Friday, February 09, 2007

Who's This Andy, Then

Possibly one of the most under used characters on the show....

But the non-smartass answer is that Andy is Steve McDonald's older twin brother born June 26, 1974. He's the young blond guy in the picture above.

So what can we say about Andy? Well, he's got a very large brain and used it to go to university. His character was mainly about finishing uni, not finishing uni, working at Bettabuys, finishing uni, not finishing uni, working at rovers....all intermixed with a series of rotton relationships. I think the writers were trying to create another Curly Watts here.

Notable women Andy date were Maxine (Ashley's wife...who was beautiful, but diiiiiiiiiied.) and Toyah Jackson, I mean Toyah Battersby.

Andy did finish uni and then decided to pack his bags and head for sunny Spain. He did make a show for Steve's wedding to Karen a few years back.

I LIKE Andy and it's too bad they never found a niche for him.


(London) Rob said...

Is that Sir Cliff Richard in the centre of the shot?

Debbie said...

I like that Steve is supposed to be 32. Much like the sunita real and actual age gap.

Andy also had a testy relationship with Jim. Many a time Liz had to get between them.

pip said...

Spain seems a popular place to which to banish people. Poor old Warren couldn't fight his way out of there for Mike's funeral. Hey, and then Danny and Leanne go there to check up on Mike's villa for about 3 nanoseconds and don't even bother to look up the second son? It's a good thing we're a forgiving audience.

Debbie said...

Ok, who saw the interview with Jonny Briggs on the Hour? I had to miss is because I was out and didn't get home in time for it. I can't play it from the CBC site for some reason and I can't find it on Utube.

Was Jonny charming? Was he every bit the devil I think he is?

(London) Rob said...

I saw the Johnnie Briggs spot, and yes Debbie, he was very debonair, and charming - the type of guy you'd want to have a pint wiff. He was talking about how demanding the taping schedule was, and how that related to his decision to leave the show. He said there were 6 tapings a week, which surprised me. Does that mean there are 6 episodes aired each week? No flippin' wonder we don't catch up!

There were a lot of audience shots - but from behind...I saw the back of one rather lovely head that I figured must be our Jacqueline.

Are we going to get a report?

Jacqueline said...

Unfortunately Rick Mathews didn't respond to my emails, plus word was getting back that the show was sold no live taping for me.

On top of that, I forgot to tape the damn thing!

Anonymous said...

I think the Hour eventually puts the entire episode online so you can check it out then.

It was a good interview, but even though he said Baldwin is just a guy he played, you tell there was a lot of Johnny Briggs in there.

Ang said...

Thank you so much for the info on Andy! I've been wondering about him. I went to the british show in Hamilton today (a waste of time really), and found out a bit about Andy from a few fans. Not as detailed as the post on here though!

I went to the taping lastnight. I actually got caught up talking to an ex co-worker, and was a few minutes late. Turned out alright though because they had some students not show up. We actually had a really good time. I liked the interview, but I didn't learn anything new. I thought it was pretty funny when they mentioned some Corrie fans weren't too pleased about George conducting the interview. They were smart and asked the audience beforehand to write down any questions they had for Mr. Briggs. There were maybe 6 Corrie fans in the live audience. I had a great conversation with a young couple sitting next to us. They actually might start watching now. People around me did seem interested on what the show was all about, and they were shocked it was so popular.

MJ said...

(london) rob: It's either Sir Cliff or Gerry Adams.

Debbie said...

The interview is up on the Hour homepage.

For some reason, my computer will not let me view the interview - this happen sometimes.

I just wanted to be clear because it seems that the CBC people totally misunderstood from the get go. I don't think anyone was upset about George doing the interview per say. Well, I didn't care that he was doing the interview. I was just making fun a television personality that I find irritating. It really has nothing to do with the interview.

They are being pretty thick on this whole thing.