Saturday, March 31, 2007

A New Life For Me...

And I'm feelin'...


Just a quick word to let you know that I've been offline somewhat for the last several months - I did not post much, did not attend the British Isles show nor the last couple of pub nights.

What happened is I got separated and divorce is pending. Long story short, everything is fine and nothing bad happened (re: getting separated). It just happened for the usual boring reasons. Anyway, what with the splitting of the household, things have been upside down lately.

Now that my husband is moved into his shiny glass and chrome man-pad (I'm actually a bit envious, it is an amazing and spiffy new-new-new condo), he took all the Rogers digital everything with him. I have opted for basic cable in an effort to simplify my life. So no more taping Corrie on Newfoundland time. I don't even have a VCR! My current TV is one we bought when we got married (er, 12 years ago), which we affectionately refer to as "The Fuzzmaster". I either have to tune in at 7:30 like the rest of the nation, or wake up on Sundays and watch.

So, I'm just a regular single gal who watches Corrie now with no special space age contrapulators.

See you later on these here interwebs.



Jacqueline said...

Girlfriend...we need to have a special Corrie Canuck Pub Night - Operation Get Betty Drunk.

I have a telly and vcr I can loan you if you want.

MJ said...

Go Betty, go!

Rogers Digital or no, a new life is yours to explore and enjoy.

Hugs and good wishes from MJ.

*raises a glass in Betty's direction*

(London) Rob said...

All the best Betty!

...only you'd best be turning that old coal-fired telly on at 7:00pm luv, not 7:30, else you'll be watchin' Air Farce re-runs...

missusmac said...

I think she's talking Newfoundland time! :)

All the best, Betty.

GoBetty said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks!