Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Corrie Withdrawal

Anyone else have the shakes, yet? I'm starting to feel it. I may have to pay a visit to the BitTorrent gods....


Virgogal said...


Is anyone here as ANNOYED that CBC is showing hockey on 30 channels and preempting our Coronation Street viewing?

We'd like to start and circulate a petition to CBC requesting that they leave us ONE channel on which Corrie could be aired!

If you are onboard please let me know and I will put one together and make sure CBC recieves a copy!


Susan & Andy

Virgogal said...

UPDATE: I have started a petition for anyone interested!


I hope it's cool to post it here! Your site is GREAT!

Kristin said...

i'm in complete withdrawal. i'm preparing for my phd defense and am seriously missing my 30 minutes of sanity every night. blast!

Anonymous said...

I'm wandering around at 7 pm..thinking, I should be doing something, but what???? All I keep thinking is, is Claire still in labour?? has Charlie/Tracey done something evil?? whats going on?!?!?! *whew*..vented, for now....

Flaming Nora said...

Oh, you poor folk! Have a look at this to help you with your withdrawl. (It's ok, no UK spoilers involved)


Anonymous said...

virgogal-I think your petition is a waste of time. There was recently a petition to bring back Emmerdale to the CBC with close to 1700 signatures and it didn't change things. Years ago there was a petition with 1000's of signatures to bring us closer to the Uk episodes, but it didn't work.

Most stations only air a show once a week. If you are that desperate to watch Corrie during the week, why don't you tape Sundays omni and watch half an hour each night next week? As least we are still getting our Corrie. I know many fans in the US that would be thrilled to see it just once a week!

Working From Home Today said...

Virgogal, I admire your passion. I'm assuming the "30 channels" you mention refers to the multiple channels that air on Rogers Digita and Express Vu, for example?

I believe those are regional channels, so if hockey's pulled off any one of them, it's pulled for the region. Wouldn't work.

I've often wondered why Corrie couldn't air earlier / later. Come for Corrie, stay for the game! Or vice versa.

Anonymous said...

That suggestion to tape Corrie on Sunday and then watch 30 minutes each weeknight is a good one - but who could do it! The thrill of fast-forwarding through the commercials, that special tingle you get when you plunge headlong over the cliffhanger into the next episode, the euphoria at the end of it all with being sated with Corrie. It's all too much to resist! By Sunday evening I'll be like a junkie looking for the next big hit.

This is seriously messing with my mind. Of course the dogs like it because now I can take them for a long walk in the evening hours, and the kids like it because now I'm not glued to the TV set vaguely going 'uh huh, uh huh' as they tell me about their own vert real lives. But what does that matter?

Anonymous said...

I'm not handling no Corrie well at all. Monday night I went shopping for stuff for my new house, and spent more than I should have. Tuesday I just felt sorry for myself. And today I'm angry.

Several months ago I mentioned blackmailing the CBC to bring us up to date with the episodes. Well, I posted my "threat" on my blog. It made me feel better, at least for a minute.

And poor Claire is going to be in labor for an entire week!!! With Ruddy Ashley standing over her and bellowing.

Anonymous, you're right. We're junkies. And we need our hit of Corrie.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to my blog entry about the CBC pulling Corrie off for the next 2 months, in case you want to laugh and cry with me at the same time...


Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Florida and found out about this damn hockey thing on the CBC. I love Hockey but to interrupt my Corrie!

I came THIS CLOSE to seeing the Rovers Return pub in Kissimee Florida...unfortuantely my driver had no paitence for me to look for it or to ask someone where it was. I hear they have tons of Corrie stuff there and the owners are cool Brits!
But I did see a autographed photo of Micahel Levelle in a British cafe in Celebration Florida....very cool...

Second in commnad Michigan Fan

Virgogal said...

Oh Guys! Thank you for all your feedback...

It really seems like so MANY of us Corrie fans have become a disheartened bunch!

CBC should not only represent ONE segment of the Canadian public! It's a Crown corporation, partly owned by the Canadian public. Shouldn't the Corrie fans (not to mention fans of other shows) have a say in what is broadcast for 3 to 6 months of the year?

PLEASE sign my petition and let's forward it to EVERY Coronation Street fan we know!

I have posted my message on several sites and have been met with replies that either say:

A) You are wasting your time
B) I am 'jonesing' too!

I fervently believe that if ALL the North American fans got together, we could influence CBC (or another channel) to give us our REGULAR fix!

I'm loving meeting all my fellow Corrie fans!


Virgogal said...


Here is the link!

I am asking the CBC to find an alternate time slot or an alternate CBC affiliate to broadcast Corrie on for the next 3 months.


Yup! I am a dog with a bone (when necessary!)

More arguments for and against my cause can be seen at the Coronation Street guestbook.


As polite and kind as everyone is individually...the apathy is a bit disheartening!


Grand Tuma said...

If I have to wait almost 10 months for more Battlestar Galactica, I think I can handle getting my Corrie once a week. Now Working and I can have pancakes while we watch our Corrie. Even better! Buck up y'all!

GoBetty said...

What the frack?

Working From Home Today said...

Grand Tuma, speak for yourself. Signed, Your Wife.

p.s. mmmmmm, pancakes....

Anonymous said...


I'd sign the petition, but as a Yank, I don't think the CEEB will give a rat's patooty about my opinion anyway. It's not like MY tax dollars go to support their programming. (Besides, soft wood, Iraq etc...) Might do more harm than good. What do you think?

Working: Hahaha. I liken it to being a smack addict. I'm starting to feel the bugs crawling on me at this point. Although pancakes do sound pretty good...

Michigander Fan

Working From Home Today said...

Michigander, are you kidding? I bet one American opinion equals 10 Canadian opinions with the CBC. You know, in a "they like us, they really like us" sort of way. Am I wrong, Canucks?

We are clearly not the French.

Anyway, you could compose an email directly to them telling them how much you miss Corrie and how they're your only source down there in Michigan. http://www.cbc.ca/contact/index.jsp

Course, maybe I'm meant to defend Hockey in this situation. It's more Canadian than Corrie.

Sigh. I'm so unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I applaud you on your hard work looking for a new time slot and/or affiliate.

Where I live, there is no other CBC affiliate, and I thoroughly doubt the CBC will ever make changes in the scheduling.

I expect the apathy you allude to is a direct result of many other attempts by many of us to wake up the CBC over the years.

Been there, done that, and we're still not seeing it during hockey playoffs.

I personally have resorted to csvu.net during the week -- but only one episode a day.

- from missusmac, who can't log in today because the site won't take her password?

Anonymous said...


Are YOU kidding? That's not the vibe I get at all...of course, I live in Detroit, which may affect things.

If you think it would help, I'll sign the petition.

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

Mrs Swizzle and myself made 40 pans of brownies for a charity bake sale last week, so we didn't miss the Street to much. This week's gonna be rough though.