Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guiseppe's Is Busy Tonight Update


And Fred In The Background
Ashley and Claire have a big blowout that goes along the line of Ashley giving in and saying that what he said to Claire was said in anger. Claire responds that beyond what Ashley has just said, he seems more concerned with Joshua than Claire and the wee bairn.

While this ginger hair smack down is going on, the doorbell rings and Fred says, ‘Oh, I’ll just get that, shall I?’, while waving his jazz hands around. (Favorite moment for Glacia). A few seconds later we see him sneaking Bev through to the kitchen.

Claire storms off and Fred, feminist that he his, tells Ashley to ignore what Claire said because it’s just all those goofy gal hormones talking. Bev steps in and says that it is not hormones and that Ashley needs to grow up and stop neglecting the woman that’s bearing his offspring.

Ashely goes to the streetcars with a large bear and suggests to Claire that they go out for dinner. She accepts and over dinner they kiss and make up.

In addition, they are treated to a floor show.....

Upset by a Set Up
Bev is upset about Shelly leaving the street and Liz and her breasts come to console her. They ended up talking about their respective offspring and how neither Steve nor Shelley can find a decent human being to partner with.

Later, Liz and her breasts offers to take Steve out for dinner after Vernon cancels. He initially says no, but when she offers to pay he jumps at the chance.

Meanwhile Bev offers to take Shelley out for dinner to cheer her up.

Hey, waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute……

Oh jes, the mums have decided to do an accidental date for the two kids by taking them to the same restaurant – despite Betty’s warning that it will all end in tears (twice).

And of course when Steve and Shelley get to the restaurant, they realize what’s been going on and blast their moms for being so sneaky. They leave the restaurant, yet both end up in the Rovers where they apologize to each other, laugh a bit and end up a bit cozy at the end of the bar.

Bev and Liz and her breasts find them there and feel that it’s Mission Accomplished.

Was That Keats or Yeats?
Tracey tries to weasel her way back into the Rovers, but after this attempt fails she starts hollering at Shelley in the street. Ken asks her if she must always behave like a harridan in front of Amy.

Tracey, clearly annoyed by Ken’s expenditure of two bits on a word, dumps Amy on him while she goes to buy stuff for the new house. (Where the HELL is all this money coming from? She doesn’t work and Charlie hardly seems to the type to just hand over the credit card.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, David must come to the Barlows for his tutoring session, which he equates with going to the crypt keeper’s due to the abundance of OAP’s. Nonetheless, he is sent off to spend the day with Ken and Blanche.

Ken is reciting some poem to David, which I didn’t get due to the abundance of German Shepherd noise in my house. The poem I heard was,

Bark, bark, bark.
Woof, bark, bark, grrrrrrrrrr.
Grrr, grrr, grrrr, bark
Such words to Conchurbar that he may know.*

So, if anyone did catch the poem Ken read, share it with us.

On a similar canine note, Blanche has her own to share with young Master Platt.

I have a dog and his name is spot.
Sometimes he’s white
and sometimes he’s not

*Deidre (1907) - Yeats

The Good News Is – You Don’t Have to Look at that Easter Egg Wallpaper Anymore**
Keef has arranged for movers and Jack comes over to help him pack up. (Frankly, I’m surprised that in such a small neighbourhood with so many people disliking Charlie there weren’t more neighbours there helping out.)

A sad scene occurs when Keef breaks down in tears an tells Jack that he feels like he’s let Angela down by not taking care of Craig and now even the lad is mad at him. Jack comforts him and tells him he did everything he could.

Craig, meanwhile, upset that his granddad is a push over, confronts Charlie on the street. He lets into Charlie, who does a lot of smirking. Finally Charlie makes some comment that if Rosie was a bit older, he’d try to seduce her with his toolbelt. Craig attacks Charlie, who easily pushes him off and tells him to stay in his own league.

Back on the street, Tracey tells Sally that someone should slap that young trouble maker Craig. Sally responds that someone should have slapped her way back in 1990.


In Other News
Flash boy is late for another date with Maria – but she forgives him and his expensive car.

Molly has Diggory handing out flyers to houses on the street announcing the addition of pizza to the bakery. Diggory tries but in the end says it’s too humiliating to try and stir up business this way.

Frankie calls Nathan for a few minutes, but he later finds out that she spoke to Liz and her breasts for hours. He is pissed, and Glacia just doesn’t care about this character anymore.

Bonus fun...guess the movie where the first picture is from... One of Glacia's favorites.


Rob Swizzle said...

That would be Primo and Secondo from "Big Night". Great film.

Jacqueline said...

Give the man a cupie doll!

Anonymous said...

It finally occurred to me that the reason that every single resident on Coronation Street has been making a bee line for the Italian place is because the show gave it a new set. I remember the place looking different and now it seems more expansive. So of course, they have to show it off, like they did with the overhead and tracking shots of the new factory.

"It'll all end in tears." Twice! Twice!

Anonymous said...

As always I loved your update! I so agree with you regarding Tracey. I was yelling at the TV - where in hell do you get your money? (no one else in my house likes the show unfortunately). As the mother of a teenage boy I really sympathize with Craig. He is a good kid who has lost a hell of a lot. I really wish Keith would have tried harder to find accommodation in that neigbourhood.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Keith (or Craig) scout ou the family of a classmate to take Craig in (I say this because my older daughter's best friend now lives with us to finish her last year of school because her family had to move in the middle of the school year - so I know it works). Surely Craig receives some sort of government pension as the child of a deceased parent (like a CPP survivor's benefit) that could be used to pay his room and board. Plus he works part-time. They had better not be writing Craig out of the show is all I can say.

Ahhh, my Steve and Shelley prediction is coming true. They will make a cute couple and the complications arising out of Tracy and Charlie being an ex of each of them will be lovely.

howdi said...

Good update!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, as per Tracy's finances, I think there are a few things happening:

1) Whatever pocket money she has, she gets from Ken and Deirdre (or Blanche).
2) By shopping, one expects she's browsing for items and expecting Charlie to pay for them.

I read somewhere once that Tracy is one of the more interesting soap-opera villains. Where many was all about flashy cars and fur coats, Tracy rarely works and until recently, bunked with her parents.

Her biggest accomplishment to do has been to hook up with a guy who just bought a semi-detached.

Anonymous said...

Ken's poem was some yawner about a purring cat, and it DIDN'T EVEN RHYME; Blanche's poem - much catchier!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dogs whatever happened to the little yapper Blanche inherited that was permanently attached to Ken's ankle?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Keith and Craig couldn't move into the flat that Tracy and Charlie are in. It would be better than traipsing off to Bournemouth. There's also a flat above Dev's shop which Amber has just vacated.

(London) Rob said...

Speaking of dogs, whatever happened to the dog that David was walking when the police busted Jo's apartment grow-op?

Whatever happened to Jo?

Whatever happened to continuity in plotlines, and good writing?