Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Broken Hearts Club Update


Dev finds something slipped under the door. Oh my lords, it’s a card! From Aadi and Asha! He proceeds to show everyone on the street, practically bursting with joy. He reckons Sunita had a hand in it and the “joint effort” suits him just fine. He concludes the three X’s mean one kiss from each of the kids and one from Sunita. “This is more than a card. This is an invitation to participate, to be a father, to get involved.”
“Is that what Sunita said?” Rita asks with a hint of doubt.

Of course it isn’t what Sunita says because Sunita didn’t send the card. Amber did. And when Dev finds out, he loses his mind. He sobs, even! He thinks all the progress he’s made with Sunita’s been undone.
“Do you know what you’ve done?!” he explodes.
“Don’t worry, I’ve worked out that it were stupid,” she replies. She just wanted to make him feel better and now it made him want rid of her even more. Dev rips up the card.


Sophie tells Craig she’s waiting for Rosie to hide the booze, probably from her. She doesn’t know why – she knows where everything is, anyway. Like Rosie’s diary.
“Don’t worry Craig, it’s all about you. I love Craig, Craig is gorgeous. ILHNAFA.”
“I Love Him Now And Forever, Amen.”

Later, Sophie goes hunting for the booze and get sloshed in the back garden. Sally and Rita find her just in time to witness her up-chuck her guts.


Eileen wakes up to find that Sean has been slaving over her breakfast since “half past nothing o’clock.” Her favourite breakfast, it turns out, is back bacon fried up, sandwiched in toasted white and drizzled in brown sauce.

Sean announces that he’s decided to adopt Eileen as his mom and dad. Then he skips off before Eileen can question him about Brian. She tells Jamie and Violet to keep an eye on him. Something’s not right.

Sean’s tells the factory girls the whole story, but lightheartedly, brushing it off that “now at least there’s some small chance that I’m the illegitimate son of some royal family. I fancy Monaco. Brian stood in the way of all that.” He jokes a bit more, but when they aren’t looking, lets out a heavy sigh.

He bounces into the Rover’s, overly exhuberant. He’s celebrating that he’s probably half-royal (Kelly: People from Monaco are called Monacans or sometimes Monégasques. I looked it up). Sean figures he’s had a narrow escape from Brian.
“Well, at least he’s talking,” Jamie says to Violet.
“That’s not talking,” Violet replies.

Sure enough, Sean has a breakdown later in the afternoon. Violet finds him behind the pub crying his eyes out. He’s embarrassed that he built the whole thing up so much.


David was helping his Gran with a flood at the salon and Gail freaks out that he’s late for school. Gail agrees that he should say he was sick all night but feeling better now and David runs for the bus. But the next time we see him, he’s back in the street, lying to Rita about how he’s doing a project; domestic energy waste of the Platt house.

He’s actually skipping school and he erases the message from Mr. Griffin, his head teacher. But Mr. Griffin catches up with Gail in the street. He says the school has very high standards and they won’t tolerate poor attendance from the few 'undisciplined'. Turns out David’s been registering for morning attendance, then taking off.
“That boy is out of control, honestly,” Audrey says.
“Let’s just hear what he has to say, shall we, before we-“ Gail starts.
“Yes? Before we what?” Audrey asks. Touché.


Keef isn’t hopefull that he and Gail will be neighbours for much longer. He offers her the pigpen because he doesn’t want Charlie Stubbs to get anything. She politely declines. He’s most worried about Craig – it will either be good for him to move on or it will break his heart.

In the salon, Jase fixes a broken washer under the sink. He lets slip that Charlie didn’t get the mortgage for the house. Audrey breaks the news to Keef, who is over the moon. Me thinks this was a bit premature on Audrey’s part.


On the subject of Amber wanting to spent most of the summer with Dev:

DEV: Sweetheart, Princess, how would your mother feel if you didn’t spend the summer with her?
AMBER: Well, she wouldn’t be bouncing up and down with delight, like you would.


Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to dislike Dev. I never was a huge fan but the way he treats Amber is appalling. When he was showing off to Sally and Rita about the card from the twins it must have been very hurtful to Amber.
Although I am a huge fan of Sean's I thought he treated Brian very badly and may come to regret his decision. The man did raise as his own for 10 years. Sean should talk to his mother and find out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Was it just me or was the grandeur of all the wide angled shots and new sets in tonights episode far too much? And the scene of the factory girls slow-walking through the set was a bizarre Fellini moment. There was no Corrie feel to it at all, a little too pre-ten-scious. Bring back the tight angle shots and cramped sets, it's not bloody Desperate Housewives afterall.

missusmac said...

That new factory is huge! I didn't know there was that much open land left in England.

The Dev/Amber storyline is a rough one, but extremely interesting. Dev was, next to Mike Baldwin, the street's ladies man. So Princess, Darling, Baby, that was what he called all the ladies.

However, none of this works on Amber, who is one tough customer and has Dev's number. I'm gonna enjoy watching her cut him off at the knees.

The Lloyd/Steve matchup is not working for me. They were on a break, Lloyd was a jerk to Kelly before and after, and now let's watch Streetcars go down because of this... yeah, not my cup of plot tea.

Looking forward to the next installment featuring Charlie Stubbs, Roving Hunk Jerk and David Platt, Roving Young Jerk.

(London) Rob said...

I want to like Dev - he just starts to show a little kindness to Amber and you think he's not so bad, and that maybe she will soften him up, and then he acts like the asshole I guess he is, towards her.

Same with Keith - I used to think he was the image of maturity and decency, then with this whole roof thing, he's behaved like a braying mule, bragging about how he'll 'show that Charlie Stubbs'.

When it looked like he and Craig were going to have to move, he was all quiet and humbled, and now that he thinks the deal is off, he's back to the loud-mouthed braggart. You just know, that after he shoots his mouth off to Charlie, it's going to swing back the other way...

The only characters that haven't really shown a mean side are Violet, Joanne, and our Chesney... Jo-anne

Working From Home Today said...

And Hayley and Roy, non? And Emily? Not to mention little Bethany. She can't do mean. In fact, she can't do any emotion. Oh look at me, being mean. I guess I know which side of the street I'm on!

GoBetty said...

Anon @ 7:47 - you are right. Something weird about that episode with the camera work, and the writing seemed disjointed. Not my favourite type of episode.