Wednesday, March 28, 2007

French Fried Potatey Updatey.


Franz Ferdinand, More Than Just a Scottish Breakfast Cereal
Ken's first day as tutor to Scumspawn - I mean David - has arrived. He is greeted by Gayle who asks him not to be too rough of her wee boy as he's been through a lot.

They start in with English and the Lord of the Flies. David tries to scam his way out of learning by suggesting that he run down to the video store and get the DVD. Ken tells him to plant it as they're actually going to do some work today.

Ken proves to be the accomplished educator we knew him to be by asking David which character he liked the most and comparing David's life to that of Piggy's. Later on, we see Ken and David talking about the causes of the first world war and a shocked David learns that Franz Ferdinand was like are real live person.

Yes, dear, a real person. You might be interested in knowing that other popular bands make historical refrences in their names, such as 'Joy Division', 'Dead Kennedys' and that famous boy band from the 90's 'British North American Act' with their mega hit, 'Girl, I'm Entitled to 25 Acres of Land, 4 Oxen and 15 Sacks of Wheat a Year.'

Charlie's a Jerk - Part 1
Tracey is cleaning with anger and is cross with Charlie about the Amy fiasco. Charlie cleverly gets her to channel her anger to the real villian in all of this, Shelly. He assures Tracey that he's got something planned to get back at Shel. (Hmmm...will it be as good as the Red Shoe Diaries?)

The Terrible Twosome take off to the Rovers (Wait? Who's watching Amy?!) where they are greeted by an angry Bev who wants them both banned. Shelly tells Charlie that although she can't stand him, he's done nothing wrong and he can stay. Tracey, however is out.

Imagine Tracey's suprise when Charlie decides to say a little 'Bye, bye ma cowgirl' and stays behind as her ass is getting hoisted out by Bev.

Charlie does a bit of banter with Shel about how her anger just shows she's still has feelings for him,etc. She tells him to drop dead and that she's leaving town to a place where he can never, ever, ever, ever find her. Charlie smirks and says, 'Yeah, you'll be back.' No one can forget the Charlie'.

Charlie's a Jerk Part Deux

Keef is busy packing as they are to move to Craig's aunt's in six weeks. Craig is being in denial and can't figure out why Grandad is packing so far ahead of time. Keef complains that Craig has no idea how much there is to do, to which Craig retorts that the last tiem they moved there was no time to take anything. (Readers may remember that Craig's family came to Weatherfield in some kind of Witness Protection Program.)

Meanwhile at Roy's Rolls, Tracey confronts Charlie about his lack of solidarity as she was tossed out of the pub. Charlie tells her that it's not her fault she can't control her temper, but no worries, he has something to cheer her up.

They approach Keef on the street and Charlie tells him that he found out that Angela is the legal tenant of Number 6, not Keef. Therefore, there's no obligation on Charlie's part and Keef has 48 hours to clear out.

Glacia doesn't buy this legal reasoning at all. Surely there are some rights due to the fact that Craig is Angela's son. Also, can you toss someone out of a rental like that - one that's not your own residency? I'm sure there's some legal protection here.

So Keef's got to scramble around to get all this sorted out and when he tells Craig about the situation, Craig launches into the, 'I told Rosie I'd be here when she got back.' spiel. Keef tells him to grow up, the wee romance is over.

BTW - the text messaging across borders IS a fortune. I once ended up with a lovely $84 text bill after one trip to Europa.

And Ashley is a Jerkface Too
The social worker is coming today and Claire reminds Ashley to keep his cool with her. She's just doing her job and he's not going to win anyone over by getting angry.

She expresses concern about the fact that she hasn't felt the baby move in a few days but is sure it's okay.

Well, no, it's not okay. The midwife tells her to get to the hospital asap. She tells Ashley, who insists on going with her. She tells him not to worry, she'll go herself because he's got to be there for the social worker. He says, screw the social worker and asks Fred to take care of Josh and to cancel the appointment. (Remember this bit, dear readers.)

Turns out the baby was okay, just resting, but other than that healthy. Claire and Ashley are happy and arrive at home all a giggle; that is until they see the social worker there. Fred explains that he couldn't reach her in time to cancel.

The social worker seems very lovely and understands that they needed to go to the hospital and asks if everything is okay. The meeting goes as expected, the social worker trying to explain Matt's position and Ashley trying to not be beligerant but failing.

After the social worker leaves, Ashley's convinced that he ruined the interview. When Claire tries to console him, he says that everything would have been okay if she hadn't insisted that he come to the hospital. (Uuuummmm, in fact, I think she told you to stay at home, you insisted on coming.) He does this whole rant about how she and her baby are ruining his life. Claire tells him to drop dead.

Is it just me, or does this seem really weird? This change from nice guy to jerkface with Ashley. What the hell is going on? Do you think he regrets marrying Claire?

Pizza Pizza
Molly tells Diggory that Sarah and Jason came in asking for pizza and she thinks it'd be a great idea if he branched out into the pizza game. Diggory is hesitant, but is willing to give the public what they want.


Debbie said...

I loved Claire in this episode. She is no mouse!

papasmurf said...

I had a similar conversation about Franz Ferdinand with a youngster a while back.

Good to see Jack again.

Grand Tuma said...

Good lord I wish Ashley would somehow wind up with Gail. Keep all the monotonous stupidity under one roof. And then hope that said roof collapses. Really, it's a treadmill of frustration watching Carrot-top spin out of control every time he's gotta deal with the outside world. I can respect character who wear their hearts on their sleeves, but COME ON!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment concerning Ashley. I don't think he loves Claire nearly as much as he did Maxine (I hated her), she did have a one night stand while he was in the hospital. I find Charlie just horrid how can be be so cruel to Keith and Craig. I would just love to slap Tracey's face!!

(London) Rob said...

Yeah, Ashley's attitude is beginning to grate.

Wow, that's some basketball Claire displayed on the examining table...there must be at least a half dozen smurfs in there!

BTW papasmurf, I complimented you on the Larson cartoon a few updates back but neglected to say that your Seven Deadly Sins headings didn't go unnoticed - brilliant!

Rob Swizzle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Claire showed up at the butcher shop to ask Ashley to take Josh-ooo-ah to the nursery (I think Emily had him at the moment). As well she did have to let her husband and the father of her Unborn know she was off to hospital to see if Unborn would ever be Born, and to let him know she might not be back in time for the social worker that afternoon. For Ashley to seize upon this as his chance to get out of the meeting with the social worker, and then to blame Claire when the meeting went poorly is just reprehensible. If he isn't careful he'll lose custody of Joshua. He really is a loose cannon (which may explain why Claire looked like she had swallowed a cannon ball!)

Working From Home Today said...

Hey Glacia,
Whether the eviction was legal or not was dismissed by the oh-so-convenient turn that the Citizens' Advice couldn't see Keef until next week. So we'll never know. Keef just didn't want to take Charlie on in any capacity.

howdi said...

Is Claire pregnant in real life? If not, that was some weird looking stomach prop.

Celia said...

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