Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Update - March 21, 2007 - Le Divorce

Macdonald vs. Mullaney

Steve and Lloyd are arguing outside the door to Streetcars over who gets custody of the mail. Steve shows Lloyd that none of it is addressed to him. This still does not seem to satisfy him.

Later, Steve spots Les at his new job: handing out flyers for Wong's. Steve tells him he's setting up a new cab firm and would like Les to be one of his drivers. Les thinks this is a lot better than handing out flyers but Steve tells him to keep it under his hat.

Meanwhile at Eileen's, Lloyd is trying to get Eileen to come work for him. His offer is typical of the market in which the skilled labourer is spoiled for choice: 20 more quid per week, her own radio and telly, and possibly even uniforms.

Despite this dazzling offer. Eileen thinks its best to stick with her original employer. Hey, not everything is about money.

Later, Lloyd tries to get Les to flip by buying his lunch at Roy's (Roy suggests a side salad with his lasagna. Les prefers chips). Steve stops by and offers to match Lloyd's proposal. Lloyd counters that he'll offer half as much more but Steve counters with three-quarters. Les adds that fractions make his brain hurt. Steve thinks the drivers will be worth more than the owner. Lloyd doesn't seem concerned with this arrangement and hands Les a fiver for lunch.

At this rate, a judge is going to make Les and Eileen stand up in a courtroom and point to the mommy or daddy they want to live with.

Back at the office, the guys are fighting over who gets custody of what. Lloyd points out that it belongs to both of them and he's going to try to get what's his. It begins to escalate from there: who gets the kettle, the TV, the ratty chair, the nice chair, the microphone, until Steve pulls the blinds off the window and hands them to Lloyd, saying all he needs now is a window.

Lloyd then tries to drag the desk out with him (and take it where, exactly?). Steve tells him he also wants him out of his flat.

Lloyd asks if Steve is as turned on as he is. Steve responds that he is more turned on. They then begin passionately making out.

Wait, that was "Cheers." Lloyd just takes his TV and walks out, homeless.

Shelley's New Job

Bev tells Shelley that Andrew Moore from the Brewery was on the phone and is coming 'round to me. Bev adds that he's single but Shelley can't quite tell her it's about that job.

Shelley does tell her that he's there on business and is there to see how she runs a pub. Bev says Fred didn't mention anything about it. Shelley says it has nowt to do with Fred.

Later when they've had a moment to sit down, Mr. Moore offers Shelley the job in a country pub. Shelley asks for a few days to think about it.

All of this, has not escaped the attention of Charlie.

Shelley tells Bev about the offer, saying that there is less and less of a place for her at the Rovers. Bev agrees that she should do what makes her happy but it clearly affected by the news.

Family Reunion

Blanche is asking Tracey to attend the engagement party of a relative she never heard of named Eva. Tracey claims she has other plans, but Blanche disbelieves her.

Blanche returns from making a phone and Tracey tells her that she's still not going and even if she did, she'd have nobody to talk to.

Blanche counters that she could speak to Lesley, the accountant. She also adds she told them all about Tracey's sordid history.

"I told them you used to be on drugs."

"That was years ago when I still played by Dawn Acton!"

"And they know about your time in London. I did my best to draw a veil over it but they are au fait with your broken marriage and your illegitimate daughter. And they know you can't hold down a job (apart for the occasional flower-arranging -ed). An unmarried mother living over the brush. No job, no income, no house, no car. No wonder you hide from your relatives!"

Tracey seems stung by Blanche's words and declares that she is going to the party after all. That way, they can't drag her through the mud. She asks Charlie to go along so she can show him off. He refuses and becomes agitated when she presses the issue. He storms off to spend the night in town and tells her not to wait up.

Nobody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me

Leanne is late arriving to Underworld and the girls are concerned that Danny is going to dock their pay. She assures them that it's not the case and tosses the keys to Sean. Kelly suggests she be nice to Sean as he received some bad news yesterday. Janice tells Leanne that she'll fill her in when they're in her office.

Leanne later complains to Janice that the girls won't accept her as one of their own. Janice suggests the problem is remedied by booze.

Leanne asks the girls if they'd like to go out this weekend for a booze-up in celebration of her birthday. They seem less than enthused but agree to go out.

In Other News

Sean's mother gives him a photo of Paul Jones but Sean doesn't think he looks much like him. Sean says he wants a real father, to be somebody's son.

By the way, Sean's mother was on the street twenty years ago as Connie Clayton (info via that other Corrie blog).

Maria's new fancy man, Chris, shows up an hour late for their date, on account of work, he claims. Maria's previous protestations she would not tolerate such a thing seem to have disappeared as he spirits her off into the intoxicating embrace of a Weatherfield night in July.


Anonymous said...

Ha! You know, Trev made a joke about the sexual tension between Lloyd and Steve. I'm all like, "what? Nooooo. You're crazy."

Now seeing your update, I'm beginning to wonder if I'M the one who missed the obvious. What the heck was going on in last night's episode?!


Debbie said...

I love that tracey is a florist, like Peter Barlow's wife A.

If I were Tracey I would be terrified that Charlie would go to the reunion and hit on one of my cousins to show me who had the upper hand.

Jacqueline said...

lasagne and french fries

I may never sleep again.

missusmac said...

I think Charlie was extra ticked because Shelly was moving on to a country pub.

If I recall, it was always their day dream to run their own country pub together.

And look, now he's stuck with Tracey across the street from Ken and Deidre, and in between Claire and Gail. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Missusmac. I think so, too. Shelley is moving on with her life while Charlie's stuck with a family he doesn't want, which is why he stormed off into town, just to feel that he wasn't being tied down.

Working From Home Today said...

Really? I think Charlie is the king of manipulation. He was fine when Shelley was stuck behind the bar, no dates, no friends.

But note that the INSTANT she shows the slightest bit of gumption or confidence, he zeros in.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Charlie doesn't love Tracy, he's only with her for the sex.

I really like Shelley but her taste in clothes leaves a lot to be desired What was she thinking with that frilly multi-coloured top. Bev dresses much better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Charlie is pissed off that Shelley is finally showing he hasn't permanently ruined his life. He also may be finding that keeping Tracy in line is almost more trouble than it's worth. Despite his several attempts to subdue her, including threats of violence, she continues to display an independent spirit Shelley never had.

Sparks did fly during that little tete a tete between Steve and Lloyd! I wish they would kiss and make up but I think I remember seeing somewhere here that Lloyd is defintely leaving?

Anonymous said...

Whoops, meant to say '[b]her[/b] life,' not 'his life'

Anonymous said...

Is licking money a habit over there in England as well? I saw Lloyd licking his money in Wed's espisode...Some people do it here and I wish they would stop it...Money is dirty...Do some Canadians do this as well?

Michigan Corrie Fan

missusmac said...

People lick money? I've never heard of this?

Having worked as a bartender, waitress, etc., I would just like to say I hope NOBODY puts money in their mouth.

Except Tracey. That would be OK.

Rob Swizzle said...

Cheers gag was great!

Just got back from UK, where Mr and Mrs Swizzle did a bad thing and watched The Street. It'll still be exciting to see how we get from here to there, though.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing the Christmas before last. I was all, "Who the hell is this Vern loser?"