Monday, April 16, 2007

Gene Chandler

One of the b-plots of this week's Corrie revolves around a missing, rare Gene Chandler single.

Best known for his hit "Duke of Earl," Chandler was among a wave of American R&B singers embraced by people in the North of England. This formed the basis of the subculture that would be come to be known as "Northern Soul," of which Lloyd and Vernon count themselves as aficionados. They came about the nickname because, rather than buying up the latest R&B styles, Northerners always preferred the same music from the same period.

The subculture, of course, still persists and true fans spend much of their time, and money, collecting rare records, making it one of music's most expensive hobby. So, if a van is stolen in which Vern is supposedly keeping an extremely rare record, it's kind of a big deal, normally.

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howdi said...

Awesome backround info on Gene Chandler. Good job.