Friday, March 23, 2007

Update - March 22, 2007 - "Uncle Charlie's going to look after you tonight."

"Are You Going to Be a Good Girl?"

Charlie strolls in after a night out drinking. Instead of screaming "Where were you?" and all that, Tracy treats Charlie extra nice. Charlie, who says he was out with old mates he hadn't seen in ages doing tequila shots, says most women would have his head after what he pulled.

Tracy counters that she is not most women.

As they take Baby Unibrow for a stroll, Tracy tells Charlie she's bought a chicken, as he couldn't have had much to eat last night. He mentions something about a kebab van in a fuzzy memory somewhere. She tells him she'll she's going make a nice dinner, doing her Nigella Lawson bit. I take this to mean she's going to affect an upper class accent and start licking chocolate frosting off her fingers. *sigh*

Later at the flat, Charlie is in the shower and Tracy is all tarted up to the nines. She tells Amy, "Mummy's just popping out. Uncle Charlie's going to look after you tonight. You going to be a good girl?"

Amy stares blankly into space, with her thumb in her nose, much like I do during scenes at the Platt house.

Tracy strolls down to the Rovers and orders a red wine, telling Shelley that Charlie is going to take care of Amy while she goes out on a pish-up (Tracy, not Amy). She adds that he's a real pussycat around her.

"I guess you just have to know how to handle him," she says. Shelley takes Tracy's money and mutters that she can't wait to leave this place as she places it in the till.

At the flat, Charlie comes out of the shower and finds no Tracy but a note in her place with instructions for the care and feeding of the domestic female toddler. Charlie is seething. Amy is terrified of the blinding white glow radiating from his naked torso.

Later as Amy screams for Mummy, Charlie puts on a kid's CD and dials Tracy's phone, holding it up so she can hear her daughter's cries of terror when she picks up. Suddenly, Charlie hears Tracy's phone ring. She left it behind. Curses! Outfoxed again!

When she gets back, Charlie is in a foul mood but Tracy says it's par for the course, given what he pulled. Charlie points out that she left her child with him. Charlie admits it was a cunning plan as they prepare for their nightly bout of hate sex.

Tracy asks if they're ok now. He says, yes, for now.

"I've heard the landlord is a bit of a misery."

Steve gives Kelly the news that Lloyd has moved out of the cab flat. Eileen finds Lloyd loading up one of the cars he got in the divorce and tells him Eileen Grimshaw's Home for Stray Animals, Weatherfield's Only No-Kill Shelter, is open to him and hands him a key. He promises it'll just be a few days.

Back at his flat, Steve is dealing with his mother's pestering and Vern's drumming. He suggests now that the taxi flat is open, they could move in.

"Oh no," Vern protests. "I've heard the Landlord is a bit of misery," he adds, punctuating his lame jokes with rim shots.

Later, Steve meets with a car dealer to negotiate the purchase of some new Mercedes for his new firm. The dealer offers six cars for 18 grand (wha?!?!). Lloyd sees this and starts badmouthing him about not taking any cheques and to watch his wife around him. Eileen sees this and comes over and bops their heads together, as she does.

Later, she suggests that it would be better if they just everything behind them and got back together because it's clear that neither of them are going to make a go of their proposed taxi firms. Lloyd says he still can't forgive Steve nor Kelly. Later, she tells Liz that she's had enough of their moaning and is off to London for a week to stay with Todd.

In Other News

Leanne is still trying to get the girls at the factory to like her.

Bev thinks it's her fault Shelley is leaving. Fred tells her it's not true. He also tells Shelley there will always be a place for her the Rovers.

Ashley and Claire come back from vacation to find a letter from the court, arranging a home visit.

Sean finds Adam in Roy's with a bouquet of flowers. They're for his dad's grave. He learns that Roy and Hayley visit regularly and tidy it up. They say they like to visit old friends. Adam says he didn't realise how many friends his dad had thinks about weeding the grave site regularly, like he did for his mum.

Later in the Rovers, Sean decides to play matchmaker and asks Adam what he thinks of Joanne. He thinks she's alright (aren't they dating already).

"Alright?!" Sean retorts. "Have you ever seen her glammed up? Even I fancy her and I'm as gay as a Mexican tablecloth! I reckon you should ask her out. She's like a young Beyonce. But without the hips ..... or the voice..... or the money."

Yup, that's pretty gay.


missusmac said...

John, love the tablecloth. Loved the line too!

Adam wasn't going out with Joanne. She and Jamie went on one, disastrous, date. They just did not click.

Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon...yup...I laughed my arse off...It does look like that little girl who plays Amy...the poor dear...

Debbie said...

That cartoon made me cry with laughter.

Jacqueline said...

how cool was it that baby Joshua wouldn't let go of the booze bottle?