Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fiz! Fiz! Fiz!

Left to right, Debbie, Jennie McAlpine, me

Left to right, Jacqueline, Fiz!, Ang

And a group shot.

Four years after my goode ladywyfe makes me sit down and watch this British soap, I'm among other Corrie bloggers, standing in line for two hours to meet of the actors. Jennie was lovely in person and very friendly. It's easy to see why she's popular among Corrie fans.

I'll write a longer post about the weekend in general but I just wanted to mention that I succeeded in my mission to give Jennie McAlpine this blog's address. I'm hoping to spread the word to the Corrie folks that we're out there, in hopes that they'll offer us all parts on the show as a gang of Canadians who've moved to the Street. I did not succeed in my mission to get Jennie out drinking with us at The Auld Spot on the Danforth, despite the promise of free booze. Just as well, many of us were three sheets to the wind by nine o'clock.

O! What a weekend. A full report is forthcoming.


MJ said...


GoBetty said...

So awesome!

Anonymous said...

That is all kinds of awesome. I'm insanely jealous but very happy you all had a great time.

Nicole in Vancouver

Lori said...

Thanks for posting the pics John! Looks like a fantastic time!