Sunday, April 08, 2007

The New and Improved Coronation Street Drinking Game

With Coronation Street sent to CBC's Sunday morning ghetto to make room for the NHL playoffs (and after the Habs went down last night, really, is there any point in watching anymore?), we're all going to have to entertain ourselves somehow.

I find the best way to do that is to get drunk. I have taken the addictive thrill of watching Corrie and combined it with the addictive properties of alcohol. Throw some hot wings and samosas in there, and you got yourself a party.

As we all know, the show does hit on certain beats in the script and plot lines that often satisfy long-term viewers of the show. The object of this drinking game is to watch for those "beats" and take a sip of your drink when they occur.


Take one sip when the following is said:
  • "Hiya!"
  • "Eh up"
  • "Luv"
  • "Ta"
  • "Pint"
  • "Cheers"
  • "Nice one"
  • "Nowt"
  • "Owt"
  • "Tart"
  • "Cow"
  • "Bitch"
  • "Bitter and twisted"
  • "Cuppa"
  • "Hot pot"
  • Local pronunciations such as:
  • "Murr" for "Mare"
  • "Clurr" for "Claire"
  • "Thurr" for "There"
  • "Swurr" for "Swear"
  • "...n' all."
  • "innit"
  • "at it"
  • "Thee and me"
  • "Scotch and threat"
  • "hospickle"
  • "oy!"
  • "chippy"
  • "you what?"


Take one sip when the following happens:
  • A pint is pulled
  • Someone walks into the Rovers
  • Booze is consumed during the lunch hour
  • Tracy sneers
  • Ken removes his glasses
  • Norris eavesdrops
  • Emily is offended
  • Someone knocks on a door, but does not enter the house
  • A car drives down the cobbles
  • The factory girls are slacking off
  • Eileen rolls her eyes
  • Gail blinks, repeatedly
  • Bethany stares into space
  • Fred Elliot repeats, I say, REPEATS HIMSELF!


Consume the rest of your drink if:
  • someone leaves the cobbles behind for a "new life" somewhere else
  • someone says the magic words, "It'll all end in tears."
  • someone has sex
  • someone gets married
  • someone is pregnant
  • someone gives birth
  • someone lies
  • someone cries
  • someone dies
  • someone throws a punch
  • someone mentions Canada

Cheers, everyone!


Working From Home Today said...

I love it!

missusmac said...

I think I will stay up drinking all Saturday night so I will still be up and ready for this game Sunday morning...

Very funny!

GoBetty said...

Love it. Would also like to add "murrr" to the "words", although the word is really "mare".

Anonymous said...

I've added Murr and a few others as well. If anyone has any additions to contribute, by all means, put it in the comments and I'll update the post.

Debbie said...

You forgot "Innit" for "Isn't it so"

Anonymous said...

Innit and also "at it" as Shell and Charlie were as told to Beverly.


S. Spoole

Anonymous said...

I got at it and to it, and to it and at it, and added "innit" and "at it."

Jacqueline said...

If the factory girls are caught slacking off?

tanzie said...

Umm...the way this list is growing, I might as well just start drinking at the opening credits and stop at the end ones lol. That is...if I haven't passed out by then.

Pamer said...

i think a special drink must be consumed when Fred says "thee and me" OR "Scotch and threat"

Anonymous said...

Or how about when Fred repeats himself??

Gawd, we'll all be plastered in the first half hour at this rate. I propose a petition to have the omnibus showing moved to Saturday night!

Katie said...

Thurr is my favorite. Every time some one says it, I repeat it. Gina had the best "thurr" on the show though. Alas, gone is Gina.

I agree that we'd be three sheets to the wind if these rules were followed. I can't drink that much. I'm nursing!

Anonymous said...

So I went through some withdrawals last night, and ended up spending too much money because I was out shopping instead of plunked in my easy chair with a cuppa...

I'm beginning to pen that blackmail letter to the CBC in my mind already, because I cannot take 2 months of this. Of course, the original purpose of my letter was to gently prod the CBC to catch us up to the UK with episodes, so we aren't constantly finding out major plot points accidentally. However, desparate times call for desparate measures!

Michigander Fan

The Big Seester said...

OK, I posted it on my blog...

What do you think? Will the CBC see reason, or do I have to get all John Wayne up in their faces?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could broadcast Coronation Street every night during the hockey half-time (or whatever it is they have with hockey). That would be way better than listening to the two Dons (McLean and Cherry rant on about violence - or the sorry lack of it - in hockey). They could play it on the overhead screens in the arena, too and we could convert a whole nation to Coronation Street!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don Cherry takes "color commentator" to a whole nother level!

Seriously, I'm really not sure why there needs to be an entire hour of local news on the CBC. I mean, when it was national news with Smirky Ian for 1/2 hour and local news with friendly Susan Pedlar for 1/2 hour, that made sense. But come on! Windsor has to be the crime capital of Canada, right? And there's no way there's a solid hour of news in Windsor.

There isn't even a solid hour of news in Detroit, but they stretch it into 90 minutes. Gag.

So put the local news on from 6 to 6:30 (and I can keep watching The Simpsons) and then put Corrie on from 6:30 to 7:00. THEN, when hockey is over, they can do a full hour block until we get caught up.

Now, was that so hard?

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

two shots anytime someone says 'hospickle'

Anonymous said...

I think we should get one sip for the following as well:

'you what?'

Anonymous said...

Did someone invoke Stompin' Tom!?
thank you, John.

Ya gotta tune your attitude in
If ya don't get at it when ya get to it
Ya won't get to it to get at it again

Closest i can find is


S. Poole
(not S. Spoole as previously reported)

Anonymous said...

How about whenever Deidre looks like a Cardassian?

Debbie said...

I know this is late, but what about "Any road"