Friday, March 02, 2007

Mole Trap Update

Last night's episode rock so much I watched it twice.

Fizz is in Toronto!!!


Okay, I got to say Liz's 'Mother bobcat protecting it's young' schtick was brilliant! I'm not usually a fan of Liz, but when she gets like this, I love her.

Here we go!

So after Steve tells the police that he was otherwise occupied the night of the hit and run, they decide to make a visit to Kelly and find her at the streetcars - with Lloyd.

Initially she says that she was no where near Steve that night, when the cop reminds her that Steve is looking at jail time, she admitted that she was with Steve from the early evening until the next day. The poor thing had to say all of this in front of Lloyd with tears in her eyes.

I KNEW that Kelly would do the right thing because #1 She's a mensch. #2 Steve was the one person who stuck by her and believed her when she got arrested.

After her admission, Llyod gives her grief and starts saying cruel stuff like suggesting she might have also slept with Les. Kelly points out that she never gave him this much grief when he was sleeping around also, they had broken up.

Lloyd retorts that Kelly slept with Steve AFTER they're new agreement to be monogamous and that it doesn't matter that they were broken up.

While I can understand that Llyod upset and just talking, he's kind of using a double standard here. He wants her to follow the rules from the agreement, but wants them to extend to the time when they were broken up.

Personally, I think anything you do during a break up is your own damn business. Got that Rachel? I mean Llyod.

Meanwhile, Liz and Ronnie are at the cafe talking about Steve's situation and they're a suggestion that maybe Steve did a hit and run. Roy overhears this and says no way would Steve do something like that. Steve would own up to it because he couldn't live with the aching guilt for years and years.

Ronnie swallows her tea and looks upward.

Later back at Steve's house the two ladies are having tea again when Steve walks in the door. Liz asks if he's been released on bail and he says no, they had to let him go because there wasn't enough evidence. He says, 'That's good news...for both us, eh Ronnie?'

Ronnie squirms and Steve lets it out of the bag that she was the driver of the hit and run car. Liz makes a FANTASTIC lunge for Ronnie which had Glacia blowing into her noisemaker and waving her over sized 'We're #1' foam hand.

Ronnie does some pathetic sniveling about how she would have eventually gone to the police but wanted to see if charges against Steve stuck first. She's also wearing another ugly shirt.

Neither Liz nor I can figure out why Steve hasn't sent her up the river for this and why he's being so calm. It's just then that the police come and haul Moley away. Steve asks why the hell she did this to him, but she just grabs her bag and walks out of his life forever (please god, make it forever).

Out on the street, Llyod drives up and tries to strangle Steve for sleeping with Kelly, but Liz does a lovley, lovely body check and tells him to stay away from her son. Lloyd is shocked to discover that it was Moley who did the hit and run.

Shatnerian and Papasmurf are On Their Way to Toronto!!!
I have to say this is one of the most disturbing story lines ever, and I'm half tempted to write ITV and complain.

Seriously, I enjoy a thrill on Corrie just as much as the next person but they have to remember that we watch this show to get away from the horrors of every day life. I've actually had to push this out of my mind to just get through dinner last night.

It's difficult for me, but here goes....

Amber...she...dropped a bottle of vodka.

Dev confronts her about it and says that she's supposed to tell him when things like this happened.

Oh come on! As much as I like Amber, I'd be chasing her down the street and beating her with a shoe.

Debbie and London Rob are Coming to Toronto!!!


Rosie has told Craig that she's going on a school trip to France.....for 5 weeks.
Craig spontaneously combusted.

Charlie told Tracey that he might be renting #6 instead of them moving in.
Tracey's shoes could be found in a pile of ashes at the Rovers.


Pamer said...

God, i am so glad Moley's days are numbered, unless (like Liz forshadowed) she can talk her way out.

I really liked the chat between Amber and Dev over the word Nang (btw Violet is SO nang)

Have fun this weekend everyone...i wish i could be there with you, snowstorm and all. Be safe all those who are challenging the winter wrath on the roads today.

missusmac said...

That was truly a hideous shirt. It appears Ronnie has also been stealing dish rags from Emily Bishop and designing her own clothes, both of which are also crimes.

Did Amber really drop that vodka? Or is it hidden away for Dev's weekend away? I missed some show time this week.

Jacqueline said...

Oh...I completely forgot the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode rocked, too!

Kelly was great, what it cost her to 'fess up about Steve, but she did it anyway. You go, girl! I do feel badly for Lloyd, though. It was one thing for him to be boffing some woman Kelly didn't know, and only because he had to, and another for Kelly to be getting it on with his mate and business partner. Still, he needs to be a man, and forgive her. She's demonstrated her moral fibre to him.

I wonder what will happen to Streetcars now that the partners are on the outs?

Yeah, Amber has likely stashed the vodka away for a little party and I bet David's at the top of the invite list.

(London) Rob said...

I'm thinking that in the real world, the police would have insisted on having that conversation in private with Kelly, and not let some dufus sit there listening to their questioning.

...of course this is Coronation Street, and not the real world...and that's why we luv it, right...?

That was so painful to watch sweet Kelly anquishing over doing what she needed to do to save our Steve...God, I love her, stilts n' all...

Jacqueline said...

I consulted with Mr. Glacia and in the real world, as I suspected, Moley producing a valid drivers permit would not have them to stop investigating her.

Emma said...

God, that was delicious. Ronnie being dragged away, and finally outed as a sociopath ("dead behind the eyes", was how I think Steve put it).