Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Crap Dad Day - Update

It’s D-day and all of the crappy dads of Weatherfield are being feted.


And You Can Keep Your Lousy Watch Too!
Sean has Brian meet him at Luigi’s (you know that one Italian place in Weatherfield) for a Father’s day dinner. After ordering up pizza and wine, Sean begins to gush about how wonderful it is to have a his dad back and gosh don’t they look alike especially around the eyes.

Brian asks him to stop and that he has something to tell him. And because Brian just couldn’t keep his mouth shut until for 24 hours, Sean gets to remember the this special night as the day he found out that the man who he thought was his father isn’t.

Yep. Apparently, Brian raised Sean as his own for 10 years thinking they were blood relations. When Brian had the affair, Sean’s mom drops the bombshell that Sean isn’t his. Sean is gobsmacked and says that it must be some kind of joke.

Brian explains that he didn’t contact Sean for so long because he assumed that Sean’s mom told him the truth and that Sean would want nothing to do with him. Wrong, Sean did and can’t understand why Brian just rejected him.

Sean is pissed and leaves, rejecting Brian’s offer to pay for dinner and throws the watch back in his face.

Personally, I think Brian should have told him right up front and THEN try to build a relationship. Maybe not dropping that bombshell on Father’s day.

Sean’s heart is broken and when Danny sees him on the factory stoop, he asks what’s wrong. When Sean tells him he’s upset, Danny tells him to take his time and use the stoop for as long as he wants.

Later, Jamie comes by with an olive branch and after initial hesitation, Sean tells him the whole mess. Jamie consoles our Sean and it’s nice to see them friends again.

My Vote for Worse Dad In the World
I swear, Amber’s going to kill him in his sleep…

Dev comes down to breakfast and finds a card at his place and is all a giggle as Amber tells him she found it in front of the door this morning. He continues with all smiles and chuckles reading the front of the card, ‘To my father who is good and kind…blah…blah…blah….all the best for today from…..’

Dev opens to the inside of the card and his face falls as he reads, ‘Amber’.

He actually asks her, ‘Is this a joke?’

Then it dawns on me and Amber that he thought it was from the twins. It’s truly a horrible moment and I don’t even think Dev thanks her for the card.

It gets worse…later that day Dev asks Amber if she has finished her homework and she says yes. He asks if she can help him out and she is very excited at the thought of Father/Daughter time so she says ‘Yes.’. Turns out the help he wants is for her to mind the store while he goes see the twins.


Time To Update That Donor Card, Danny-boy
Danny tries to apologize to Jamie about the previous night with less than spectacular results. In fact, Jamie tells him that he wishes Danny would move out of town and that he doesn’t need anything from him – but if he needs a kidney, he’ll give him a call.


Meanwhile, Leanne pours her heart out to Janice explaining her reasoning behind the Jamie/Danny reunion. She said that her idea was that if Danny could win Jamie back he’d thank her for it and be more in love with her.

Danny does tell her over drinks that he appreciated her attempt even though it didn’t work out.

As they cheers each other, Les walks into the Rovers wearing the ‘World’s Best Dad’ shirt Chesney gave him. He’s looking for Leanne…and the card she got him for Father’s Day.

She quickly does a Homer Simpson about the day not being over yet which buys her time to run over to the Kabin and get a Kut-rate Kard.

Danny raises a glass to them as the bad dad and the bad daughter.

Other News
Lloyd is convinced that the licensing commission is going to shut down the streetcars when they find out Steve lied about the ticket. More bickering between he and Steve happens.

Tracey's taken Amy to Blackpool for the day, thus denying Steve Father's Day goodness.

Eileen wishes there was a ‘Single Parent’ day.

Jamie and Violet make up.

Janice quotes Homer Simpson.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense that Brian thought Sean's mum told him that he wasn't Sean's natural dad. Sean was close to Brian's sister, his Aunt Betty, (and Brian presumably was in touch with her from time to time). If that bombshell had been dropped on Sean, surely Betty would have known and Brian would have received confirmation of it from her. So either he's lying or there's a loophole in the writing (wouldn't be the first time.

Anonymous said...

It could be that the secret of Sean's parentage remained a secret between Brian and Sean's mum.

Any road, Brian did raise Sean for ten years, which the last time I checked, still makes him a dad, even if it weren't biologically so. There's no need to sever the relationship. Still, it's interesting that Sean and Danny now have parallel father issues in that the fathers they were raised with were not the men they thought they were.

When Dev read the card, I almost expected him to say, "Oh, for a minute there, I thought it was from the kids I acknowledge." No wonder Amber drinks.

The Homer Simpson reference was a direct reference to Papasmurf, I'm sure of it.

papasmurf said...

My influence is spreading...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dev is pretty horrible. I actually felt sorry for him when Sunita cut him off from the twins, but now, not so much.

I agree, John, that the secret of Sean's parentage actually did remain a secret between Brian and his mom. But Brian used as his excuse for not getting in touch with Sean over all the years his belief that his mom had told Sean that Brian was not his father. If he had told Sean that, then Sean would have told Aunty Betty, and she would very likely have mentioned it to her brother, Brian. The fact that she didn't should have indicated to Brian that Sean was never told. So, to my mind, his excuse for abandoning Sean just doesn't hold water.

Debbie said...

That last picture is kinda creepy as that dad looks like he is playing pocket pool.

Hey, I wonder if Sean's dad is Mike Baldwin.

That was a joke

Jacqueline said...

If there wasn't an age difference, I'd suggest that Sean is another of Dev's children.

and that sean is transparent white.

Anonymous said...

Sean's real father is Mr. Humphries who, sadly, has just left us.

Pamer said...

no!!!! not mr. Humphries!

Anonymous said...

I elected Dev ( oh I mean DIV!) for WORST father on Corrie. I wanted to hurl bricks at him so being so insensitive towards Amber. He did not get any better in Firdays espisode either. I am tired of this actor and character anyway...boot him off!

Michigan Corrie Lover