Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Work It Update


Buns of Steel
Diggory’s product continues to go down hill and everyone is becoming suspicious that he’s selling week old buns.

When Leanne comes into complain, Diggory gets defensive and tells her that if she doesn’t like it, she can take her business elsewhere.

Molly steps in for damage control and shows Leanne how they keep their product fresh by tossing out the buns on the shelf. Diggory whispers, ‘please don’t.

Later, Molly discovers that the rent is over due on the shop and confronts Diggory about his.

Does This 3lb Ollech & Wajs Cougar II Automatic Divers Watch Make My Wrist Look Limp?
Sean is so happy about his daddy and the new watch that can’t keep his mind on his work and keeps going on about it to the other factory workers including a performance art piece called ‘Man Without Dad’.

Danny ends up giving him 3 warnings and finally lays down the law and tells him that if he has to speak to him again, he’s out of a job.

‘Yes Mr. Baldwin’. And close door while looking sheepish yet a bit annoyed.

Sean wants to set up dinner plans for him and Brian on Father’s day – but hasn’t told Brian this. Jamie becomes concern that Sean is setting himself up for a big fall and wants to tell him that he saw Brian hiding behind Nottingham lace the day he went to see him.

Meanwhile, Leanne has said to Sean that she put in a good word for him to Danny and that she’d like him to return the favour by asking Jamie to give Danny a second chance. Sean says he will, but doubts that he can change Jamie’s mind.

Sean does say something to Jamie, who gets a bit annoyed about Sean’s flaunting of the son/father relation that he calls him to the back of the pub where he announces that.... he is gay.

Or maaaaaaaaaaybe he just tells him about Brian’s hiding schtick. Sean reacts very badly to this and tells Danny that he’s just bitter and twisted about his own dad. He stomps away and is so angry when Leanne approaches him in the bar he tells her to take her shut up and leave him alone.

He then repeats the ‘bitter and twisted’ comment.

Corrie Canuckers, today’s secret phrase is ‘bitter and twisted’ – whenever you hear someone say ‘bitter and twisted’ you must immediately ask them if your watch makes your wrist look limp. Do not explain yourself.

Newsflash – The Letter ‘C’ is DEAD!
The local rags have published the lastest new about the streetcars with the headline ‘Killer Kabs’. Further, they ask readers to ‘Join our Kampaign to Klamp Down on Kowboy Kabbies’.

No word if the Kabin sells this Krap.

Business is hurt by Ronnie’s antics and even the social office has closed their contract with the streetcars. Llyod is pissed and is blaming Steve for destroying his relationship and the business.

Steve tries to defend himself and says that Kelly and Llyod were on a ‘break’. Llyod asks him if they were at the cinema and he left his seat to go to the loo, would he take his seat.

Wait, did he just compare a woman to a cinema seat?

Anyway, Lloyd and Steve have discussion about the definition of ‘on a break’.

Okay – dear Corrie writers, if you’re going to borrow plot lines from bad American sitcoms, try not to take the most boring ones.

New From the People Who Brought You Peach Bubblegum Vodka Coolers…
Dev’s been noticing that Amber’s been taking soft drinks without paying for them and confronts her about it.

She retorts, ‘Yeah, but I’m well addicted so it’s not my fault…anyway don’t listen to Trisha cause everyone knows she’s a slag, shuttup!’

Dev tells her that he doesn’t want his daughter to be a thief so she needs to straighten up and fly right.

Then we find out what happened to the ‘broken’ vodka bottle. She’s been pouring them into the soft drink bottles to hand out to the teens – presumably to sell more later. Yeah…..grape pop and vodka. Can you tell me who but a teen is going to drink this?

Anyway, she seems to have a potential market in the Weatherfield 90210 group and the only question is…when Dev finds out will he be mad at her for stealing or proud of her entrepreneurial spirit?

In Other News
Danny and Nathan exchange words about Frankie….AGAIN.


papasmurf said...

Jacqueline you should have used a picture of my keester for the 'Buns of Steel' section.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the incredible disappearing/reappearing measuring tape dangling off Sean's shoulders while he was getting called onto the carpet by Danny ?

The continuity person should have been sacked for that!

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

I should have, but I think I left it at your place, Papasmurf

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch exactly what is was Nathan said last night? I know that he was still pissed off about Frankie in Spain but he also muttered something to Danny that impressed Tyrone an awful lot. All I heard was " steel."

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone catch exactly what is was Nathan said last night?"

which should read:

"Did anyone catch exactly what it was that Nathan said last night?"

Me talk pretty one day.