Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update for Episode # 6308 February 26, 2007

The episode of many happy heart wrenching family moments

The Saga of Sean

Sean is waiting at the door of his father's house, and after twenty years of no contact the door opens and Sean finally claps eyes on his dad. They seem to have a reasonable enough reunion all things considered. Sean comes in to sit down for a bit when Maggie the mistress comes into the room and casts a pall over the proceedings. They make some small talk about the funeral and the like. No offer of tea is made by the hostess. Before too long, Sean makes his excuses and heads to the door. He and his father have an awkward but sincere handshake/hug goodbye. As Sean walks away he does the old last look over the shoulder to see if there is to be a last farewell but alas the door is already closed. Mincemeat gets back into the van where Jamie and Violet are waiting and tells his friends that he is humiliated, offended and furious. Sean is unhappy with how things went and can't believe that his father and Maggie are living in such high style while poor Auntie Betty could barely make ends meet.

Later in The Rovers Sean and Jamie have a discussion about fathers and sons and the relative degrees of guilt and suffering that each of them have endured at the hands of their respective fathers. Sean is leaning towards the bitter persepctive while Jamie is being surprisingly philosophical about matters. While this is taking place Sean's dad drives down Coronation Street in his Lexus looking for Sean. He knocks at the door at Number 11 and Jason opens the door. Jason tells Brian where to find Sean and then texts Sean to tell him that his father is coming down the street to visit him. Sean downs Fred's glass of whiskey and waits intently for the door to open with his dad coming through the door, but Brian fails to appear. After a while Sean looks out the door only to see the back of the Lexus driving away around the corner.

The Dilemma of Dev

Dev hands some flowers to Amber outside the shop. She thinks they are a welcoming gift for her on the day she is moving in. Dev thinks she can help out with the shop by putting them in water. She chucks the flowers in his face. Amber then proceeds to lock herself in the office in the shop with the music turned up. Every time Dev tries to reason with her she turns the volume up a little bit more. In a strange bit of irony Cilla stops in and gives Dev some advice on parenting.

Before long Dev is in the pub having a drink with Fred discussing his clever bit of lateral thinking - by taking in Amber he can show Sunita how good a father he can be so of course she will then gladly take him back into her (delightful) bosom. Shel wonders why he isn't helping his daughter move in. Dev tells her that he is giving Amber some space. Shel responds with 'you didn't go near her for fifteen years, isn't that space enough?'

Meanwhile Amber is sitting on the curb outside the shop. She is locked out but doesn't want to tell Dev because she fears he will no longer trust her. Roy and Hayley come to the rescue and intervene on her behalf. They bring Amber to The Rovers and Dev then brings his daughter home to help her get settled. Only after Shel takes the drink out of his hand mind you.

The Ballad of the Lonely Barmaid

Shel had had it with hanging around in the back room with a bottle of mild Merlot and the three old harridans. (aka Liz, Bev and Deirdre) Shel is still a young woman-ish type and is going to suck the marrow out of life before it's too late. She accosts the guy who has been lurking in the corner of the pub of late (Simon maybe?) and tells him that they are going out on Friday night, come hell or high water. You have to like the proactive Shel.

The Love of Lloyd

After some canoodling in the pub Lloyd and Kelly decide to lower their standards and move back in together. Did I say lower their standards? Sorry, that should read 'declare their undying love for each other.'

The Seduction of Steve

Ronny continues to nag Steve about her speeding ticket and how if he won't take the fall for it 'her career will be on the line' and she could end up as a waitress. The horror. Steve thought her career consisted mostly of shopping and leafing through glossy magazines. She gives Stevie boy the pout and he collapses like a house of cards. He takes responsibilty for the infraction and in celebration Ronny and her jubblies are all over him like a rash. Poor Steve, when will ever stop thinking with his little tallywhacker? As the two share a drink in The Rovers Steve keeps looking nervously over his shoulder at Lloyd and Kelly, and wondering when their little incident will become public knowledge.

The Bane of Baldwin

Danny is away from the factory for a bit and Janice is getting stuck in as usual. There is some confusion about an order being in feet or meters that Janice somehow knows the answwer to. There is the usual sniping amongst the girls. Danny is not impressed how Lippy is wheedling her way back into their lives and apartment - 'it's bang out of order, it is.' Danny, Leanne, and Janice are getting into the car as Cilla walks by. Janice, unable to keep her gargantuan gob shut, tells Cilla that she can't have a ride since Danny is very particular about getting dog hair in the car. Cilla calls Janice the 'biggest bitch in ten streets.' Much toing and froing ensues while the two harpys debate the relative merits of Les as a lover. All very disturbing really.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Is Dev still going to Dublin? I though Amber was anxious to move in because it was implied that she was going to have a party while he was away.

(London) Rob said...

Great paragraph headings Smurf-daddy! "The Bane of Baldwin"? I love it!

More and more I'm confused by the Danny and Leanne thing - i.e. the engagement - I just don't get it. She doesn't have anything like the class or looks or brains of Frankie, and here's a guy who changes women like lightbulbs - why would he let himself get tied down like that, and so soon after Frank...? ...and she's hardly a trophy wife.

Like what's the age difference? Leanne is his son's age fer chrissakes - not too young for a bit of "how's yer father" (don't you love that expression?), but for marriage?

...and then there's the prospect of Lippy as mother-in-law...

Can somebody splain it to me...

Debbie said...

Well, Leanne is actually about 24 during this story line (a little bit older than Jamie, if memory serves). Also, she has been married before, to Gail Platt's oldest son, Nick now living in Canada.

Also, considering she used to have a drug habit, and her sister's brutal attack, she has a lot of life experience.

BTW, PapaSmurf. I can't believe you actually used the word "jubblies"

papasmurf said...

Jubblies, jubblies, jubblies

Anonymous said...

We got a bit of an explanation from Danny (about why he's still with Leanne) when he was trying to justify his behavior to Jamie the other day - that is, Leanne was the real thing, not some bit of fluff, so he really can't be criticized for having done what he did. I don't think Danny believes this deep down, but he has to behave as if he does to rationalize his behavior to himself and everyone else.