Monday, February 19, 2007

Update for Episode # 6303 February 19, 2007

Cad on a Hot Tin Roof

Charlie continues to remove the tiles from the roof of the Harris homestead while Keith sputters indignantly from below. The locals provide a running commentary on the goings-on from across the street. Jack notes Keith's grip on a pound coin is so tight that it could make the Queen's eyes bleed. Blanche orders Jack to fetch her a chair from inside so she can sit and enjoy the fireworks in comfort. Jack wonders what her last slave died from. Keith calls the local constabulary, who show up quite quickly. Oddly enough, it is not Constable Dumb and Dumber for a change. After they have heard what is going on the police tell Keith that he should contact the landlord or the local goverment types, but they are powerless to do anything and drive off. Charlie and Jason finish their work and leave the scene. A while later Charlie has a confrontation with Keith near the builder's yard. Charlie grabs Keith by the lapels and pushes him against the wall in quite a violent fashion. Charlie tells him in no uncertain terms what he thinks of Keith running his mouth in the pub and on the street. Keith is left visibly shaken by the experience.

The Red Shoe Diaries

Earlier in the day Charlie promised Tracey he would take her out for lunch. She keeps harping all day long 'Charlie you said we were going for lunch' - even while he is on the roof doing his dastardly deeds. Later, back in their flat, Tracey flounces over to the human sneer in a trashy little outfit. Charlie tells her 'not bad for a Weatherfield bird'. Tracey asks if they are going for lobster and caviar. No - they are off for some plonk and pizza. He is thoughtful enough to have brought her a present though. After listening to how Tracey had looked high and low for the famous missing red shoe for so long without success, she had finally binned the solitary red shoe she had left. This was when Charlie could finally bring a denouement to his Machiavellian machinations. He gives Tracey her present, a shoe box containing a single red shoe just like the one she has been searching for. In fact it is the one she has been looking for. Charlie thinks it is all quite funny. Miss Barlow fails to see the humour in what Charlie has done. He leans across the table in his malevolent fashion and tells her it is as hilarious as her fake abortion. Charlie Stubbs will not be made a fool of. A moment later he is back to his charming self wondering if they should have pudding or tira misu for desert. Charlie is what they call a sociopath I think.

Back at The Rovers the Three Stooges - Keith, Diggory and Jack are having a pint or two. Keith is trying to think of a way to keep his roof dry. They concoct a plan to get a tarp over the roof somehow. Jack is not keen on helping, but is shamed into action by Keith. Jack's parting words to Shel - 'A friend in need - is a pain in the backside'.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

David is having a grand time doing time, er working at the salon. Flirting with the old birds is landing him a handful of tips. (sounds like a day in the life of Papa Smurf) Maria is a bit miffed by this. Moley comes in to get her hair done because her regular stylist is away on holiday. Moley thinks her new look 'will do for now'. Maria is miffed by this as well. Gail come is to see how her evil offspring is making out and Audrey gushes about how well he is doing. It might turn into a long term job for young Platt.

Later at The Rovers Gail, Audrey, Maria and Sarah sit and have a drink. Sarah twitters on about dresses and island vacations. Gail tells Audrey she has stopped taking the sleeping pills and there are hugs all around. Jason comes in and orders a pint from Violet. (who looked particularily unappealing for once) Sarah comes up to greet her man and Violet wishes the bethrothed couple all the best. They are suspicious but Violet is being sincere.

Daddy Can You Hear Me?

In the wake of the death of his Aunt Betty Sean is wondering if he try to contact his long estranged father. Sean seeks guidance from his muses Eileen and Violet. He tells a sad story of how his mother cut the images of his father out of his baby pictures because of the philandering ways. (the father not the baby) In the end he calls his father and leaves a message - while using a particularily deep and manly voice.

Love's Labour's Lost

Lloyd is still pining for Kelly. As is the case with most men, they try and get their pals to do the dirty work for them. Steve doesn't want to get involved again but Lloyd shames him into it. Steve tries to recruit Ronny into helping with the matchmaking scheme but she wants to go into town for a bit of fun. Steve the spineless wonder decides a night in town is a great idea but Ronny has already sped off into the distance. Back in The Rovers Steve does his best to convince Kel to take Lloyd back but she isn't having it and storms off out the door. The whole time Lloyd is sitting in the background waiting to see what happens. Time to grow a set there Lloyd, you and Steve are an embarrassment to all men around the world.

Fred, Bev, Ashley and Claire are all caught up in the drama of the Ramsden visitation controversy. In the midst of this Bev's daughter Shel is feeling increasingly neglected. First she can't go and boogie with the young hip crowd, now her own flesh and blood are putting her on the back burner. Poor Shel, will she ever find happiness?


Working From Home Today said...

Re the Charlie thing: and he made sure to wait until she'd chucked the other, right?

The great thing about this character is you almost side with him. What Tracy did was horrible, afterall. But strangely his reaction was not to the loss of trust between them, it was that she made him look a fool. And his retaliation is so calculated and cold.

Kristin said...

I had forgotten that Keith was renting the house. Being as cheap as he is, I'm surprised he didn't just wait for the landlord to call back. I certainly wouldn't put a new roof on a place that I rented!

missusmac said...

Charlie is, as someone else posted, well-packaged slime.

Gee, wonder if it's time for Jason to grow a set too... Either Charlie tells him what to do, or Sarah does.

I'm not feeling all that sorry for Shelly. It's an extra box of chips, for god's sake. Ashley might lose his son. Hmmm, which matter should mom pay more attention to.

I am hoping still that the news Sunita has moved into the big house -- sounds ominious-- might mean a return of actress Shobna.

But then again, Martin's having a baby and completely off camera too!

Rob Swizzle said...

When Charlie removed Kieth's glasses and pulled him close, I was hoping the old man still had a good Sheffield-style headbutt left in him. Make Stubbs nose a little stubbier.

Debbie said...

I was hoping for a kick in the balls, but that isn't very manly, I guess. I was on Charlie's side until that happened. Where Tracey is concerned, I think Charlie's move was golden. She wouldn't have told the truth about the abortion if Charlie hadn't found out. Frankly, that kind of behaviour is the only thing that Tracey understands.

When did Charlie get so bad? I mean, he saved Sunita's life in that fire.

I really can't stand Molly. She is horrible.

Anonymous said...

So Charlie has moved from threatening women to old men. Who's next? Emily Bishop?

Jacqueline said...

I actually dig how complex they've made Charlie. He's an ass, but they haven't made him as black and white as most 'villians'. I think he's more multi-dimensional than Tracey. When Tracey veers off of the 'evil' track, you're never sure if she's sincere. I think we only saw her really sincere when she wanted Amy back and when she felt bad about upsetting Deidre over the fake abortion.

And Papa, the subtitles on this update ROCKED. 'Cad on a Hot Tin Roof', 'Red Shoe Diaries' - gooooooooooold.

Rob Swizzle said...

I'm nonplussed with Molly, but it's good to see Diggory getting some lines. I love the old dudes on The Street propping up the bar and philosophizing.

missusmac said...

Yes, Charlie did save Sunita in that fire, then he used that to leverage Dev into hiring him to renovate all the corner shops after the fires Maya set.

Dev didn't want to do it, but Charlie got Shelly to pressure Sunita to pressure Dev. (Make sense?)

And in the end, Charlie ripped Dev off by overcharging.

Once again, nicely packaged slime.

GoBetty said...

htnHelp me Corrie Canuckers, you're my only hope. You've helped me before in this department. What music was playing when Steve and Kelly were about to hook up?