Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Corrie Update from Sunday

While the Rover's Roundtable STILL get some much needed R&R...here's yer update from Flaming Nora.

Hello and a hearty welcome to another weekly update. This week the update is feeling pretty good, thank you very much for asking. It's galloping around the garden picking fresh tomatoes and herbs and trying to defy the hosepipe ban. And so, without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street weekly update.

Danny dumped Leanne this week after telling her he wanted to get back with Frankie, who wants nowt to do with her cheating, lying, good for nothing ex-husband. Leanne's not the sort of girl to take things lying down. No, hang on, she is. What I mean is, she's a Battersby and she ain't going to go quiet. Danny pays her off with fifty grand now and the promise of another fifty grand if she keeps schtum about Mike's original will. Now then, where there's a will, there's a way and Leanne leaves a copy of Mike's original will with Adam Barlow before she legs it off the street in the back of a taxi with a mascara streaked face, kissing tara to the second instalment of her retirement plan from Danny. Adam can't believe his luck when he discovers that Mike's will leaving everything to him supercedes the one that left everything to Danny. Ken advises caution and solicitors but Adam wastes no time rubbing Danny's nose in his own pile of mess. Danny's straight on the phone to Leanne in Espana and tells her if he should ever see her again in his life, he'll kill her. So as you can imagine, Danny's not best pleased.

Over at Number 6, things go bump in the night. And in the middle of the day and at tea-time too. Is it the ghost of Tommy Harris or Craig sleeping rough and hanging around his old haunt? When Charlie finds Craig in the house he slings him out in a bad mood. Sally and Kev tempt Craig to their house for bed and beans but he declines and sleeps rough on a park bench instead. He wants to wait for Rosie to return from France and refuses to go back to Bournemouth with granddad Keith who comes up in his car and a state of anxiety looking for his grandson. Dev takes Craig on to work in the shop for a few hours each week and Roy helps Craig out with free food in the caff.

Talking of which, Sophie, Rosie and Cameron are hanging round the street like a bad smell now that school's broken up and they've got nothing better to do. "Get out and get some fresh air!" yells Sally to the three of them when she finds them watching adult horror flicks on DVD in her front room. Chesney's not happy that Sophie and his mate Cameron are getting on so well together and leaving him out.

Since the birth of baby Peacock, Clare's thrown herself into cleaning, cooking, helping Bev organise her wedding, decorating the house, anything to stop her thinking about oncoming post-natal depression (yes, I know I called it ante-natal in last week's update, whoops!). She's been so busy they haven't even thought of a name for lickle baby Peacock although I suspect the first name of Drew was easily dismissed. Clare's even talking about going back to work although Ashley and Fred are much against the idea, I say, put yer feet up and have a rest for Gawd's sake, girl, you've just given birth.

Charlie spies Maria reading the flats to rent section of The Gazette. He offers her his old flat for £200 a month, which Maria gladly accepts and she moves in with Kirkeh and David Platt carrying boxes for her. Charlie's got designs on Maria and they're not healthy ones, oh no missus. We hear on the tabloid grapevine that he's going to do to Maria what he did to Shelley in the past. Yup, it's time to lock yourself in the bedroom in naff jim-jams for three months, Maria!

Sarah spends all week ignoring Jason and tells him to stop stalking her by txt msg. But by the end of the week when she's at work in the salon, Jason gets down on one knee (getting it covered in hairs from the salon floor, shurely?) declares his undying love for little Ms Platt and asks her to marry him. She's gobsmacked and doesn't seem to notice that mid-haircut on her brother David's mad mane, she's left the scissors hovering dangerously close to his face. David was a scream in this scene, which makes a change as he's usually a horror. Sarah accepts Jason's proposal and the two of them are over the moon which is more than can be said for Gail and Eileen with the two mothers hear the news.

And that's just about that for this week.


BTW - does anyone else think that the speculation about whether on not Leanne is knocked-up HILARIOUS? So THAT'S why she's been carrying around a teatowel with 'An Irish Blessing' printed on it!


MJ said...

You caught me in a right state in that photo.

But while you're up, any chance of brewing me another cuppa?

Anonymous said...

Never did I think I would actually be cheering for Leanne to win out.

Yes, she's a money-grubbing tart, but I do think she really loved Danny.

Oh well, hell hath no fury and all that...


Anonymous said...

I like Leanne as a character. She's a lot like Les but with the brains he never got. Initially in her affair with Danny, she came off as a modern-day courtesan but of course her heart got the better of her.

But I don't blame Leanne at all for taking the approach that she's taking. Her lack of formal education and checkered past will probably always limit her success in life. And Danny got Mike's fortune simply by being born (and lying about the true will) so if it's that easy for him, why can't it be so for her?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a Leanne fan. I would like to see her win just once. She ALMOST does, and then the Battersby luck kicks in.

I'm cracking up that Sally uses the street and TV to keep Sophie occupied during the summer. If it was Rosie at this age, she'd be signed up for elocution lessons, deportment exercises and Red Cross volunteering!

Also cracking me up that Eileen and Gail have one thing in common -- a deep desire NOT to see their children wed. Should make for some interesting cracks.


Anonymous said...

Don't you find it odd that with all the grief Sally's had with Rosie and her relationship with Craig, that she actually encourages an attachment between Sophie and Cameron by teasing her about him in an approving way. This child is 11 years old!!!!

So, these summaries seem to be one episode ahead of our omnibus since we haven't yet seen 'Adam rubbing Danny's nose in his own pile of mess'. I noticed this last week, too. Maybe not a big deal but there's always the potential to have a cliffhanger spoiled.

Pamer said...

yeah yeah Leanne gets her revenge...

did anyone notice:

-the reference to Boiled Candy?? wtf?

-David is working at the salon??

-Claire really doesn't like that baby

-frankie looks amazing

Anonymous said...

Pamer I completely agree. She doesn't behave like any new mother I've ever seen. When my son was born the last thing on my mind was redecorating the house or returning to work. I've always found Claire to be rather strange. What is this nursery that all the kids seem to go to?

Anonymous said...

Do you actually watch in Canada? Sunday's episode ended after Adam opened the will, he didn't rub it in Danny's face, nor did Danny phone Lianne in Spain!

Anonymous said...

Also, we were left with Sarah "thinking about" Jason's proposal

Jacqueline said...

Okay...there was a bit extra bit in this update and for that I apologize. Next week I'll be more careful about how much of Nora's update I use.

I would like ask for more patience and less exclamation marks.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline, I think you're doing a great job (as do all the other 'authors' of this blog -BRAVO!!) I didn't realize you were going to all the trouble of editing the summaries.

Claire's behavior towards the baby is clearly something more than her 'usual' unusual personality. She must be suffering from post-partum depression. Did anyone else think it odd that she was discharged from hospital before the baby when presumably she is breastfeeding (not that we've seen that happen yet).

David's working at the salon to stay out of trouble during the term break. So far so good. I think he's grown about a foot in the last year.

Anonymous said...

jacqueline: I sincerely appreciate everything you do!
Thanks a lot,

Jacqueline said...

Thanks guys.

Just had a bad day arguing with software developers yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about Claire not really liking the baby, who is still unnamed I think?

I just thought she was being maniacal Claire, trying to be perfect x2. This makes sense, along with post-partum depression.

And Jacqueline, thank you very much for bringing the updates to us in whatever form they appear! I'll take 'em gladly.