Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fat Girls From Viz Friday Update

You’re her goes next to my his,
You make my heart go like billy whiz,
You’re every answer in my pop quiz,
You are my Liz, you are my Liz, you are my Liz.

Liz says she likes Vernon’s latest version but she sure starts singing Happy Birthday to Steve as fast as she can (hey, can they do that without getting sued, now?). “Thanks, Mom, you’re every answer in my pop quiz,” Steve teases. Vernon admits he has natural rhythm but words take him a bit of effort.

At the café, Roy suggests Vernon is allowing his rhyme scheme to dominate his content, especially as pop quizzes hold no romantic sentiment for them. Vernon points out the obvious metaphor; whatever the question, Liz is the answer. He adds that he doesn’t have a lot to work with. Roy says it’s served its purpose if Liz likes it but Vernon seems to want it to be sellable. Yes, for actual money. And sure enough, he tries to sell the song to Kirk. Liz… Fizz…

Maria’s new fella stood her up. Fiz thinks she should get back at him; go out with him, spend all his money and dump him. When he does show up he sweet talks Maria into giving him another chance. In fact, she’s going to give him a little haircut.... Will this be her revenge?


Later, Liz orders a cake for Steve. Diggory asks her if she enjoyed his custard slice last week and she replies not as much as usual, but maybe it was just too much of a good thing. Diggory seems relieved.

He admits to Molly that his experiment with cheaper ingredients failed and he won’t try it again. He leaves her to mind the shop while he goes off to a mysterious meeting. Later, she finds Diggory sitting in his car looking like the world has just come crashing down. But he won’t tell her what’s going on, only to say that both parties know where they stand. My PVR episode description says “Diggory meets with his landlord.” Hmmmm.

Sean gets “contact from the mother ship.” She’s been on holiday. “What’s the opposite of incommunicado?”
“Communicado?” Eileen guesses.
“Then that’s what she will be; communicado.” He intends to as her why she lied to him about his dad for twenty years. He leaves her another message to call him.


Craig helps Keith hang laundry while David taunts him from his upstairs window, gloating that he doesn’t have to go to school for another ten weeks. Gail appears and warns him that he’ll be working as hard as ever.

But when she sits down to teach him, Algebra runs circles around her. He asks her what it all means and she suggests they get the dictionary. I would have suggested the Internet, but obviously the coefficients have made her dizzy. David is definitely laughing at her.

David suggests he go around to Craig’s at lunch to get some help, as Craig’s good with Maths. But David already knows how to do simultaneous equations – he was just putting Gail on. So after they play video games, Craig goes back to school and David disappears. Gail realizes she’s been had.


Kelly watches Lloyd wash one of the cabs, feeling like that movie with Paul Newman, the one where he’s in a chain gang watching a girl washing her car? You mean this one, Kelly?

Kelly thinks she should tell Lloyd that Steve was bad in bed. Joanne points out that it could backfire. Steve overhears so Kelly asks him if he’d mind if she told Lloyd he was rubbish in bed. Steve refuses and says it wouldn’t make any difference anyway as Lloyd isn’t talking to him either.

Kelly corners Lloyd and he agrees to chat for a minute. She says she’s still crazy about him, been missing him like mad. She tells him Steve was a let down and can’t compare to Lloyd. Lloyd’s response is… harsh. “You just don’t get it do you. It’s not about you. You’re just some bird I was going out with. He was my mate. And when your best mate stabs you in the back you don’t forgive that.”
“So you don’t care about me at all?”
“Couldn’t care less, Babe.”
“I wish you were dead.”
But as Kelly stomps off, Lloyd’s face seems to suggest he’s lying about his feelings.

Les reckons Steve owes take them all a birthday pint for what he’s putting them through. Lloyd tells Steve (indirectly through Les) that he’d better have a positive outcome at the meeting or else he’s had it.
“We’ve all had it,” adds Les.

Sure enough, when Steve returns from the meeting he tells Eileen to call the lads in.
“I can tell by the look on your grid,” says Lloyd, “we’re up McDonald creek without a paddle.”

It’s true – the Council revoked Steve’s license and Streetcars is officially out of business.


MJ said...

Yay for fat slags!

Pamer said...

That's a great clip from Cool Hand Luke.

I think I'll go watch it again.

BTW happy belated St Paddy's day everone...Slainte!!!

missusmac said...

I love Coronation Street because it is, for the most part, in the realm of reality for a soap.

People need jobs, they're not beautiful, no one comes back from the dead or with a completely different face. (Or not usually anyway, thinking of the 93 Amys we've had.)

So this Streetcars is out of business plot is rubbish and annoying to me. On what grounds would that happen? Bah, humbug!

Jacqueline said...

I can see the streetcars losing hteir liscence. Given that they can lose it for picking up a fare on the street, I can see someone claiming a ticket for another driver being not so kosher.

Alasdair said...

But look at the good part of all of this - one of the worst thought-out characters to hit the street, Ronnie, is gone gone gone. She was/is a gorgeous gal, but I'm not sure what the writers were thinking when they brought her in. Remember her ex? Psycho killer boyfriend? It was just over-the-top and silly - the whole thing was just not in-line and I'm glad that she's gone.

As for MJ's comment on "fat slags" - grow up.

Alasdair said...

Apologies to MJ - have now read your blog and know where you're coming from. Sorry!!! Sometimes I should just be quiet....

MJ said...

Alasdair, I was making a reference to "The Fat Slags" which is the name of those cartoon "fat girls" pictured on this posting.

Alas, I'll never grow up.

And you can 'slag' me off anytime. We're all friends here. :)

MJ Slag

Anonymous said...

Random thought. I like Craig / Richard F. Good young actor, does a good job with his role, hope he sticks around - but he needs his adenoids out. Very nasal. I keep hoping Rosie will hand him Kleenex and yell "BLOW".

Alasdair said...

MJ - I owe you a pint/drink any time you wanna have one!

I should just learn to shut up sometimes!!

Your blog is fantastic - there's a blurb for it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry MJ and Alasdair. That was probably all my fault for not saying more about the Fat Slags of Viz reference. If you click on the image, it takes you to a link but maybe I should title it. --working

MJ said...

ALASDAIR: I'm a cheap drunk. One pint's enough payback. Ta.

Email me.

WORKING: No harm done! I enjoy your postings, by the way.

That Slag MJ