Sunday, March 18, 2007

Who's Allison Webster?

Short answer....

After Kevin and Sally get a divorce in 1999,Kevin marries Alison Wakefield in Jan 2000. She was carrying his child at the time and gave birth to Jake Webster in June 2000. Sadly, Jake died the same day from an infection passed on by Allison.

Allison ends up kidnapping Bethany who was born the day before Jake. Kevin finds her and the baby and Bethany is returned to Sarah. Allison, however, ends up getting killed by a truck when she walks into the stret. It is unclear if this was a suicide.

so, splat.

The interesting thing is, Bethany is 7 year old and needs to beyond, 'I want the bunny pencil.'

Sources: Info Corrienet, Picture Anne's Coronation Street Page


missusmac said...

I remember this plotline. She was a sweet girl, but needy.

She stole Bethany after her little boy died, but in the end, she simply handed the baby back, took a step out onto the road -- and smack!

It was one of the first times my mouth just hung to the floor watching this show I couldn't believe it. Didn't see that one coming at all -- and obviously neither did she! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok this is confusing...

"She was carrying his child at the time and gave birth to Jake in June 2000. The baby died due who was carrying his child. She gave birth to a baby boy, David, who ended up dying the same day from an infection passed on by Allison"

Was the baby's name Jake or David?
Due to who was carrying his child? Who is who??

Jacqueline said...

Okay, it's been corrected.

GoBetty said...

What was the dilly-o with Bethany on the church roof and Emily was there and some whack-job... is this the same storyline?

missusmac said...

Nope. The dilly-o on the roof was Bethany's other grandmother, the even more insane one.

Her son had died, she was reaching out to Bethany, and got just a tad needy. Saw her dad child in Bethany, etc., felt Sarah was a skank, and took to the roof.

Emily showed up in the nick of time, and once again, Bethany was handed over.

The Allison stealing of Bethany was when Beth was just a day or two old.

missusmac said...

That should read, saw her DEAD child in Bethany, not dad child. Oops!

EPS said...

Now I remember. Actually, I remember the kidnapped baby and Allison dying - have totally erased the marriage, such as it was, from my little mind.

Thank you.

Maybe Bethany is at the highly functional end of the Autism Spectrum. She certainly isn't very interactive.