Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Update - February 07, 2007 - "You've had a series of men in that back room of yours."

Helsinki Complaints

Dev is telling Steve that he thinks it would be a good idea if Sunita and the twins move into the house while he lives in the flat above the shop. Suddenly, Amber appears from around the corner. She's back! But for how long?

She tells Dev she's dropped out of school because her mum is putting her into a new school. In Finland! Apparently, her mum's new guy has a job offer there and they're all going to go. Amber doesn't want to go at all.

Dev thinks it would be a great opportunity for her but Amber counters that he's only saying that because she doesn't really matter to him. If it were the twins, it would be another story. Later, as Norris and Emily fuss about the shop finding cleaners, Amber starts crying, saying she doesn't want to leave everything she knows to go to some country where she doesn't know the language and they always lose to Sweden in hockey and the Eurovision. She asks if she can stay the night with him. He says she can, if it's ok with mum.

Later at Dev's house, the empty prop boxes still sit, unpacked. Dev brings her in and doesn't so much as offer her anything to eat. Just as well, he doesn't have anything in the kitchen anyway. He goes off to get a take-out. Always nice to see a father bonding with his long-lost daughter in such a touching way.

I swear Dev's attitude toward women is somewhere in the vicinity of Borat.

Daddy Issues

Claire is going to the ante-natal class but Ashley won't be joining her as he's at the solicitor's to discuss the Matt Ramsden situation. Bev, who's come over to apologise about calling Matt his real dad, agrees to be Claire's partner for the day.

At the solicitor's it's suggested to Ashley that Ramsden may want a DNA test, which could damage his desire to keep him out of Joshua's life.

Later on, Bev tells Shelley about the class. Shelley is a bit forlorn, as she always expected to be the first to give Bev grandchildren and wonders if she'll ever have children as time is running out.

At the Peacock's, Ashley is telling Claire about what happened at the solicitors when she shows him the pamphlet she got from class. He forgot all about it and apologises. Claire, who's never had a child before, wants a little support and attention from her husband, who's been down this road. It looks like she's worried the legal battle with Ramsden is going to put the birth of her first child on a shelf.

Three, not longer Company

Rita has moved the last of her stuff out of Emily's as Norris moves back in. Rita thinks it's for the best as Emily has had "a series of men in that back room" of hers. Emily's not sure she should put it that way.

Later in the Rover's, Norris mutters a bit to Emily about Rita's habits. Emily says they're all still friends but Norris mentions her recreation of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" video.

We Love You. We Hate You. We Love You Again!

As Kelly leaves for her court date to enter her plea, Fizz, Sean, and Sally make some catty comments. Jo takes them to task, calling them All a bunch of backstabbers. Glad someone's noticed.

When Kelly comes back (it was a quick plea - "Not Guilty"), she sees her mates in the Rover's and confronts them about their behaviour toward her. She asks if she ever did anything to them, if she's ever slow with a round, mentions that she always does the birthday cards, etc.

Eventually, Jo brings them all round and they agree to back her up when they go ask Danny Baldwin for her job back. Everyone's friends again! Yay!

Now, something else happened. What was it? Oh, right.

Gail Saw Her Shadow. Six More Weeks of This Storyline.

Over tea, Gail tells Audrey of her cunning plan to catch David in the act of sending the cards. She made sure he knew Friday was Richard Hillman's birthday so naturally, he'd send a birthday card to ... uh ... himself. At Gail's house. Good plan, Gail.

Audrey comes back later to find the locks have been changed and Gail's checking the mail. But among her credit card applications and Swiss Chalet coupons, alas, there is no Hillman card.

Later on, David enters, followed by those two police officers. They've come to tell Gail that Phil is not in Scotland, as they expected, but working in the North-West.

"Of England?" asks Audrey. Yes, Audrey. Of England. Where you live.

David says this means Phil must be in the area and is sending the cards. Gail hesitates when asked if she's seen him around. They wonder if she no longer believes he's involved.

No, she replies. She still does, but a look suddenly passes on David's face that suggests her cunning powers of detection may have finally honed in on his shenanigans. As the cops leave, David asks his mum if there was something she wasn't telling him.

"No," she whispers while stroking his hair while smiling and blinking repeatedly. "Everything's going to be just fine now."

edited for clarity and comic effect...


Debbie said...

That Helsinki video was excellent and I love that you found it. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I like that one, too. It's been making the rounds. As soon as Amber said "Finland" I was, all, "Oh! Oh! I know what I'm gonna use for my update!"

Kristin said...

But Gail, it's not going to all be fine. It never will as the Platt family is forever damned and cursed on Coronation Street. And that's just the way that Gail loves it!

Rob Swizzle said...

Finnish monster metal band Lordi won Eurovision in 2006.

I loved the Finnish video but shudder to think of all other nationalities who are going to rip it off in coming weeks. We're standing at the abyss of the "I AM Canadian" parody chasm again.

papasmurf said...

Dev is being a complete git and an unsensitive lout when it comes to dealing with Amber. She was so right about what would happen if Sunita tried to move the twins to Finland. It would make a good story line though.

In another odd bit of syncronicity, the largest urban gathering of Finlanders outside of Finland is in Thunder Bay. Something to do with all the birch trees and cold winters.

Jacqueline said...

Do they sell Finnish food there? If so, I suggest buying Fazer ROCKS.

I remember Finland, well, Helsinki as being overwhelmingly grey. Lovely people, just grey city.

Pamer said...

I thought it was funny that Amber's mom's new boyfriend is named Maybe he has a son called Chav?

Anonymous said...

Oh GAIL. Just when you think the whole card debacle is over and done they drag it on even longer.

Dev's house is rather pathetic. As annoying as she is to listen to, I'm hoping Amber stays just to make that house a "home".

Nicole in Vancouver

ps - Papasmurf - have some pancakes at the Hoito for me!

Debbie said...

I have a Finn ex-boyfriend (for lack of a better term). Her grew up in Finland until his family moved to Thunder Bay. I believe a lot of Finns moved there for forestry and then built a church (they are all Lutherans) and a community. Everything he and his family told me about Helsinki was pretty interesting. Sadly, Finland has high rates for both alcoholism and suicide (they share this trait with a lot of northern communities in Canada). And yes, they have some damn fine chocolate. I’ve had some good Finn food including this awesome liquor made from cloudberries. I’d like some more, please.

Pamer said...

If Thunder Bay has the largest congregation of Finns outside of Finland then surely Sudbury must be number two.. I had two Finn Profs in Uni and there seems to be tons of grumpy Oitollas and Hutahnens roaming the streets

papasmurf said...

I was at the Hoito for the full finnish breakfast yesterday.

I can actually see the Hoito from my kitchen window.

There are a few little delis in the neighbourhood that might have some Fazer chocolate. Perhaps I can bring some to the big smoke in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I love how an episode or two ago Sarah was bellowing up the stairs at Bethany (who never did appear) and in this episode Beth is having tea at her mates, so again we don't see her, but are reminded that yes, she still exists, the casting department hasn't yet been able to find a small female replacement with better acting skills than the current wooden Beth (poor dear). I bet there will be a new one soon, once we've all forgotten what the old Beth looks like.

Debbie said...

Anon, you are dreaming. We are going to be plagued with the ugliest little girl in England for a while.

Hey Pamer, is Amber's mon's boyfriend named Div or is he a "div?" For some reason I thought that if you called someone a "div" it was like calling them a "pillock."

I didn't see last night's episode, so I am a wee bit confused.

Debbie said...

I've used the World Wide Web top dp some research:

divvy n. As well as sharing the American meaning (i.e. to divide up), we also use this as yet another of our words for accusing people of being idiots. Likely derived from "divot", meaning "clod". Nice and tame, calling someone a divvy is much on a par with telling them they are a pillock.

I found it on this site:

Anonymous said...

What's with prenatal classes being held during working hours? Seems very strange to me. When my husband and I took them (almost nineteen years ago) they were held in the evening. I wish that the card storyline would wrap soon!! It's driving ME MAD along with Gail Popa Smurf I completely agree with you about how Dev treats Amber, I feel really sorry for the girl. No one seems to care about her feelings.

Rob Swizzle said...

Why would Claire need pre-natal anyhow? She's not going to need any help telling the doctor what a poor job he's doing during the entire birth.

Anonymous said...

Bethany is upstairs, listening to her tapes.

pip said...

Deb, I thought (the old) Amy was the ugliest little girl in England until she magically transformed a few months ago. Or are we dealing with age categories here?

Is it a sign of Gail's battiness that she thinks David would be stupid to have Richard Hillman post a birthday card to himself, or is that just the general weakness of the story line? It must be the latter because Audrey should surely be pointing out this glaring hole in the scheme.

Nothing short of a dripping and decomposing Richard Hillman lurching out of the closet beneath the stairs with a cleaver in his upraised hand is going to make this sorry plotline worth while.

Pamer said...

Debbie: now that you mention it she may have just called him a div instead of it being his name. I thought it was a clever device used by the writers to confuse us since Amber would now have an estranged father. Dev, and a step father, Div.

papasmurf said...

The Divine Comedy one might say.