Monday, March 26, 2007

Update for Episode # 6328 March 26, 2007

Steve McDonald trying to force his way into Charlie Stubbs' flat.


Les sees Lloyd in the street and tells Kirk to watch the master at work. Les lets slip that he has been talking to Steve about working for him and was wondering if Lloyd can make him a better offer with his new firm. Lloyd tells Les that he and Steve are partners again, but Les is welcome to apply for a job anytime.

Kirk wonders if 'the plan' went the way Les intended it to.


Claire and Ashley are having an evening in. Claire the pregnant one is having sweet cravings. They discuss the impending visit of the welfare officer, who is to determine if they are fit parents for Joshua. Ashley is still up in arms about the whole affair, doubting any good will come of it, and wishing Matt Ramsden had never stuck his oar in. Claire tells her husband to get a grip. Ashley says he is isn't being defensive, he's being defiant. Whatever that means. In the end he promises to ring the welfare officer and be on his best behaviour when she comes round.


Having fulfilled her sweet craving, Claire the pregnant one decides she is craving 'something spicy now' as she plays with Ashley's steadily receding hairline, and gives him the look that say she's in the mood for a little rumpy pumpy.

Lay back and think of England Ashley...


Steve and Lloyd run into each other in The Rovers and have a reasonably civilized interaction. Kelly, sitting in a booth nearby, sees this and tries to whinge her way back into Lloyd's good graces. If he can forgive Steve for what happened, maybe Lloyd can forgive her as well? Lloyd tells her it isn't the same thing betwen mates as it is with a bird, and he isn't interested in taking her back.


The factory girls try to apologize to Leanne for all the horrible things she heard them say about her. They didn't mean it, they were just being daft. A bunch of right cows I say. Leanne isn't having it, she tells them to hit the road and asks for the bill. She is left with Janice at a table full of food and no one to eat it. Sean show up at the last moment but has to leave with the girls.

Of course the girls all go back to The Rovers for a drink and a healthy dinner of crisps. Adam is sitting in a booth and is delighted to see Joanne so soon, now they can go out on their date. Previous to this Kelly opened her big gob to Joanne about what Adam's intentions might be, so Joanne is a bit suspicious. While they are waiting for a cab to take them into town Adam asks Joanne an innocent question about how things are at the factory. Fearing what Kelly said earlier might be true, Joanne tells Adam she has changed her mind and is going to call it a night. Adam is confused by this sudden change of heart and asks what is wrong. Joanne accuses him of only asking her out in an attempt to find out some dirt on Danny and the factory, not because he is interested in her. Adam denies this charge, and persuades Joanne that his intentions are good. Or bad - if you know what I mean - wink wink nudge nudge. In the end they drive off in the taxi for their first date.


Back in the Italian Leanne and Janice have a heart to heart about life, love and all those important things. Janice assures Leanne that she is proud of her and Danny wants to marry her for the right reasons, but if he makes a hash of it Leanne still has the original Mike Baldwin will to blackmail Danny with. Janice wonders how much money is left in the kitty for the girls night out. 120 pounds says Leanne. Janice wonders how they should spend it - on drink ot at a club?


Steve and Shel have been unable to find Amy and can't reach Tracey on her moblile. Emily tells them that the Barlow's are at a family do in Hyde. Steve, having finally grown a set since Ronny left, kicks the door to the flat open and he and Shel race upstairs. The dynamic duo discover that Amy is nowhere to be found, but what they do find is a note from Tracey telling Charlie that Amy is sleeping over at Number 8 under the watchful eye of Sarah Platt. Shel thinks what they have done is a total cock-up and starts to look a little paranoid about what Charlie will do when he gets home. Steve tries to calm her down, they did what any reasonable person would do under the circumstances, and besides - Charlie's a builder, he'll have everything fixed up in no time. Steve leaves a note explaining what has happened.

Tracey is the first to arrive home and discovers the broken door. Fearing the worst she rings both Charlie and the police about a possible intruder in their flat. It would seem the coppers are tired of responding to calls from Corontion Street since Charlie arrives first - in a cab. He grabs a piece of lumber from the yard as a weapon and makes his way into the flat to discover - no one, only the note from Steve.

Charlie and Tracey make their way into The Rovers to confront Steve and Shel about what they have done to the door. Much yelling and caterwauling ensues. Shel tries to explain that when she heard the earlier conversation between Charlie and Tracey she honestly thought that Amy had been left on her own - Tracey had gone to her family do and Shel saw Charlie take the bus into town. Tracey defends Charlie, saying he only went into town after seeing the note she had left about Amy being at the Platt's. Shel says she followed Charlie out of the pub, and he never went into the flat, he just got staight onto the bus. He denies this allegation but looks a little guilty. Tracey realizes that Charlie never saw the note, and asks him if he did stop at the flat - who is taking care of Amy? Charlie is unable to answer.


Tracey turns her wrath onto Charlie for awhile, but somehow these two with their twisted minds manage to turn the blame back onto Shel for what happened. Shel conducts an informal pub quiz and asks all the punters present if they thought Tracey is a bad enough mother to leave her toddler unattended, trusting Charlie 'I have a heart smaller and blacker than the Grinch' Stubbs to step up and make sure the child was taken care of. No one speaks in their defence. Tracey goes ballistic and tries to leap over the bar and attack Shelley. Charlie grabs her and drags her out while she screams that she will kill the two of them. Charlie mutters something about getting his revenge as well.


Broken Biscuits said...

No way.

I had no idea the goings on in Wetherfield were being watched as far away as Canada.

I live in Manchester and we're seeing some of the most dramatic scenes at the moment, sure you will enjoy them when they're screened.

Debbie said...

Broken Biscuits,

I have seen the new episodes and they are pretty good with some top notch work from the characters. I'm loving it.

Regarding last night's episode here in Canada. Do you guys think that the public shameing that Tracey got will cause her to do some deep introspective thinking?

Probably not.

Anonymous said...

I love how Shelley is getting hers back by exposing Charlie and Tracey for the scum they really are.

Hey, do you suppose Steve and Shelley will hook up, Steve will get custody of Amy, and they will be one big happy family (for about a week . . .)? Wouldn't Liz and Bev love to be in-laws?

(London) Rob said...

Yeah, I also noticed that Shel and Steve made a nice couple - hmmm...

Hey, does anyone know when that "Coronation Street Audience" thing was taped? I thought that Leanne looked pregnant (without Mt. Fuji to hide behind).

Anonymous said...

I know this show was first aired in the UK on April 21st, 2006.


(London) Rob said...

By the way papasmurf, the Gary Larson cartoon was a great touch!

Anonymous said...

Steve and Shelley can't end up together. She's not a psychopath.

But it would be nice, wouldn't it?

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...


The cartoon...



Anonymous said...

Hear, hear to the cartoon! -- Working

Steph said...

Pauline, does that mean we're now almost a year behind in episodes?! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Steph, we're about 9 months behind the UK when it comes to Coronation Street. I was talking about that "Coronation Street Audience" Special that was shown here last week. It was originally shown in the UK almost a year ago. Rob was asking if anybody thought Leanne looked pregnant in that Special and actually she would have been about 6 months pregnant as her baby was born in July.