Friday, February 02, 2007

Update - The 'Free The Weatherfield 1' Edition

Becky is taken into questioning and after a lot of acting she convinces P.C. World** that she didn’t do it and gosh isn’t she worried about Kelly who has a history of this kind of activity. She’s let go and is free to go home and play happy family with Lister.

Meanwhile Kelly is let go but not after being charged with the thieving crime. Steve comes and picks her up and on the way back to Weatherfield, she seems to have convinced him that she is innocent and Becky is psycho.

Back on the street, she sees Becky going into the factory and jumps out of the cab and to confront her. Becky is all ‘Nyah, nyah I don’t know what you’re talking about and you just saying this because you’re jealous that Lister wants me instead of you.’

At this point Kelly loses it and attacks Becky – JUST in time for everyone to leave the factory and see this on the steps. Becky does a whole big song and dance about how Kelly just attacked her out of the blue – which of course everyone believes and Danny tells Kelly to get off the property (which I suppose means, stepping off the steps.)

Kelly talks to Llyod about the whole thing and while he says he believes her, she realizes that initially he didn’t. He tells her about the ‘kiss’ and Kelly then gets all paranoid about him and Becky and decides she can’t be with him. Llyod tries to argue his fidelity but to little success. (Rightfully so because didn’t he have a piece on the side at one point? Did she decide to date him anyway? Or was that one of those storylines that just ‘disappears?)

Kelly sees Sean, Jo and someone else ( I think Fizz) on the street and they all turn their backs on her. Sean is uncharacteristically cold to her and tells her to ‘talk to the hand’. Just as Glacia is thinking, ‘Hey, didn’t Becky get all psycho on Jo at some point? Why doesn’t Jo believe Kelly, or at least listen to her.’ - Jo decides to listen to her. Kelly brings up EXACTLY those points and it seems like she may have brought Jo back to her side.

MEANWHILE over at Llyod’s place, Becky’s making dinner when Llyod comes in to confront her. He tells her that he knows she framed Kelly and that she is to pack her bags and go.

Becky says that all she ever wanted to be was Kelly’s friend and she knew all the time that Kelly was trying to dump her. She says that she’s going to ruin Kelly for that . All she wanted to do was to be pals and Kelly and to – wait for it – ‘go and spoil it all’.

Well, that’s it dear readers, it’s CLEAR that Becky is Richard Hillman’s daughter and she’s been sending the cards to E.T. and family. So I guess that’s it, case closed we can finish with the Hillman/Platt story and never have to revisit it again. Thank God THAT’S over, eh?

Oh But Wait...
The phone rings at the Platts and Gail and her denim clad bottom go over to answer it. After a few seconds, David who’s on the couch realizes that she’s talking to Dr.Phil and starts screaming obsencities. When Gail tells him to shut up, he jumps up and pulls the phone cord out.

She yells at him to put it back in and he yells back that Dr.Phil’s just trying to weasel his way back in now that she’s been terrorized by the cards.

My god, a dose of Becky, David and Gail in one episode! The creepiness factor overwhelmed me and I ended up having to retreat to a warm bath with a cucumber facial, a bowl of oatmeal and Austrian Christmas music for 2 hours – just to feel as if the world was safe and good once again.

Oh So She DOES Have Royal Blood
Best line of the night goes to Roy.

Jack comes into the café to beg Roy to take back Vera. Roy says no.

Haley figuratively smacks him upside the head and tells him that he needs Vera and that he should be a bigger man and give an old lady her job back.

Roy goes back to Jack and says Vera can have her job back because she’s like royalty in so far that, ‘Nobody’s quite sure what she does, she’s overpaid for what she does but apparently we need her.’

In Other News
Emily is not loving the Rita roommate situation, especially since Rita borrows her umbrella and keeps forgetting to return it.

Steve relents and tells Claire she can work up to her maternity leave, but behind Eileen’s desk working the switch.

***Dumb joke I heard yesterday. P.C. World gets a promotion to Super Nintendo.


Debbie said...

Someone, a couple posts ago, suggested that leanne was 18 months pregnant. Maybe she is having one of these:,,2003489,00.html

Debbie said...

I believe Roy aslo said "And for some strange reason, she does attract the punters." Which seriously killed me.

papasmurf said...

I think Sean was being a bitch towards Kelly due to that unpleasantness a while back when she tried to 'convert' Sean to play for the other team.

Anonymous said...

I think Kelly made a bet once that she could convert Sean, which hurt him because they had become close friends. He didn't realise it was to get him into bed. Kelly felt bad about it afterwards and they made up.

What gets me is how quickly the factory girls will turn on one of their own. It seems whenever things get a bit rough, they always assume the worst of each other. That's why I was a little upset that Hayley gave in to the purse search. She knew it was useless to resist.

Fortunately Joanne seems inclined to believe Kelly so that may mitigate her situation somewhat.

Kristin said...

I'm not a fan of Roy, but last night, he was, indeed, golden. It's nice to have 'R Vera back in the caf.

I love Sean, but he's being such a pecker right now. I think we'll see a lot of egg on face soon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe whomever is responsible for the Richard Hillman cards will return to the street and kill off all the Platt family (except of course little Bethany who hasn't been seen in weeks). No one will care, not even Jason who will shrug and be thankful he doesn't have to look at anymore bridal/wedding books. Bethany will return to the street years later to claim what is rightfully hers...the salon and her mothers rabbit fur coat.

Jacqui said...

Yeah, they sure all turned fast on Kelly! And I was disappointed with Sean. You just don't expect that of him.

I want to smack David, he's so mouthy. Darn kids. Almost as annoying as Gail and her whining. I like the idea of Richard coming back and putting them all out of my misery! lol

Anonymous said...

About Lloyd's fling, as I recall, when Kelly finally confronted him, he said the relationship was continuing because she lent him the money to buy streetcars. (Was the money her husband's? I don't recall.)

I think he took out a loan to pay her back and ended the relationship just as Ronnie and her crazy ex-boyfriend showed up. I can't remember the details but I'm pretty sure he ended the relationship. It just ended really quickly.