Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update - March 13, 2007 - The Rapidfire Update

  • Craig and Keef are looking for a new place to rent.
  • Tracey thinks, given that her neighbours are going to be "four-eyed Claire" and batshit Gail, she's going ask the council how high a fence can legally be.
  • Amber has booked her flights to Finland for six weeks. She promises to work off the missing bottle of vodka. Amber also apologises to the Websters for what happened.
  • Gail has packed David's lunch and is now accompanying him to school on the Wayfarer, much to the derision of his peers.
  • Fiz (Fiz!) comes into the Kabin to grab Maria as the man who almost ran her over is back and she doesn't want her to miss him. Maria is reluctant.
  • The man is getting his car checked at Websters, where a recently returned Nathan handles the job.
  • Shelley doesn't believe nice guys exist.
  • Norris is afraid of Charlie.
  • Keith finds Audrey difficult to read at times.
  • David cuffs school and sneaks back to his house.
  • Later on, David tells Craig he has other things on his mind than school and invites Craig to a film but Craig says he's going out with Rosie.
  • Norris worries that Keith's new home may interfere with his paper round as it will no longer be convenient for him.
  • Tracey notes that Ken has lived at Number One practically his entire life.
  • Bev and Fred try to get Shelley to meet the bar rep. Fred seems particularly taken with him.
  • Craig and Rosie go out to that Pizza place and talk as though they will never see each other again.
  • Sarah and Jason are there as well and Sarah notes that it's good that the two have it all out in the open, just like her and Jason. Sarah asks Jason if he agrees that it's better to not be sneaking around anymore. He agrees, but seems to hesitate.
  • David wasn't at school when Gail went to pick him up but he left a message on the answering machine, claiming that he was at football practice. Audrey notices a ticket stubb for X-Men: The Last Stand falling out of his pocket.
  • Following this event, I received the following text message on my PEBL:

*ERRATUM - Actually, that happened on Monday. The days are flying by due to the fact that I am incredibly high right now.

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