Thursday, February 01, 2007

Update - January 31, 2007 - "It's not me! I swerr!"

To Catch a Thief

At Lloyd and Kelly's flat, Becky is on the phone arranging to see a new place. Kelly is relieved that it looks like her hanger-on is finally leaving.

At the factory, more purses have gone missing. Sean suggests that there is a thief among them but Danny points out to "Miss Marple" that Blanche's purse was lifted in the Rover's so the thief could be anywhere.

Then Leanne's purse vanishes and suddenly everyone is getting searched. Is this legal? I don't think so. Anyway, even Hayley, who so bravely protested last time there was a search, is co-operating. You see, before Hayley was still thinking with a pre-9/11 mentality. But in this post-9/11 world, we can't let things like "due process" and "illegal searches" get in the way of our War on Purse Snatchers. Good to see that Hayley is now a true patriot and has come around. That, and the fact that she got fired last time and none of her so-called mates would stick up for her.

Anyway, the search begins and where do they find the missing purses? Kelly's locker! Danny says he'd never taken Kelly for a "tea leaf" and calls the cops.

Lloyd arrives at the factory in time to see the cops taking Kelly away. "It's not me, I swerr!" she protests. And as is their wont, her mates all turn against her.

Later at the apartment, Becky commiserates with Lloyd when rather suddenly, she kisses him. He waits about 5 seconds before pulling away claiming it's wrong and they should forget it happened.

At the police station, the D.I. is raising the issue of Kelly's past criminal behaviour. Kelly says she was never a good thief because she got caught. Then she suddenly realises that Becky must have stitched her up. She explains their common past to the D.I. and he says he'll look into but Kelly still has to face the prospect of a night in the clink, the slammer, the joint, the can, the hoosgow.


The brave recovery of Norris Cole continues as he is now moving about without his wheelchair. Blanche suggests too much activity could lead to a stroke, but too little could as well. Norris opts to perch on a stool. He also announces his internet search for a girlfriend has been put on hold.


Roy has passed the health inspection and is allowed to re-open. He even combed his hair and possibly used product for the occassion. He wonders to Frankie if he'll ever get his customers when Jack bursts in and asks for a bacon buttie and a tea.

Jack also asks if Vera can have her job back but Roy worries the damage to his reputation would never survive her re-hiring.


Clerr tells Steve her pregnancy is making her need to go wee all the time so she asks for shorter runs in the cab. He turns her down and suggests she may need to go on Mat Leave early. Clerr thinks Steve is trying to fire her. Again, I ask: Is it legal to force someone on early Mat Leave?

Also, is Clerr giving birth to a smurf? Don't women usually show a bit by the fifth month? You know, like Leanne, who's 18 months pregnant? Put a pillow under that woman's shirt.

Gail, Yes, Gail

A new card arrives and it's David and Sarah who find it. Sarah tries her very hardest to read the big words ("De - err - De - Dear Ga-Ile - Gail...") and 15 minutes later, she realises it's a Richard Hillman card. David can't believe it!

So she hides in a cookbook and then Gail finds it and oh, frig it, who cares anymore?


Jacqueline said...

Dear Llyod,

It's wrong to kiss Becky because she is a skank and Kelly is beautiful.

There's something really, REALLY creepy about Becky, the fact that she looks like an underfed Celine Dion, the fact that her hair never looks washed or the way, the supa supa creepy way she holds her cigarette, like "Jack" on 'On the Busses'.

#2 - Claire says she can't afford to go on mat leave early? Wait...I thought the least of hte Peacock's worries were money issues. Ashley and Dad went from paying Claire to look after our Joshua to having here bring in a 3rd income. That line made no sense.

Jacqueline said...

Oh, and I see that 'tags' are going to start going to get competitive.

'boring richard hillman cards' - love it.

Anonymous said...

We kind of knew Becky was a psycho (I love the "underfed Celine Dion" line!) but this whole thing just confirms it.

Can I just ask why, if they have lockers that lock, they aren't putting their purses (and engagement rings) in them during the day? Speaking of things which make no sense...

I swear I'm gonna reach into the TV and wring Gail's scrawny little neck. "You don't need to protect me" she squeaks to Sarah-Lou and David. OMG YOU HAVE BEEN ACTING LIKE YOU ARE ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN FOR WEEKS WHAT DO YOU MEAN???!?!!!!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

I think the actress playing Becky is doing a fab job for the very reasons you list. She reminds me of alcoholics I've know - gray teeth, dirty fingernails, the cigarettes that suggest "hardcore smoker," the way she uses people then gets revenge when things don't go her way.

I agree that Kelly is lovely, last night's unfortunate blue eye shadow aside (but if anyone can rock the blue eye shadow, it's Kelly). I just think Lloyd thinks with Little Lister a little too often.

Jacqui said...

I'm glad you explained why Roy wouldn't rehire Vera. I didn't quite get it when I watched it.

I also find it hard to believe that Sally had "just" lost her ring, it turns up in a locked locker 6 feet away and no one saw anyone over there?

And "boring Richard Hillman cards" is right! They need to wrap up that storyline.

Ang said...

Becky has been driving me crazy since she first arrived on the street. I totally saw this coming, and hopefully it's one of those storylines that doesn't stick around for long.

I also thought that was a weird thing for Claire to say. I suppose now they have to pay for someone to watch Joshua since she is working? but still. Something there doesn't make sense. Maybe she said that because she's hoping they'll be moving our of that flat soon? and into one of their own? I dunno..

This is the first time I've been able to watch Corrie in the evenings during the week. I like it! I left my job last Friday so now I'm not stuck in the office for 60+ hours a week.

Kristin said...

lets see if this works. i've tried to post for days and it won't let me.

i don't get what claire said either. makes no sense to me.

however, i do look forward to watching blanche kick some ass when she finds out who really stole her wallet. good thing she had a hip replacement in Poland.

Norris needs to stop dithering. Poor baby. It was only a couple of Christmases ago when he fell on the floor in an unfortnate plum pudding incident. :)

Debbie said...

Really, the Richard Hillman drama has to stop. I don't care any more and would rather they just get on with it. How many times are we going to have to watch Gail have the same reaction over and over again to the greeting cards that come to mark every single Platt birthday, anniversary, graduation, and bank holiday?

missusmac said...

Becky looks diseased. I'm guessing her smoke/air inhale ratio is something like 20 to 1, so I'm amazed it took Lister as long as 5 seconds to recoil.

I don't understand Clare either. I mean, her family owns all the meat on the street, and they own that house. So, WTF? It's gonna 'cost' her to take Josh out of day care???

And I have just one hope, that Richard Hillman is really alive, and he will come soon to kill Gail. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee!

(London) Rob said...

Hey Ang, congrats on leaving the job!

I've started watching Corrie on weeknights too - makes it more fun to read the updates and everyone's comments!

BTW, what's with the "Labels: becky, blanche, etc." at the botton of the last 2 updates??

(London) Rob said...

Claire and Ashley's baby? ...could it be anything else BUT a smurf?

Think about it...

Rob Swizzle said...
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Rob Swizzle said...

"On the Busses"? Smurf baby? You guys are killing me. Corrie Canuck is more fun than the show this week!

Roy's is open again? C'mon Diggery, buy a Tim Horton's franchise!

Anonymous said...

I thought on tonight's show that Claire looked more than 5 months pregnant, especially when she was in the cab office talking about not wanting to take early mat leave. I thought she was further along than 5 months.

On a side note, some women don't show until late. I know when I was 8 months pregnant I went for a dentist appointment. I sat in the chair and had my teeth cleaned and it was when I was leaving that I said the next time I come back I'll have had my baby. They looked at me and said, "you're pregnant?"
When I told them I was 8 months pregnant, they didn't believe me.
During the whole pregnancy I only gained 24 lbs and after delivery was 8 pounds heavier than when I started. :)


missusmac said...

Pauline, I have had four children. The least I ever gained was 32 pounds, the most was over 50 lbs. (First baby, so my major food group was gravy... what can I say.)

I'm afraid when I saw Claire I thought she looked quite tiny for being 5 months pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Claire in today's show in the pink outfit? I wasn't that big at 8 months. LOL. Four children???
How do you do it?! One is enough for me.

howdi said...

Talk about looking preggers - that would be Shelley now, wouldn't it. Either she is pregnant or she has gained a lot of weight. Remember that diet she went on because of 'what's his name'?