Monday, February 12, 2007

Update for Episode # 6298 february 12, 2007

What Doctor Freud would do to Gail and her clever coping strategy if he were still alive and practicing today.

The End of the Richard Hillman Card Saga

A police car pulls up outside the Platt flat. For the first time in the history of Coronation Street it contains a copper with a brain. Norris and Blanche, the resident gossip mongers of the street are quickly on the job trying to determine what is happening. Blanche, that paragon of discretion, decides to view the action from inside the corner shop where Keef is running the show - by taking a break from doing the crossword with a nap. Or as Keef puts it - 'resting my eyes, that's all'.

Inside Number 8 the constable informs Gail that they have Stinky McTavish in custody and are questioning him about the Richard Hillman cards. It turns out that when Phil was taken by the police he had a birthday card in his car - supposedly for his mother for her birthday. Gail, knowing full well that Phil is not responsible for the cards, starts to waffle about the cards and about her suspicions as to who might be sending them. In short she tells the constable that she may have been wrong about Phil being the culprit, and she just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. The constable is understandably dubious about this sudden change of heart but there is little he can do except return from whence he came.

Gail sees the police man out to his car. As he drives away Gail is asked by Norris 'was that a police car?' in a none too subtle effort to garner some gossip. Gail wonders where Blanche is, and is disappointed in the lack of stamina in some of her nosier neighbours. The truth of it is Blanche is making tracks for The Salon as fast as her Polish hip will take her so she can inform Audrey of what has been happening in her family tree. Audrey scurries over to get caught up on the news and is shocked to hear what Gail has done. Lying to the police in front of David is probably not the best example that a mother might want to send to her already morally skewed offspring. Audrey has a point there.

David, no doubt wracked with guilt, goes out to play a little footie with Craig. They decide to go to the Red Rec for a bit till Rosie shows up and beguiles Craig with her womanly charms. David is quickly forgotten. Remember Craig - bro's before ho's.

We next see Gail and Damien, er David at the police station waiting in a hallway. Gail has decided to tell the truth and accept whatever consequences might result. The constable with a brain puts David in a room and leaves him alone for a while to make him sweat. Then the three of them have a chat and the constable explains what perverting the course of justice is and how it could result in a custodial sentence. (maybe David and Kelly could be cell mates) David seems suitably cowed by all this and the Platts take their leave.

We next see Gail, David, Sarah, and Audrey sitting around the dinner table. Gail informs the other women that this will be the last day the cards are ever mentioned, she is wiping the slate clean, the matter will never be discussed with anyone outside of the family ever again. Audrey tries to get a word in edgewise but is rebuffed. David mumbles an apology to his sister and Gran. Sarah calls him a psycho. David slinks off to his room.

The Weatherfield One

Kelly is on tenterhooks whether she should plead guilty and hopefully get a sentence of community service, or fight the charges in court and possibly lose the case and end up in prison. Lloyd is all for her pleading guilty and being done with it. Kelly doesn't want to admit guilt to something she knows she hasn't done. Lloyd, showing a remarkable lack of backbone, tells Kelly that there is no point in fighting if you know you're going to lose. (he would fare poorly on my five-a-side footie team believe you me)

Why is it when going to prison in the UK you are either 'banged up' or 'sent down' - seems contradictory to me.

Movin' on Up

A moving van is outside the corner shop. Enquiring minds want to know who the newest denizen of the cobbles might be. Sean and Jo, for similar yet different reasons, both hope it will be a nice looking young bloke who is moving in. Sadly for them it is only a bloke - George, er Dev who is moving into the flat.

The End of the End

Frankie and Danny are in the office of the factory discussing the divorce details. Frankie tells Danny 'Just look me in the eye and tell me I got a good deal.' Danny does exactly that. They shake hands on the deal they have hammered out. Frankie walks out a free woman and tells Leanne that it is all done, without any tears, he's all yours to enjoy. When Leanne finds out that Frankie got the villa in Spain* she is a bit put out but is consoled by Danny when he tells her how much better it will be to travel anywhere in the world for a holiday instead of going to the same old villa on the same old beach all the time in nasty old Spain.

Sean and Jo ask if they can have time off to support Kelly at her court appearance. Danny asks his PA to do the honours, and Leanne tells them they can have the time off, if they promise to do an over-time shift at regular pay to make up for lost production. Oh ,and they only get two hours off. Leanne might be management material after all.

* No doubt to spend quality time smurfing in the surf with Papa Smurf.

Girls Gone Wild

Frankie decides to hit the town with Liz, Deirdre, and Bev. (I had a dream about this once) She tells the hens that the drinks are on her cheating ex-husband. Frankie is quite happy, she has the divorce settled, she has the villa, she has the money, and she has a bloke that is 10 years younger and 10 times fitter than Danny. The four women have a debate about revenge and comeuppance and self respect. Frankie says screw self respect, show her the money. Liz phones Steve, who is in the next booth, for a taxi ride. They debate whether they should go to the villa in Spain or to The Blue Parrot* for cocktails. After discussing the relative merits of Steve McDonald as a pool boy the besotted beauties decide The Blue Parrot is the wiser choice.

* Believe it or not The Blue Parrot is found in Thunder Bay. I kid you not.


Anonymous said...

Remind me never to get a job on Coronation Street. With all the random sackings and illegal labour practices, it's no wonder nobody can afford to live in the UK.

Although I'd work at Dev's, where apparently, you can set your own prices and sleep the day away.

Rob Swizzle said...

After David was interviewed by the police, the missus and I fantasized a crossover episode where the swaggering 1970s cops from Life On Mars fill in at Weatherfield precinct.

"So, you're Richard Hillman, all ye? Well I'm the Gene Genie!" (the rest of the script drowned out by sounds of polyester-clad detectives beating David to the ground).

Jacqueline said...

nice pic papa!

Debbie said...

Rob, that would be hilarious!

Why does Frankie hang out with women 20 years her senior?

Anonymous said...

Rob, that would be awesome. Please start writing a script.

So now that Gail is through moping, are we going to have 6 months of David feeling sorry for himself? Oh one can only hope *eyeroll*

Nicole in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure of the ages, I'm terrible at that...but I'm assuming the only choices in Frankies age range would be Cilla, Janice and Sally? Cilla..married to Leannes dad, Janice..Leannes step mom..and Sally..well that goes without saying. I think I'd rather hang out with the elder crowd myself lol

Anonymous said...

Rob: i was thinking the same thing. Gene Genie would certainly straighten David out.

Debbie: I too wondered why on earth Frankie would be hanging out with Bev of all people. Liz would be fun to go out for a drink with but Diedre?

(London) Rob said...

Frankie can hang out with me anytime she wants - she looked stunning didn't she? Nice to see her out of that rabbit jacket - I had no idea she had such nice...assets...and I don't mean the villa in Spain...nyuck, nyuck, nyuck...

Loved the photo Papasmurf - but I'm thinking that Doc Freud might need a bigger hairbrush for Gail...and maybe a trip to Poland afterwards for a couple of knee replacements.

Anonymous said...

Ah, 'Life on Mars'... can't wait for the second series (loved how the Gene Genie was a closet Roger Whittaker fan).

Frankie looked great yesterday, plus she was in high spirits after settling accounts with Danny (we assume). I agree her drinking companions are what you have left after the seniors and the teens are factored out.

What's with all the naughty nun pics around here lately? And can we have more of it please?

missusmac said...

Eileen is also part of that fabulous babes club.

I think it began as part of a drinking "women hard done by men" coalition to help Frankie get over the initial shock of Danny cheating, and with whom.

I think I could get pretty drunk and have a lot of fun with this group...

So let me see, David did this as a prank. Seven times. Wow. Sarah is right. Psycho!

Maybe now, Gayle thinks, he should see a psychiatrist?!?!?!? She's a few years late on that one. Perhaps they'll get a family discount...

I too was very impressed with Raging Granny. I think good punishment would be to have David go live with Audrey for a while.

Anonymous said...

Frankie is supposed to be in her mid 30's...she is only about 5 years younger than Eileen I think. I am so glad that damn bunny coat is gone. Why would the character ere something hideous like that? She is supposed to be upscale,not downscale! I can't wait until "Life on Mars" comes back to BBC America. Anyone know when it is due here? (USA)
Michigan Corrie LAdy

pip said...

David is a walking time bomb. Don't forget how he slammed the trunk door on Dr. Phil's hand a few months ago. Maybe this is only the beginning, maybe it's already started! Seriously, I think that family better begin looking into wee Bethany's whereabouts. Did you notice how there hasn't been even an attempt to explain her numerous absences from the family home lately?

And where is Martin in all this. Has Gail even told him what their son has been up to. Who knows what he might do to the baby (they are having a baby, aren't they?)

Rob Swizzle said...

Life on Mars starts again on BBC Canada February 28th. Not sure about BBC America.

It started airing again in Britain last Wednesday. The Gene Genie was on BBC 6 explaining how he based his character on northern football coaches he watched on old game tapes.