Thursday, February 08, 2007

Something About Amy

I was skimming through Corrie Blog just now and noticed this pic of Amy's upcoming birthday?

How the f*&(&*D did she become blond? And WHO THE HELL in that family is blond?

Apparantly, Dev's been stocking 'Lil' Miss Clairol' on the shelves.

This bugs me more than the fact that all the kids on Everyone Loves Raymond were blond.


Anonymous said...

What?!? Amy's going to have a birthday?!

Jeez, put a spoiler warning in there next time!

Jacqueline said...

Oh you can't stop me John!!!

Upcoming episodes include:

Gayle screaming like a chimp.

Fred repeating himself.

Sally being a soccer mom.

and of course the Jason/Blanche/Charlie triangle.

Pamer said...

with all the people swimming in that COrrie gene pool it doesn't surprise me a bit that there is some blond sprinkled in...that is a bad picture, mayhaps its a light red to go with her Irish zygotes

pip said...

Oooh, and I was so looking forward to a Sean/Fred/Norris triangle!


Anonymous said...

oh come on - L'il Amy's gramma Liz is a 'natural' blonde LOL

(always reading, never posted :)

Debbie said...

I noticed that as well (I saw it elsewhere) so I went looking around to see if the little actress has changed. I couldn't find a thing.

Now, I won't give anything away here, but Amy - the Amy that we know - is all over the episodes leading up to this birthday. So this is especially funny. I saw this picture and decided that the dark haired kid in the background is Amy and for some reason Bethany has taken over.

I've just come out of the Coronation Street closet here. Sometimes I pretend not to know what happens, but I often do. I have to say, I love complaining about the Hillman card story line.

I feel a bit like Hiro Nakumora.

Lisa said...

Maybe the baby is actually Andy's not Steve's

Anonymous said...

I like Debbie's theory - Bethany has taken control.

Interesting point re: Andy. Whatever happened to him, anyway? I know the dad's in the pokey, but where's he?

Michigander Fan

pip said...

Who the heck is Andy? Steve's brother?

I just hope that poor little girl doesn't wind up with a hair line like her dad's when she grows up.

So is Amy turning two or three, cause that kid looks about four.

Jacqueline said...

Okay - I actually take it back... I forgot...jim was fair haired, liz is sort of, and andy is blond

Debbie said...

I thought Jim had dark hair.

Anonymous said...

Jim should be up for parole soon, shouldn't he? When's he coming back to dropkick that Vernon into the middle of next week?

I think you're right Debbie, that is Bethany. You can see New!Amy's unibrow down by her knee.

Anonymous said...

And by Bethany's knee, I meant Liz's shoulder. I'm drunk. Sorry.

Ang said...

lol totally cracking up here. Thanks John!

Yes whatever happened to Andy? I've been watching some good ol' classics, but I don't know anything about this Andy character. Would someone mind filling me in?

Working From Home Today said...

Jacqueline, I totally agree with what you said about Everybody Loves Raymond. Their casting always bothered me.

Now, if they switch the Amy's so liberally, why the heck can't they recast Bethany? It's not like we're super attached to her. The current little actress is always seconds away from waving shyly at the camera. You can just tell.

Flaming Nora said...

No, Amy is sitting on the sofa (probably trying to hide in embarrasment). I don't know who the blonde kid is, probably one of Amy's little friends invited to her birthday bash.

Anonymous said...

Before actually reading what what written...i just looked at the picture and wondered why the arrow was pointed at Deirdres cleavage, i mean.....theres nothing new there lol.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Amy's hiding in Deirdre's cleavage.

Debbie said...

Re: Jim's parole. I remember about a year or so ago, Jim assaulted someone in prison and lost parole (allowing the Corrie writers to let Liz get a romantic story line - why Vernon?!?)

Re: Amy's Unibrow. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh.

Re: Bathany's Platt. The ugliest child in the UK is actually played by twins. Perhaps the UK is short on repulsive blonde kiddie twins with acting backgrounds. But man, both those kids always look a little bit stunned. There are a million child actors. Why not hire one? I think the guy who plays David Platt has been on the show since he was very young.

Anonymous said...

If you go to and see the rest of these Amy birthsya photos, you will see the brunette little actress whjo plays her standing there. Maybe that little blonde actress was crying or was upset and the actor who plays Steve put her into his lap to shut her up. No new Amy folks...just the one with the unibrow!

Michigan Corrie Lady