Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update - February 14, 2007 - "Modus Operandi. I learned it off C.S.I."

The Cat's in the Cradle

(Dev should watch the most recent episode of Knight of Prosperity as I believe he can relate to Gourishankar "Gary" Subramaniam's plight when he is forced to reconnect with his long lost son - in order to put his computer skills to work to erase some incriminating security camera footage. Funny show - check it out before it gets cancelled.)

It's morning and Eileen finds Amber outside Dev's closed shop, which gets a snarky comment from a nosey Norris and a "Shut up, Norris" from John. Just before Eileen is forced to deal with the impending apocalypse that will come down if Jason doesn't get his Frosted Wheat Moments, Dev appears. Clearly displeased with Amber's appearance, he asks her why she's not at school. She answers that she still doesn't want to go to Finland.

He says she can come visit anytime, an arrangement Amber is less than impressed. So Dev marches a protesting Amber off to the bus stop where they come across Fred. She asks him if he has a daughter.

Fred said that he has not been so blessed. Amber says that if he had, she's sure he'd never pack her off to Finland as she thinks Fred has a kind face. Fred counters that he recently made a child cry, just by looking at it.

They arrive at the bus stop with Amber claiming she's about to vomit from worry. He tells her to make sure she gets on the bus. Rosie calls Dev a toss-pot.

"Oi! That's my dad you're dissing," Amber says.

Back at the shop, Dev, Keith, and Fred, three sensitive 21st century men discuss the Amber situation. Keith remembers being smacked for infractions. Fred thinks Amber belongs with her mother as women are hard-wired for that sort of thing.

Dev receives a call from Ravinder. Amber didn't make it to school, apparently. That's because she's at Roy's where Hayley tries to console, telling her that Dev will love her. Amber thinks Dev doesn't know the meaning of the word love.

Ravinder and Dave show up at the shop just as Dev tracks her down and tells her to come back. While waiting, Ravinder says Dev should be considering letting Amber stay with him as she is his daughter and, for whatever reason, wants a relationship with him. Given her age and recent events in her life, this seems a reasonable choice.

Amber arrives to find Hayley quietly filling her basket as she overhears Dev saying how Ravinder could have gotten rid of Amber in the first place and that he doesn't want anything to do with her. Amber steps in and wonders if she gets a say in all this. But Dev still refuses to let her live with him and brushes past her.

"I didn't expect you to love me," she calls after him. "But you don't even like me."

The Break-Up

After couch-surfing, Lloyd creeps back into bed with Kelly. She still regrets pleading guilty but Lloyd thinks she should be happy she got away with it.

Later at the Kabin, Kelly is looking at greeting cards while Norris gives her a hard time. She chooses a card and brings it to the counter as Norris asks if she has everything she needs.

She looks down her shirt. "Yes, that'll be fine. Why? Do you want to frisk me?"

"I most certainly do not!" Norris replies, indignantly. I'll frisk her then, repeatedly if necessary.

Eileen asks if the trial went her way. Kelly said that it didn't as she had to say something that wasn't true.

"So you're not a thief. You're just a liar," Norris adds. Shut up, Norris.

At the factory's swanky new locker room, Sally tells Kelly that she'll be keeping an eye on her, as will all who are decent and honest. And if anyone knows about decency, it's Sally, the street's snobby, Craig's penis fearing, car dealer banging, paragon of virtue.

Hayley suggests she make up with Lloyd, noting that he only wanted what was best. If she pleased Not Guilty, she would be doing her porridge and everyone would think she's guilty anyway.

Kelly goes to Streetcars to find Lloyd but finds Steve instead. They have a beer and commiserate a bit.

Later, the ever sensitive Lloyd wants to go for a drink but Kelly says she can't deal with any more accusing looks. Lloyd presses the issue but Kelly stomps off.

Later on, Kelly talks about how far she's come from her past mistakes while Lloyd tells her to give it a rest. Kelly snaps and says it's time they took a break - from each other.

Betty's Dead!

No, not that Betty.

Sean bursts in to the Rovers with the news that he's on the guest list at a posh new club in the city. He, Violet, Jamie, and Adam all make plans for a night out. Shelley suddenly appears to want to go out with them.

"It's been ages since I had a boogie." She tells them, to much derision from the young 'uns (and Sean).

The issue is discussed among the young 'uns (and Sean) and Violet feels it would be like taking her mum out.

Yikes. Hint: Shelley, go drinking with Frankie and Eileen. You'll have much more fun, believe me.

Anyway, Sean gets a call on his mobile and learn's that Betty's dead! Not, not our Betty, who is missing, in case you haven't noticed, but Sean's Auntie Betty. Sean reminisces about Betty's wild ways and decides they'll all go out and get pished in her honour.

Meanwhile, Fred and Bev went to the Manchester version of Le Salon de La MariƩe. Betcha Fred and Bev's didn't feature showgirls you could hire for your reception.

The Epic Storyline Continues...

David tells Rosie and Craig that it was Phil who sent the cards after all. Sally tells Gail that she heard it was Phil. Gail goes and apologises to Eileen. Jason's learned how to say "modus operandi" and "pomegranate."

Just don't ask him to spell it.


CM said...

"modus...operandi. eh? *nudge* pome..granate! eh! *nudge*"

ah, bless 'im.

papasmurf said...

Was is just me imagining things or did I hear a few strains of Englebert Humperdinck crooning 'There's a kind of Hush' at point in the episode last night?

papasmurf said...

Oops - that should read 'it'.

Jacqueline said...

I assume Bev and Fred are getting married soon. I wish they wouldn't rush it. I wish they would take, oh I dont know another year or two until the wedding day.

Anonymous said...

Boy, that whole Dev and Ravinder & Dave arguing about who wants Amber around less was painful, wasn't it? Poor kid!

I was soooo with Kelly last night - I don't particularly dislike Lloyd, but I haven't been fond of him these last couple of weeks.

And Shelley - I still say the word boogie too. As snarky as the young hip fab 4 want to get about "old people" - they'll be there too someday, and sooner than they think!

Michigander Fan

Alasdair said...

I'll add my two cents on this and say that Amber is the best teen character on the show now - she takes over every scene she's in.

But, I said that about young David years ago too when he was a spiky-haired sarcastic young fella and not the psycho he's become. Now I'm not sure who I cannot stand more - him or his freakin' mother.

I'm still trying to figure out just what the writers were doing with the whole "It's better for Kelly to plead guilty" thing. As Norris and others have said - does it just point out the lack of backbone in the British justice system? That Kelly buckled is not good for her character, but now they seem to be trying to save her with her tossing Lloyd etc. Still - she DID lie in court (as gleefully pointed out by Norris).

Speaking of Norris - they didn't do nearly enough with the whole Internet dating thing with him. Coulda been a good ongoing source of humour - heck, it gave us Rita-in-the-closet after all!

Rob Swizzle said...
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Rob Swizzle said...

I find it best to just stop thinking when legal matters show up on the Street. The legal plotlines never make any sense.
In a real court, or at least a Canadian court, Kelly's lawyer would gone for a not guilty verdict, then:
1. Tracked down Becky and put her in the dock, tearing her down for both her quick departure from the scene and her past scumbag record.
2. Gotten all the factory workers to rescind their charges.
3.Put Blanche in the dock and let her show herself to be the mad old bat she is. Her testimony would surely muddy the waters and make Kelly's story seem a reasonable version.
4. Let the judge decide which parts of Kelly's story are inadmissible.

The burdon of proof is on The Crown. At least that's what I learned watching This Is Wonderland!

Anonymous said...

Hayley is the go-to character for heart to hearts, which is why she was shoe-horned into that argument between Dev and Amber. She's a little nosey but she uses her nosey powers for good, as opposed to Norris, who uses them for evil. Or at least to feel smug and superior.

(London) Rob said...

Just when I start to think that some of the characters aren't so bad after all - like Norris exposing that vulnerable side (where he admitted to getting the 'collywobbles'), and Dev when he was starting to show some kindness to Amber - they revert back to the nasty jerks that they've always been.

Anyone notice Adam's new haircut? WTF...!?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find the clothing that Shelley wears awful! I think she is an attractive lady (I'm not sure how old she is supposed to be) But those horrible half sweaters and ponchos do nothing for her. My husband who never watches the show will walk by the tv when she is behind the bar and make comments on her tacky clothing. I felt sorry for her last night, it wouldn't have hurt Sean and Violet to invite her along.

Anonymous said...

Shelley has as many years in Sean as Sean has on Violet, Jamie, and Adam (note also that he's losing his hair - you can tell by the way he styles it). He's a great guy but his young n' hip card is fast reaching its expiry date.

missusmac said...

I wasn't sure if that was Adam or a raised from the dead member of the Bay City Rollers... Les was it, that had that hair cut??

Sitting next to Jamie of the rooster comb, and Sean of the losing his hair comb, it was almost frightening the amount of stood up hair there was last night at one table!