Friday, March 30, 2007

The Episode That Logic Forgot - Update


Okay, let me tell you the storyline first, then I'll do my rant at the end.

Final day for Keef and Craig on the street and Keef has got the movers there while he, Jack and Tyrone are trying to empty the flat. Craig is supposedly upstairs still sleeping, but when Keef checks on him, he's not there. There's a bit of a panic that Craig has taken off to France to be with Rosie.

Keef goes looking in all the boxes for his passport in his worry. Meanwhile, around the corner, David is talking to Craig. He tells him how they were worried he'd had gone to France, but Craig empties out his pocket and tells him he wouldn't have gone far.

David then gets the idea that Craig can stay at the House of Platt until Rosie comes back so he can say goodbye to her proper like. David tells him not to worry, he'll get his mom to agree, so Craig trots off back home to tell Granddad that he's not going with him that he's staying at the Platts.

By this time, David has told mom, sis and grandma about his plan and they've all told him no. Gayle gets in the final word and says that there's just no room and they go out to tell Craig.

David complains that Sarah got to bring home a baby and he can't even have a chum around for a few weeks. (But more about this later.)

Craig, upon hearing this news, runs into the house and locks the door - in order I guess to stay there until Rosie comes back. Even when it looks like Keef is having another vag - er - ANGINA attack, he won't open the door. He merely slips Keef's medicine through the slot.

A crowd gathers outside and there's talk of going in through the roof, but Charlie warns that they'll have to pay for any damage they do. And then 3 seconds later he goes and grabs a crowbar to smash the front door window. (Logic alert)

Charlie doesn't get a chance to do this, as Keef decides that enough is enough and grabs the crowbar from Charlie and smashes the window himself. He and Sally go in to talk to Craig.

Sally does a very nice job of speaking to him about the situation. She tells him that any girl would be honoured to have a boy care this much about her and to go through all this for her. However, she tells him not to think that his love for
Rosie is stronger than his granddad's love for him and if he stresses Keef too much and he dies, then where will he be?

She tells him that Rosie did manage to get through and that she was going to call Craig on her mobile. Craig feels much better and decides to stop all of this and help his grandad move the stuff.

We see Sally take a picture of Craig and David with David's new mobile phone. Yes, his new mobile phone that Gayle went out immediately to buy in order to make up for the fact that she wouldn't let Craig stay with them. (groan at will, dear readers.)

Keef phones Audrey to apologize for being brisk with her while the moving fiasco was happening and she comes out to say goodbye properly.

As Keef and Craig get into the car, Charlie demands that Keef pay for the front door. Keef says, 'What front door?' and drives off. (Was it just me, or did Charlie seem amused by this? Like it made him laugh that Keef finally stood up to himself.)

So off they go, with Craig's head out the window like a wistful Cocker Spaniel, thinking about his years on 'the street'.

The 'L' Word
Shelly confronts her mom about the date set up and asks her why she doesn't just buy her an big shirt with 'loser' written on it, or a hat with a big 'L'....or maybe a....

hen nightg

She also states that she's not really interested in Steve with his prison record, thankyouverymuch.

Meanwhile, Steve tells Liz how he just always looked at Shelly as kind of an Aunt. An Aunt with a moustache. (Logic alert: Shelly and Steve are both in their 30's, how could she be like an aunt?)

But later we see them chit chatting over the bar, while a trilogy of grans (Audrey, Liz and Bev (okay technically not a gran)) watch from across the room.

Bar Lift
Charlie is loving having the Rovers to himself as it gives him a chance to torment Shelly. He tells her that Steve is no match for him in the romance department, just ask Tracey. (Ummmm, isn't Tracey with you basically because Steve won't have her?)

Tracey comes in apologizing and begging to be allowed back in and Shel is not sure until Charlie says, 'Forget it Tracey, Shel's enjoying having me to herself.'. Shelly immediately lifts Tracey's ban.

Give Us Thick Crusty Whites, Not Pizzas
Diggory has given up completely on the pizza idea and is consoling himself at the Rovers with a Hotpot.

Meanwhile Tyrone and Molly are happy as can be, running Weatherfield's newest pizza take out.

EXTRA BONUS - Glacia's Rant
Let me start by stating that I'm not one of those people who would go to a Star Trek convention and question George Takei on every bit of logic minutiae that I could come up with.

HOWEVER, the Craig storyline is showing such an absolute lack of logic that I can only assume the writer's take us for complete morons. Seriously, the writing for this was nothing short of poor and lazy.

I know they had to write Craig and Keef off the show, but they've really made a mess of how they are doing it.

As many readers have pointed out there are plenty of opportunities for the Harris's to stay on the street - Tracey and Charlie's flat for one (although that might be a bit tight). I also can't buy into the fact that there are NO rentals between Manchester and Bournemouth. A much better storyline would have been that Aunt Broomhilde is deathly ill and needs Keef to come take care of her and therefore Craig would have to go.

But what's driving me truly mad is that Craig has already accepted the fact that he will have to move away with his granddad at the end of 6 weeks. Now his issue is that because of the early move, he will not be able to keep his promise to be there when she returns.

I've done my research online. There are 4 trains a day between Bournemouth and Manchester. The journey takes about 5 1/2 hours. The cost of such a trip is about £75 - 150. So it's like from Toronto to Montreal (give or take).

While this doesn't allows for weekly visits, he can easily BE in Weatherfield when Rosie returns. I'm sure Grandad and the Websters would pay for the trip if needs be. A much easier solution than locking yourself in a house for 6 weeks.

Anyway, that's my rant. I'm actually a little pissed about the sloppiness of the writing - they need to give the audience a BIT more credit for brains.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the quickness of the sale of the house and the sudden 48 hours evacuation with absolutely no respect to the rights of the tenant. If Angela's name is on the lease, how the hell does she pay the rent from jail? I just assumed the lease was transferred over to Keith when he came down to take care of Craig but no, he just pays the rent. Instead, we're to assume that if Keith is late with the rent, Angela's on the hook? WTF?

Also, I understand that the movers they hired had another job in a few hours so they were rushing. So where exactly were they going to take Keith's stuff if not Bournemouth? Unless they have drivers specially for that purpose?

At least Tyrone was nice enough to help load the truck.

Debbie said...

HA! That is a great point. I mean, if Bournemouth is 5 hours away by train, how were they to get to another job in 2 hours.

Unless it was like when I moved from Toronto to Montreal and the movers packed me up as well as a ffew other people moving from different cities and then deliver it 2 days later.

Anonymous said...

Also, I think I figured out why Steve and Shel wouldn't make a good pair and it has to do with Steve.

Steve's ungentlemanly comments about Shelley reveal what he actually wants in a woman. Steve wants a woman who's sexy and slightly dangerous and initially, Karen and Moley fit that bill. What he ENDS UP WITH is slutty and batshit crazy. Shel would be good for him in that he would grow a little around her. However, both of them have too much family baggage for any kind of relationship to develop away from prying eyes so it would never work.

The most ideal woman for Steve on the street right now is Kelly. She is definitely sexy and has the criminal background, just like him. They're both at similar places in their lives so it would be a perfect match. It'll never happen of course because Happy Steve is also Boring Steve.

Jacqueline said...

I think Shelly's too good for Steve.

Charlie with a soul would have been good.

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline: As usual super update! I completely agree with the poor writing on the Keith and Craig departure. Didn't Keith have key for the house? I found Charlie and Tracey's behaviour disgusting. Why on earth did Gail by David an extremely expensive mobile phone? I also agree with you John regarding the quickness of the sale and the rent.

SeangSTM said...

They said the moving truck was a "shared load" - in other words, another family (or person)'s belongings would be put onto the SAME truck going to Bournemouth and unloading at two locations.

I thought it was fairly simple, but...

Anonymous said...

seangstm, actually that makes sense. I missed that bit.

missusmac said...

Yep, shared load, which is why moving buddy was keen to get away asap instead of lolling around and getting paid by the hour.

I can only assume that since it is summer --there anyway-- these storylines are happening because folks are on vacation? I mean, Ty and Molly start a pizza joint in their spare time? Shelly and Steve act like Grade 5 flirts? Rosie en vacance so Craig can be un squatter?

Anyway, the part I liked best was Tracey and Charlie in the street holding boxes and just panting to get in. Now, that seemed exactly in character....

Anonymous said...

I thought Craig's irrational behaviour was pretty standard for an emotional 15 year old. Isn't that why teenagers are so hard to deal with - they're irrational and self-centered (not mine, of course!)

Steve needs someone to settle down with and I think Shelley is just the ticket. Besides, they can drive Tracy and Charlie crazy by doing it.

So is Craig gone permanently, then? I kept hoping Keith will have an angina attack (maybe during a good-bye vagina attack with Audrey?), drop dead (sorry Keith), and somehow Craig would be taken in by a kind-hearted local - maybe Ken and Dierdre now that their rid of Tracy.

Anonymous said...

I think Gail told Sarah or Audrey the new phone for David was purchased some time back to reward him for finishing his studies or something or other. Or am I making that up?


S. Poole

Heather said...

Question: when Liz was trying to convince Steve that he should date Shelley, he said that his last girlfriend just about got him in jail, his last date nearly lost him is business, so he'll "stick to the geegees. What are gg's or geegees or whatever he was talking about?

Heather said...

Oh yes, and, usually on Corrie the word migraine is pronounced "mee - grain". But Diggory and Molly "my - grain". Anyone know if it's the American influence, or is it just north - south variation?

Jacqueline said...

The geegees refers to horse racing.

Anonymous said...

Wait - are Craig and Keef really gone? Gone for good? WHY?

And is Shelley leaving too?