Monday, March 05, 2007

Quelle 'Weekend'

So the most gorgeous people in the world showed up for our Corrie Canuck/BIS weekend.

What a deeeeeeeeeeee-light to finally meet Shatnerian, Kowie, Debbie and London Rob - all of whom are funny, amazing and all around good folk.

Friday night had the out-of-towners at Chez Glacia's for beverages, schnackies and of course Coronation Street. Can I tell you how great it was to sit around the telly with other Corrie Canucks? Makes me think I should do this more often.

Saturday, the Shatnerians, Debbie, Ang and myself went to the British Isle Show and saw Jennie MacApline, bought to our hearts content and had groovy time. The show was good, the only down points were trying to find seating for lunch and listening to the god-awful MC they had hired (but the dancers and pipers made up for him.).

Saturday night was the big event where 15 people showed up for the Corrie Canuck pub night at the Auld Spot. The marvelous Lisa brought a 45* of Jack and Vera singing together that was the prize for the first trivia game. The second trivia game was for a signed picture of Sean. We found out that John is a trivia god that we should bow before as he easily scored both pressies.

A big thanks to EVERYONE who came out that night and especially the new faces. I hope you had a good time and will be out again for some drinks and Corrie nonsense. Drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com to be put on the evite list.

And a HUGE thank you to the staff at the Auld Spot for once again welcoming our large group and treating us so well. The food, drink and atmosphere at the Auld Spot is incredible...but the service goes above and beyond. favorite quotes of the weekend:

'I live in Sudbury - that's GOD'S country there.'

'Was she high or just Scottish?'

'This will be my jublies mug.'

'John, quick! Get the picture of the weird guy!'

'You want to buy some crack?'

* To our younger readers, a '45' is a small version of something called a 'record' - a round flat disc that you could put on a phonograph to listen to music or spoken word. This technology soon gave way to the CD (or compact disc) sometime in the late 1930's.


GoBetty said...

Sounds so fun... glad you all made it out.

Pamer said...

What?? Sudbury?? Who else lives in Sudbury??? Finally someone to carpool with to Toronto Corrie Events

Jacqueline said...

The gigantic kilted senior who was there as Fizz line security was from Sudbury. He was chatting up various ladies in the line and at one point belted out the Sudbury line.

Debbie said...

I just want to say that John, who seems to be the mild manered fellow in the picture below, is a hard-core old-skool rap fan. We listened to rap for most of the drive back to Montreal. And he knows the words to various classic jams. He's a rap demi-god. I'm not even kidding.

Ang said...

I loved Debbie's reaction after the Sudbury comment was made. Priceless!!!! Great times... thanks all!

I've found out that Jennie's interview with George for The Hour was pre-recorded on Thursday btw...

Working From Home Today said...

Three cheers for Jacqueline and all of her organizing and preparing! It was a terrific weekend. And the quizes were great. Though, Trev says he's never playing Poker with me, EVER.

Well done, J.!

(London) Rob said...

So good to meet you guys on Saturday at the pub, and put faces to your web personas - you're all just as funny and charming in person as you sound on the blog!

Thanks to the fabulous Jacqueline for all the organizing!

Any one take pictures at the pub?

I did overhear some of the staff of the Auld Spot saying that they were going to request 3 days notice before the next Corrie pub-night so that they can lay in more vodka and lager.

Anonymous said...

I tried to take photos but the few I did take didn't come out so well. Happens when you're drunk.

I am not a rap demi-good. I can get through the first verse of "Bring the Noise" and that's about it.

Jacqueline said...

Next year, we do kareoke....only because you've GOT to hear Debbie's redition of 'Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places'.

Tanzie said...

I had a dream that I was having a house party and Fizz came. I spent the ENTIRE party searching thru boxes of pictures to find the ones you guys were in so I could get them autographed...which of course I don't have! ...My husband thinks I need help, some sort of CoronationAnonymous or something.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing such a wonderful pub night. Both me and the hubby had a great time! MrsGreen