Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Update - March 07, 2007 - Smoking, Curries, and Unsavoury Women

Paranoid Android*

At the flat, Danny is complaining that Janice has is borrowing his socks to wear in her boots, leaving him with mismatched pairs. He tells Leanne, who's reading a magazine article on "Extreme PMS," that he's tired of seeing her stepmother's "boat race" every morning and that she needs to find new digs pronto.

Later in the street, Leanne sees Jamie and tells him that they heard about his fight with Sean and reminds him that Danny still loves him. Later, Leanne enlists a reluctant Violet's help in reconciling Jamie and Danny.

Danny, meanwhile, hears Nathan loudly putting on his phone voice: "What's that, you say? Come to Spain for the weekend? Why, I'd love to!" He then asks Danny if he has any message for Warren.

At the factory, Janice tells Danny that she heard that he wants her out. She admits that she is looking but all the apartments want a bond (or deposit) and wondered if Danny would finance it. Danny suggests that she put in overtime - that way he and Leanne get some quiet time at home while she saves her own money for the deposit.

Sean, meanwhile, is still angry with Jamie over suggesting his dad wasn't what he seemed. Sean claims it's his own relationship that makes him so bitter and twisted and that he's just jealous.

At the Rover's Violet gets a sulking Jamie to agree to take her on a date to that Italian restaurant at 7:30. Later, she calls Leanne on her cell but Danny, seeing the call, becomes suspicious when Leanne says it was an old mate named Louise who had asked her out for a drink. He later asks Janice about it but she's never heard of her, even after Danny offers the money for the deposit. He later offers to drive Leanne into town but she says she's taking the bus, which makes Danny even more paranoid.

At said Italian restaurant, Jamie sees Leanne, who tells him she's arranged to meet him there to discuss Danny. She gives him a card to give to his dad for Father's Day. Just then, Danny appears, having followed Leanne, and accuses her of cheating on him with the guy she cheated on previously.

Jamie thinks this is all quite rich. He asks if he'd touch Leanne after he was "through" with her. He tosses the card at Danny and skulks off. Leanne tells Danny that was the best chance he'd ever get at a reconciliation with her son.

Not Longer Sponge-Worthy

Steve and Les are having an enlightened discussion about the morality of extramarital affairs. Steve points out that Les' position of moral superiority is on shaky ground, given that he cheated on Cilla with Janice. Les points out that Janice is like a fine Scotch that one forgets that one had, but upon its rediscovery, it gives a unique pleasure. Kelly, on the other hand, is like six-pack that your mate left in the fridge with the intention of perhaps viewing a sporting event on the television at a later time. Steve betrayed that trust by consuming his mate's beer.

They agree to disagree but one thing they do agree on is that Diggory's sausage rolls suck. Blanche comes by and declares that if someone like Les, who has ruined his tastebuds with "smoking, curries, and kissing unsavoury women," finds fault with Compton's confections, then surely there is a problem. She marches into the bakery with her Victoria sponges, followed by Steve.

Blanche launches into a litany of complaints over the quality of his products. Diggory protests that he has been forced to cut corners and now people get what they pay for. At the factory, Hayley mentions that Roy told her that Diggory started off by offering top quality cakes at cut rate prices and now can't afford to keep it up, then regrets mentioning it because it was told to her in confidence. Steve shows up and adds to the complaints. Diggory offers Eccles cakes in place of the sausage rolls but admits that they aren't very good.

At the Rover's, Diggory asks Molly if she can work Saturday but she says that Tyrone and she have a date in Blackpool. Meanwhile, Nathan and Tyrone walk into the bar as Nathan is thanking Ty for taking his shift while he goes to Spain. Suddenly, Ty sees Molly and remembers their date. Nathan swings into action with his loud, fake telephone voice:

"Oh, Frankie! I'd love to come to Spain but I have to work. Tyrone's taking his best gal to a lovely day in Blackpool and I couldn't possibly ask him to give up a glorious day such as that, now could I? Hardly seems sporting."

Molly overhears this and tells Ty to take the shift and that they'll have their date another week. The perfect arrangement: Nathan goes to sunny Spain to canoodle with Frankie and Tyrone and Molly work on a Saturday. Wait a tick - that plan sucks!


Steve gets a letter from the Council, warning that he will be facing a review of his suitability to drive a taxi.

* Picture from the video for Radiohead's "Paranoid Android."


papasmurf said...

I can't believe Violet went along with the whole Leanne/Jamie plan. I thought she was smarter than that. Les has an intuitive boozy wisdom that I am often on complete agreement with.

GoBetty said...

I loved the comparison Les made about the 6-pack. And when he admired Eileen's paperclip necklace. "ooh riiight..." (said softly). He's not half bad that Les.

Anonymous said...

ok, can someone tell me what Danny meant by "a boat race"???

Michigan Corrie Lover

papasmurf said...

'boat race' is cockney for 'face'

Pamer said...

Pamer's wife also asked me the "boat race' question. I knew it was cockney slang but told her it meant that Janice was having a bath every morning and playing with toy boats in the tub LOL

Rob Swizzle said...

That scene in the Italian restaurant was great!

Working From Home Today said...

I don't really understand Leanne's motives. Maybe she wants Danny to be happy because a happy Danny stays put? That's hardly been the case in past. Anyway, I don't really get it.

Lori said...

Going from the picture you put for this thread,, I thought it was suppose to be "Fiz" behind the bar,,lol!

GoBetty said...

Please refer to The Monks album Bad Habits and the song "Nice Legs Shame About Her Face" which does aptly support the cockney rhyme thing in their lyrics, "Nice legs, shame about her face, nice legs, shame about the boat race"