Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Update for Episode # 6313 March 5, 2007

The penguin photo has been cropped to omit their naughty bits, in an effort to not offend Jacqueline's delicate sensibilities.

Sadly, like my youth and self respect, I have lost my notes from last evening's episode. I shall attempt to recount events as much as addled memory will allow me.

Sean and Brian are talking in the pub. Why he stood Sean up, the state of affairs with Maggie, the history of Sean's youth, that sort of thing. I recall some discussion of penguins in threadbare trunks, but am not sure how that fits into the storyline.

Danny pops in for a drink and finds Sean, who was supposed to be home sick with a migraine. He says a few inappropriate things to our Mincemeat and Brian comes to his son's defence.

Jamie comes to Sean's defence as well and gets stuck in with his dad. Jamie asks Danny if he thinks having a young bird makes him look virile and fit. Mostly Jamie thinks it makes him look rich, which I guess means it makes Leanne look like a gold digger.

Brian gives Sean his treasured wristwatch from his days at sea. Father and son have a lovely farewell with all sorts of hugs. Sean then insists on asking everyone in the pub if they want to know what time it is, so he can show off his new heirloom.

Danny sees Sean on the street and apologizes to him, in a sincere manner, and asks if he can intervene on his behalf with Jamie, since he and Sean seem to be such good mates. Sean tries to do this but is rebuffed by the angry young man.

Jamie confides to Violet that he is suspicious of Brian, calls him a lying git and worries that he will break Sean's heart.

Kelly and Jo bond in the loo at work.

Leanne feels rejected when the girls from work don't ask her to join them at The Rovers for lunch.

Kelly tries to talk to Lloyd in the pub but he isn't interested.

Steve tries to sit down and have a drink with Lloyd so he can explain his actions. Steve goes on about how he hasn't had a mate for so long and how he has had such bad luck with women over the years. In spite of all these entreaties Lloyd breaks up with Steve.

In a meeting of minds, Steve, Les, and Eileen are sitting in the office waiting for something to happen. Les tries to tell a joke about a panda looking at a lovely bird through a window but is shouted down by Steve. I for one was interested how the joke is supposed to end.

Diggory is open late, looking somewhat forlorn. Sal comes in and comments on how great it is he is open late, and how it must be such a waste to have to get rid of perfectly good produce at the end of the day. Diggory agrees and after Sal leaves slides the buns back into the display, no doubt to be sold to the custimers the next day.


John said...

I think Diggory is in trouble at the bakery. Last week when Hayley asked about the rumpy-pumpy cake (or whatever), he ended up settling for selling an assortment for a measley pound. I think sales are way down.

Jacqueline said...

But of course you left in those big beaks! Big beaks big....feet.

kristin said...

there was an episode several weeks back where molly criticised the quality of ingredients that diggory was putting into his baked goods. he then said "it was a one off". guess not.

Jacqueline said...

and best line last night...'Why the long face Celine Dion?'

GoBetty said...

Best line!!! But why must they always, all over the world, pick on Celine!

John said...

Because, she's La Celine. I wonder where her entry for Switzerland ranks on Sean's Eurovision list.

(London) Rob said...

Yeah, there's something up with Diggory - he's looking very chagrined, almost Celine-Dionish.

Anyone else think Brian's secret might be that he rides the light train to Bayonne...you know, he's a 'whoopsie boy'...?