Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update - March 14, 2007 - 'What a lovely day, I say what a lovely day!'

songs played randomly in iTunes while writing this update:

Belle & Sebastian - "The Life Pursuit"

Keef is fretting about finding the right house but Craig doesn't see the big deal as he thinks a house is just a house. Keef later goes into Audrey's to ask if she'll help him look for a house as he's inexperienced in these matters (the Council gave him a place when he got married). Audrey brushes him off, saying she has a business to run, and Keef gets even more stressed.

At Roy's, Keef asks Dev and Roy about renting a place. They list the issues Keef has to think about: deposits, previous owners, responsibilities of the landlord. "You're entering a LEGAL MINEFIELD, my friend!" Dev adds, dramatically leaving Keef more shaken than before.

Later Craig meets up with Keef in the street. Keef is getting anxious that they'll have no place to live and demands that Craig come with him next time he goes looking. Suddenly, Keef grabs his chest. He's in pain, tells Craig that something is wrong, and falls to the ground, suffering an apparent heart attack. Craig panics, and forgets that he has a mobile in his pocket, and starts screaming for help.
The Smiths - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

It's the latest chapter in the fascinating family drama that is the Platts. David has taken another impromtu mental health day and sneaks round the back of his house by jumping over the fence to his back garden.

Keef notices this and says he wishes he was as nimble as that (ooh, foreshadowing). When he's at Audrey's, he off-handedly mentions it to Audrey and Sarah, overhearing, is immediately on the phone to Gail.

Gail heads over to her place to find David lounging on the chesterfield and roars at him, demanding to know why he wasn't at school. He doesn't give an answer so it's off to the headmasters office.

At school, Craig sees David outside the office and suggests that he's going to get slaughtered. David says no way as he's called in.

The headmaster asks why David has been so truant. It's all because he's been bullied everyday by mean older students and he can't face going into school. The headmaster asks for names but David says he's too scawed. Gail accepts this as truth and suggests the response would be to pull David from classes for the remaining two weeks of the school year. The headmaster thinks this is total horseshit but Gail is adamant. David twirls his moustache and stage-whispers a manical laugh.

Gail tells the day's tale to Audrey, who is skeptical and David tells this to Craig, who is mildly disgusted/impressed.

Metric - "Glass Ceiling"

At the Rovers, Bev and Betty are discussing Shelley's lack of confidence when it comes to men. Shelley walks in and requests that they keep their voices down if they're going to gossip about her.

Betty thinks it's odd that she's so timid these days, given how confident she appears behind the bar. Bev says that's an "old barmaid's trick. Surely you well know that, Betty"

"Oh, charming!" Betty retorts.

Fred comes in a declares 'What a lovely day, I say what a lovely day!' Shelley goes off to the bar. Bev says Shelley is feeling down about men and Fred makes the bizarre suggestion that he share himself between Bev and her daughter. He eventually follows Shelley into the bar when he tries to tell her not to give up on men. He points out that he's not been lucky in love, either but that hasn't put him off women.

Later Shelley tells Bev that her chats with Bev and Fred have helped her make up her mind about something. Later, she tells Betty that she's decided to find a new job with the brewery in some other part of town. She can't bear the idea of living and working with her mum and new step-dad if all they're going to do is interfere in her personal life.

K'Naan - "I Was Stabbed By Satan"

Amber shows Rita her report card, saying she got mostly A's. Rita asks her if the booze stunt was just to impress her new friends. She admits that it was and that she feels pretty dumb about the whole thing. Rita also suggests that it would be a good idea to show Dev the report as it may get her back in his good graces.

At the shop, she does just that and Dev is indeed impressed with her marks. Keith comes in to ask more questions about the house, clearly agitated with the choices he's been given. Ambers tells him to chill and Dev notes that he's have a conversation with his daughter, the first he's ever acknowledged her as such and not simply "Not Asha and Aadi." As Dev and Amber shared their first real, father-daughter moment, Keef runs out of the shop where he has that heart attack you read about 12 paragraphs ago.


Jacqueline said...

Mr.Glacia's comment on Gail, 'She's a chump.'.

I can't even tell you how much I love Amber.

(London) Rob said...

Me too's those big eyes. She's got a really sweet side, and I still want to hope that she can wring some goodness out of Dev's black heart*.

If any one can do it she can.
You guys, mark my words...
_ _ _ _ _

*Just saw "Closer", where Clive Owen (who plays a doctor in the movie) asks Jude Law: "Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist, wrapped in blood!"

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how gullible Gail is. Wouldn't David have to write exams?
I also can't understand the fuss Keith is making over finding a place to live. Surely there is flat close by they could rent for the time being. Why would the two of them need a big house? I agree with Jacqueline I am starting to grow really fond of Amber.

papasmurf said...

It seems hard to believe that Gail could be that dense. I have a few friends (really) who are teachers and there really are parents that exist who will not accept that their 'special' children can do anything wrong. Ever. No matter how evil their spawn are.

GoBetty said...

nice playlist...

Debbie said...

(london) rob, Closer is a great movie and my favourite part is that very scene. When Clive delivers that line about the heart. But, later in that scene when he calls that lameo Jude Law a writer, but spits it out like it is the weakest thing that anyone could be.

Every time Gail and David have a conversation I scream at the TV.

I think that truant story line goes on for a bit as well.

missusmac said...

While Keith was blathering on about all the details of finding a house, it did strike that he was actually old.

I thought of the other oldsters on the street, and somehow could not picture Rita or Audrey, or Emily getting that worked up about moving house.

Norris possibly, but that would simply because everyone he was dealing with would he'd consider incompetent.