black with milk that Roy does so well. Rosie’s not best pleased to find out that Craig’s sleeping rough in Diggory’s cake shop but it’s quite romantic really, when you think about it, he’s only staying there to be with Rosie after all.

Meanwhile, at the Websters house with all the attention back on Rosie, younger sister Sophie gets into trouble when Sally catches her with cigarettes, Cameron and Chesney. Poor Chesney gets the blame for leading Sophie astray to the ashtray and Sally bans him from their house, but he was the one who was against them smoking in the first place. And when a fiver disappears from Sally’s house, Chesney gets the blame again but it’s Sophie who’s taken it to buy fags with Cameron. Best bit of all this was when Cilla and Les stormed into Sally’s house demanding she apologise to their Chesney, which she does. But Les has to yank Cilla out of there when she wants to video Sally’s apology on her mobile phone.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever Adam gets, he's going to waste, in my opinion. I think he's young, smug and ready for something to blow up in his face.

Amazing how quickly Tracey became Jo's new best friend huh? Good ol Blanche sussed it tho!

Everyone is being very nice to Sarah and Jason. Interesting how the mothers have 'bonded' over the same goal...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think that episode of Fred telling Bev he wanted to retire was HEAVY with foreshadowing?? It really hit me...Anyone else??

Anonymous said...

Adam should use some of the fortune on a barber outside of Weatherfield. What a horrible lid on that jar!!

Pamer said...

From Mrs. Pamer "the guy that plays Adam has one acting style...Look Smug"

I kept wondering how long it would take before someone tells Craig that he stinks. Then it turns out to be Rosie but only AFTER they have

Dez dispelling love advise is pretty funny.

Hopefully Fred and bev fail to find a house in "pig country"...i don't know what i'd do without a fix of Elliot wisdom.

Charlie better not hurt my Maria **Shakes fist**

Jacqueline said...

Maria better not hurt my Charlie **shakes fist and ass**

Anonymous said...

Adam is the very definition of smug. Furthermore, he has lips like a tuna and the hairstyle of an Afghan hound.

So, go you little Cockney schemer, BOO to you Adam. Remember one of the last scenes with Uncle Mike in that rain-soaked park, he kept referring to himself as "Jack the Lad" and how he was always dipping and diving to stay on top. Of his 3 sons only Danny can live up to that image. /anti Adam rant


S. Poole

papasmurf said...

Adam is a poncey git with a really bad haircut and deserves nothing but a good kick in the twig and berries. If he were on my footie side we would hold him down and shave his head - on principle.

Maria and Charlie will be doing the nasty soon methinks.

Papa Smurf has four sheets to the wind tonight - whee!

Anonymous said...

I know Blanche is really old, but seriously, they are going to have a crater to fill when she... leaves the show. You can always count on Blanche to call things as she sees them.

Anon, I noticed that too. Fred suddenly seems very old. Of course, I also saw a big spoiler a while back...

Adam really bugs me, and it isn't just the terrible haircut.

What really bugged me from Sunday's corriethon was Sally, cluelessly blaming Chesney, as if her daughter wasn't passed out drunk in the backyard a couple of weeks ago. Talk about a blind spot!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, Michigander Fan. Sally has to be one of the most annoying characters ever to grace telly land. Can't stand the woman...

And yes, agree with everyone else re Adam vs Danny. Danny, however much of a jerk, is truly charismatic and appealing. Adam, on the other hand, is simply silly.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point about Sally. She knows Sophie has been drunk in the yard, points out she's already been caught with smokes, but blames Chesney for everything -- the kid who was smart enough to go the same school Rosie does, but just didn't want to.

I LOVE Blanche. She says what other people would only think. Except for Cilla, of course!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely in Danny's camp on this one, too. What has Adam ever done to deserve all of Mike's estate? I'm also hoping Danny and Frankie get back together but if they do, he had better treat her right!

I get the sense Claire isn't overly fond of Bev, but I don't know why. I can't imagine she sees Bev as stealing some of Ashley's inheritance from him, but maybe she does. So will Fred and Bev wed, Fred kicks off, Bev gets the lot (or most of it). Ugh, I don't think I could stand two estate battles at once.

Ang said...

I agree with you all regarding the whole Danny/Adam situation. Where is Adam living??? Ken's flat?

Sadly I'm going to miss this Sunday (yet again).

Anonymous said...

Danny is doing just what Mike would have done. Yes, dipping and diving to keep the inheritence. Can't stand Adam and what is he doing for money? Is he working? At what? I think he's sleeping in Ken's front room or did he take over Tracy's old room? Why doesn't Ken grab some backbone and toss both Adam and Tracy from his home and life?