Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update - February 21, 2007 - Roy Rogers and Trigger

There's Got to Be a Morning After

Moley sits in her car, where she must have been all night. She looks around nervously and calls Steve on the mobile which Steve ignores because...

...Steve is waking up next to Kelly with a look that suggests he just remembered the previous evening's events. Steve looks at the camera and says, "That's right. I tapped that!" Well, no. That did not happen. It is actually awkward for both.

Kelly reminds him that she's not in the habit of falling into the beds of random men (pity) but Steve gallantly offers her tea and finds her bra underneath the covers.

At the office, Lloyd wonders where Moley disappeared to. She says she picked up a woman claiming to be fleeing an abusive partner. Lloyd warns her about picking up street fares. Not only are they illegal but she could get hurt or worse if she ever picks up the wrong person. (Legal note - Streetcars is a mini-cab firm and is not allowed to pick up street fares, only pre-arranged fares. Only black cabs can do that.)

On her way the door, out Kelly asks Steve if he could also find her self-respect, that would be grand. The coast is clear and Kelly exits.

On her way, she runs into Norris who somehow missed this salacious bit of gossip. He notes that she's getting an early start to the day. She tells him that the old saying about the early bird catching the worm is true and all.

Later at the office, Steve's story is that he got stuck on an airport run. Lloyd puts two and two together and figures he and Moley have been making up on company time. Steve gives a half-hearted denial.

Later in the street Steve meets up with Kelly to set things right about last night. He explains to her that if it weren't for Moley, he'd consider it but...

Kelly cuts him off. What they did was a dumb thing thanks to alcohol, end of story, she tells him. She says she's upset because of Lloyd and realises that it's him that she wants.

Anyone else think this is a shame as these two would make a great pair? Mind you, it would break Steve's strict rule about exclusively dating lunatics.

Later in the office, Steve sees Moley, also looking knackered (Eileen describes the atmosphere like "Dawn of the Dead.") and presents her with flowers. She says that it's all her fault, really but Steve says that no, it's his fault and that he's been lazy.

As they walk in the street, she tells Steve her story about helping the abused woman. Steve says that's just like her never to put her own needs before anyone else's. Wha? Since when? Oh it's irony because just then, Moley sees the screaming headline in the Weatherfield Gazette:

From Hitler Youth to Papa Ratzi

No, wait. That was the Sun's headline when Pope Benedict XVI took over at the Vatican. What she really saw was:


So now, it's Moley. Moley the Murderer.

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Keith runs into Norris to tell him Charlie is discussing the roof situation with the landlord. He's doubtful the landlord will pay anything saying something about getting muck from a horse. Wha?

Chez Tracey and Charlie, Tracey is desperate to know what the deal was that he made with the landlord. Charlie is saying nowt but confirms that all will be revealed by the end of the episode.

Keith later finds "Roy Rogers and Trigger" actually fixing his roof. He goes to gloat about it, the goes off to the Rover's for more gloating. Jason wonders why he's being referred to as that guy from Only Fools and Horses when Charlie explains that Trigger is a horse. He's also remaining mum about his talk with the landlord but he's extra smirky today.

Charlie meets up with Keith in the Rover's and tells him that things went very well indeed between him and the landlord. In fact, he adds, as he buys everyone a drink, he would have paid a little bit more.

Keith is confused. Charlie explains, showing the paperwork: He's bought Number 6 and will be Keith's landlord. But not for very long. He's giving Keith two months notice as of now to get out as he plans to make it a home just for him and Tracey. And that baby.

Tracey is delighted. Deirdre is all ...wha?

And Now the C Stories

Sean is taking Monday off to go to his aunt's funeral, not sure if his dad will show up given that he has not returned his calls.

There's a job opening at the factory to replace the missing Becky. Danny still thinks it's Kelly who was the thief but also says Leanne should stop being such a cow in her industrial relations skills.

Craig would rather fix cars then go out with Rosie and her girlfriends to the shopping centre. But when he later hears that there were blokes present, he gets a little jealous.


Jacqueline said...

#1 - I'm seriously pissed that there will be now Steve/Kelly union.

#2 - I missed the paper saying an OAP was killed as I was out of the room cooking Mr.Glacia his cajun shrimp.

#3 - Wasn't it 'muck from a rocking horse'? Still didn't make much sense to me,but I guess it is easier to get muck out of a real horse. If 'muck' is what I think it is.

#4 - Oh yeah, that's the Charlie storyline I was thinking's gonna be good.

#5 - LOVE the 'Happy Feet' pic!! Where's that from? Cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

2 - The missus explained that reference. I just thought it one of those old regional sayings that don't make sense.

5 - It's Kristin Wiig's Aunt Linda character from Saturday Night Live. She reviews movies and never likes them because she doesn't understand the central premise. So her reviews are summed up with an indignant "Wha?", "Gah!", or "Oh brother!"

GoBetty said...

Love Kristin Wiig and Aunt Linda

Debbie said...

While I really feel badly for Craig, I do NOT feel badly for keith. That man really is the source of all his own problems. While he may be OAP totty (I forget who called him that) he tends to bring a dark cloud with him wherever he goes.

At the same time, leave it to Coronation street writers to come up with a character like that. He is classic. He is irritating and cheap and overly proud. As characters go, he is pretty good. I mean while he is annoying, sometimes you do take his side and understand his plight. Other times you want to kick him.

I really think that at some point we will hear that Keith is sitting on a fortune.

Alasdair said...

Cajun shrimp??? Yummmmmm

Tell Mr. Glacia that I like Maria too, but she's no Frankie :-)

Anonymous said...

I just realised that now that Charlie owns #6, I have to update my 'Homeowner or Renter' wall chart.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who was this mystery landlord that sold #6 to Charlie? Who lived there before the Harris family? and before that? :)

MI. Corrie Lover

Debbie said...

I learned in the commenst section of another post that before the Harris family, it was Matt Ramsden, the doggy doctor who impregnated Ashley's wife, Maxine. he was also the doctor who was with Alma when she died.

Before that,I don't know.

Jacqueline said...

oh it was terrible Alasdar, Mr. Glacia* came home, stomping around screaming, 'Where's my hassenpfeffer?! WHERE'S my hassenpeffer??!!!'

So I said, 'But mi'lord, I only have cajun shrimp.' To which he replied, 'Oh, alright then.'

*Of course Mr.Glacia is a kind and gentle husband who hardly ever stomps. Glacia just likes to embellish stories.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how quickly legal transactions take place on this show. Charlie bought the flat in - what - 24 hours at the most. Get real. Of course, Kelly went from arrest to conviction in only slightly more time.

So who owns and who rents on the Street? Other than the Battersby's I assumed they all owned.

missusmac said...

Ashley owns his, courtesy of Fred.

Gayle owns hers I think, based on some distant memory of her almost losing the house after the Hillman riches were lost.

Dev and Rita obviously own theirs above their businesses. I think Steve rents from Rita.

Danny bought the house Frankie is in from Blanche, who bought it from Curly to install herself, Tracy and the baby in. But that blew up, and then Blanche needed a new hip, so she sold.

That's all I got... anyone else?

Anonymous said...

The real estate transaction was pretty quick, wasn't it? My sister-in-law recently bought a home in Scotland and the bidding process was even more complicated then it is here. Maybe private sales are different.

I tried to do this once before but I got it all screwed up. I'll try again.

Ken owns his place.
The Duckworths own theirs.
Battersbys rent from the council.
Eileen rents from Unknown Landlord, formerly Steve.
Lloyd rents.
Steve owns his (I think)
Rita owns the business and flat above, as does Dev.
Gail owns.
Emily owns.
Ashley owns.
I assume Frankie got the house in the divorce.
Charlie now owns #6, which was formerly rented.
Websters own.

That's all I can think of. Yes, I obsess over money. It's why I was a Keith fan for a while.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, thanks John. Are you (or is anyone else) up to giving the house numbers of all the occupants, or maybe drawing a map of the street, or is one available at some website where I won't be in danger of seeing spoilers?