Friday, February 16, 2007

Virtual Corrie Canuck Pub Night

So Shatnerian, Debbie, Lori, Radmila and I met up in Second Life for a Corrie Canuck virtual pub night.

corrie party_001

We all enjoyed some drinks and dance at Chez Glacia - and of course lots of Corrie gossip.

I think everyone's up for meeting again next week if anyone wants to join in.

Mabye we'll try some bars or skating.


Lori/Nuck said...

It was a fantastic evening! I had heard of Second Life, but until it was mentioned on here I didn't have the 'gumption' to try it. Now I am hooked, and our Corrie night was the icing on the cake. Looking forward to next week,and ice skating sounds great (can I bring my wine glass along?) Hopefully others join in as well.

Debbie said...

I'm the one sitting like a whore on the end there.

Anonymous said...

I'm the bald guy constantly tossing booze down his neck.

Working From Home Today said...

That's so cool! Hey, I'm game next time!

Kristin said...

that sounds like fun. how do i join?

Lori said...

Go to,, and join from there. There are options of a free membership/pay membership. I am on the free one, and am loving it. It took awhile to figure things out, but with help from others on here I managed to get confident enough to enjoy myself. Good luck and hope to see you on there!