Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update for Episode # 6318 March 12, 2007

Jacqueline's idea of 'The Breakfast of Champions'

Highlights from last night's epiosde - sorry computer problems prevent a full update

-Violet is worried about Sean's mental health
-Sean calls his mom
-Keith gives Craig some money
-Maria almost gets run down by a good looking bloke in a flash car
-Good looking bloke takes a shine to Maria
-Turns out Keith and Craig will have to move out after all
-Kirk is back at last
-Keith gives Audrey a hard time about the mortage gossip
-The phrase 'knocked back' can be mis-interpreted it would seem
-Sophie has the spins after too much vodka in her pop
-Rita grills Dev about his off licence alcohol sales
-Sal grills Rosie about where the booze came from
-Amber gets found out
-Sal confronts Dev and his daughter in the shop about the booze problem
-Amber confesses all - Dev is pissed - her summer plans are in the air
-Dev brings flowers to the Webster flat
-Gail is going to talk to David about his truancy problem
-David cares not a whit
-Audery feels unloved
-Bethany appears to be alive and well

Promise to do better next week - if the computer lets me - Papa Smurf


Anonymous said...

Poor Bethany, the first sighting of her in weeks, and what are the family doing: complaining about why they each don't want to look after her. Gail can't keep her home because she's got to beat David about the head and shoulders for being a psychopath (make that whine at him and threaten to cry because he's such a worry). Jason doesn't want her coming round to his place with Sarah. At least she gets a hug from great-grandma Audrey who is in desperate need herself of hugs and acceptance. Perhaps they should invite Amber for a group hug.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Amber the one Dev refers to as "Not Asha and Aadi"?

Good looking bloke. Rich. Flash car. No, Maria's not interested.

Sean's "Mum, it's Sean. I'm still not talking to you. Call me back!" was the line of the week at our house.

missusmac said...

Yeah, I'm bit surprised too Maria is not interested. Helloooo, he's no Ty, but...

Funnily enough, Audrey was well known on the street as a truly disinterested mom, and Gail hauled herself up rather than was raised. However, as a Gran, Audrey seems to have this parenting thing down pat.

Shame no one is listening to her, or to Sarah for that matter. Who'd a thunk the teenage mom would know better as well?

Jacqueline said...

I pour it on me cornflakes!

Debbie said...

Anon, would you wanna look after Bethany? She is a terrifying zombie child. She is a terrific disaster. You don't want to be alone with her. You don't want that looking at you with that weird blank stare for any length of time.

Missusmac, I take exception to that Tyrone comment, I say I take exception. He is a lovely bloke.

missusmac said...

Hey, I'd date Ty. Or Kevin, come to think of it. I expect, given the chance, he's a pretty fun guy.

However, Maria doesn't think Ty's so great. Everything she said she wanted, everything that is the polar opposite of Ty, is driving that expensive car.

Which makes one wonder what's wrong with Maria? Ordinarily, she'd be crawling all over this guy...

Anonymous said...

debbie, point taken. But maybe you'd be a zombie child, too, if for weeks on end you were secreted away is some dark, dank (out of camera shot) place, and then, with no time to brace yourself, dropped into the middle of the mad-Platt household. I'd have a weird, blank stare, too if my grandma was Gail Platt. And you'd have to hide all the sharp objects.