Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update - February 28, 2007 - "Are you saying I'm camp? That's SO outrageous!"

Moley the Murderer

It's a glum atmosphere Chez Macdonald as Vernon wonders what Steve's going to do with a missing car. Liz wonders how the cops could think he had anything to do with a hit n' run. Moley says it will all work out in the end. Steve looks at her suspiciously.

"Will it?" he asks.

Later as Steve and Moley are walking back to Streetcars, they see a police car sitting outside. Moley suddenly remembers that she left her handbag back at the flat and goes off to get it. Steve, who at this point is waking up to what she did, walks into the office where he finds Eileen, Lloyd and two cops.

The police tell Steve that they found a piece of cloth from the victim's coat on his car. Before it all sinks in, the police put Steve under arrest for dangerous driving causing a fatality and leaving the scene of an accident. They begin to read him his rights, but Steve, being a hardened criminal, tells them to skip it as they take him off to the nick.

As Lloyd and Eileen watch in horror as he's lead away, Moley watches, unobserved, from around the corner. She then goes straight to the pub to tell Liz and Vernon that 'O! My goodness! Our Steve has been arrested but whatever for, I cannot tell!' Lloyd comes in to tell Kelly what happened and mentions the evidence they have.

At the police station, an actor prepares his audition for the second season of Life on Mars, and plays the tough cop on Steve. He lays out the evidence: caught on speed camera, admitted to speeding, victim's evidence on the bumper. Steve agrees that it's compelling except that it wasn't him driving.

Steve says he took the blame for his girlfriend who had nine points on her licence and was in danger of losing it. The cop takes this to mean that she is in fact responsible for the OAP's death. Steve doesn't want to place blame but that's about the size of it.

The cop goes to check out this story with Moley, who acts betrayed and shows him her perfectly valid licence which was not in danger of being taken away at all.

When he comes back, he says Moley says his story was a lie. Steve then adds that he had an alibi: being in bed in Kelly which, as alibis go, is pretty sweet. Steve says he's not proud of it because they're both cheating and all but there it is.

It may get him out of this mess, but for now, Steve is facing a night in the can.

"I am .... GAY! ... GAY ...homosexual ... gay..."

Loving France Gall = Camp

Sean is outside the chippy with Adam and Jamie. He discusses when a good time may be to broach the subject of his sexuality to his father. Adam and Jamie have a bit of a good laugh at this mentioning that Chris Rock doesn't mention that he's black (wait, Chris Rock is black?!) and that his father probably knows something is up.

Sean is offended. "Are you saying I'm camp? That's SO outrageous!" He adds that he ticks of "straight looking" and "straight acting" on his internet dating profile. It's hard, he adds, being the only gay in the village.

In the Rovers Sean is having drink with his dad and babbles on about his favourite Eurovision entry (France Gall's "Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son," Luxembourg, 1965).

He then goes into a tortured discussion about how his dad likes Little Britain and Matt Lucas is gay and his dad like him but his Dad doesn't seem to get it. "You want to gain a lot of weight and be comedian, son?" Sean decides to come clean to his dad: he's gay.

His dad puts him at ease. He's always knew and told him stories about how he would try on wedding dresses and that he always knew his son was unique and always made him laugh. Auntie Betty also filled him in about the love of his life some years back and he wished he could have been there for him when his heart was broken. In fact, he seems pretty cool with the whole deal. It was actually a really well-written scene.

Later they share a drink with Adam and Jamie. Sean now believes that of the three of them, he has the closest relationship with his father. Adam points out that his father is dead.

On The Buses

Shelley goes out on her date with Simon. He is a bus driver who loves his job and proceeds to bore Shelley to tears with his tedious descriptions of bus routes. Shel's sole contribution to the conversation is that she once went to a fancy dress party dressed as Olive from "On the Buses." Shelley gets a text from Bev and excuses herself.

Later, as she relates the details of the date with her mum, Bev reminds her that there are plenty more fish in the sea. Shelley thinks she's using the wrong bait.

Tenants Rights

Keith wants to know if there is anything he can do to stay in his house, even as Charlie's tenant, and apologises for not paying for the roof. Charlie seems to change his mind but then changes it back and laughs in Keith's face.


Anonymous said...

I loved this episode so much...the writing for Sean was great esp. the bit about "being the only gay in the village." I wish he wasn't the only one...Corrie needs more gays! I adore Sean and Anthony Cotton...
Seans's dad was really hard to understand...I had to re-run my DVR to see what he said...LOL!

Ang said...

I loved this episode as well. Lots happening on the ol' street!

Jacqueline said...

#1 - Thanks for finding the video always, your rock!

#2 - I want to go to a fancy dress party dressed as Olive.

#3 - I know it's mean, but when Charlie and Tracey did the whole 'Busted!' schtick with Keef and started laughing....okay...I laughed too. I don't know why - I just did.

Robin said...

Last night's episode was great! I'm not usually surprised by a storyline - but I don't didn't see it coming that Moley was lying about her license being close to suspended!! I hope she find out Steve cheated on her! I just feel bad for Kelly now.

I also kept rewinding to try to understand Brian - but failed miserably in most parts. I did however love all the references to Little Britain and Brian's 'maybe I do, maybe I don't' impression.

On another note, did anyone see Jennie McAlpine on BT this morning promoting her appearance at the BIS. She was really good and much prettier than what they do to make her Fiz.

Rob Swizzle said...

Imagine if Kelly doesn't corrobarate Steve's story, and he ends up in the same prison as Moley's ex!

GoBetty said...

Yup, Corrie's been good the last few days. I LOVED Tracy peeping through Keef's window, camera pov was LACE-CAM! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

It should also be noted that 'poupée de cire, poupée de son' is currently being covered in concert by the Arcade Fire. I've also asked my Parisian colleague the song's meaning but he has no idea. I looked it up and it has something to do with childhood and love ("wax doll, singing doll").

Jacqueline said...

Can someone explain to me why the cops on this show or so stupid? So she has a valid drivers is that proof that she wasn't driving the car? Could they not work their way to, 'maaaaaaaybe she's lying because she wanted the boyfriend to take the wrap.'?

I think Kelly will do the right thing and confirm Steve's story even though it means her and Llyod will be on the outs.

What's the story with Llyod, btw? I thought he was booted off the show for being a druggie.

Anonymous said...

I believe Lloyd is about to be banished to Tracy's room to listen to her tapes fairly soon. I read that it all happens at the time of this storyline.

Also, the cops mentioned having Steve's car on photo radar. Great. Look at the driver, then. Those aren't Steve's jubblies.

Anonymous said...

I think the police officer looked at Ronnie's licence to confirm that she doesn't have any points on it (I guess they are endorsed on the licence), thus making Steve's story sound like a pack of lies.

No doubt the police will interview Kelly in front of Lloyd so she'll deny having been with Steve. Later, when she realizes the import of her denial, she'll say she was. But then her recent conviction for theft will dash all hopes of her being believed.

I can't believe how truly, deeply, madly horrible Ronnie is. An absolute COW! What has Steve ever done to deserve first Tracy, then Karen and now this thing from hell?? Other than being a baldy?