Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So Much Gossip, So Little Time Update

I think Blanche and Norris are going to fall and break their hips running back and forth between the two pieces of gossip on the street, namely?

‘Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello, What’s All This Then?
Okay, so everyone wants to know why the coppers have shown up on Gayle’s door and of course the assumption is that she is in trouble for mailing the letters to herself.

In the Kabin, Norris, Blanche and Rita are all whispering about Gayle and because , ‘she can HEAR them’, she volunteers the reason why the police were at her place. She is having an affair with the Chief Constable but don’t say anything because he’s married.


Anyway, Audrey wants her to tell everyone that it’s David and Gayle wants to protect him and would rather let the gossip assume it’s her.

Okay, as much as I liked Audrey hitting David with the purse, I think I’d go Gayle’s route on this one. Protect the Spawn of Satan and hope that therapy will help. I don’t see the point of making him the focus of gossip.

Bitches of Eastwick
Kelly goes off for her day in court, supported by a card from the girls in the factory and the physical presence of Lloyd, Sean and Jo.

She frets over what to wear, and decides on a nice black number. Moley takes this opportunity to tell her it won’t matter what she wears. Bitch #1.

Blanche and Norris show up at the courtroom to make sure that justice is served. Bitch #2 and Bitch #3.

Lloyd begs Kelly to plead guilty, if not for him so that he doesn’t have to lose her for months on end. She says she doesn’t want to because she’s innocent. In the end however, she decides to follow his advice and tells the court that she is innocent.

The judge gives her 5 weeks each for each of the 5 purses she stole which works out to 6 months, but says that because she pleaded guilty that he will get a suspended sentence and that she’s to meet with a probation officer every month for the next 12 months.

Everyone is happy, except Kelly who gets taunted and heckled by Sally (Bitch #4) et al back at the Rovers. She says she wished she had never pleaded because now everyone will think she did it and that she has a record and will be branded.

I kind of agree with Kelly. And what kind of system kind of MAKES you plead guilty?

BTW – Kelly’s middle name is Louise and she was born April 24, 1979.

It’s Chicken Masala – Without the Chicken

Amber tells Dev that she’ll take care of the shop while he goes and takes care of the twins. She then gets Craig (telling him Dev will pay time and a half) to watch the shop while she goes upstairs to the flat to clean up for him and put on some Chicken Masala - without the chicken…or the masala.

When Dev comes home he freaks that she’s taken it upon herself to come in and clean and cook for him. She retorts that she was just trying to be nice to him and that he’s a control freak and that she’s going home to mom...thankyouverymuch.

But just before she can slam the door, Dev tells her to wait and he …APOLOGIZES and then THANKS HER for all her work. He says that it was all a shock that he’s glad she’s helped him and gosh doesn’t her Chicken Masala (without the chicken or masala) smells great.

Nice Dev, nice.

Oh, so it turns out that Sunita DID move into the big ass house.


Ashley and Claire are dressed in some kind of matching blue polka dot outfits as he goes off to a solicitors meeting. He’s supposed to meet her for lunch but ends up missing it, and consequentially baby’s first bit of hiccups in Claire’s tum.


papasmurf said...

Sal is a right cow.

Lloyd is a pillock.

Dev seems drunk most of the time.

Gail is a right nutter.

Amber rocks.

The Big Seester said...

What Papa said.

I was really hoping Gail's saying "And we will NEVER MENTION THE CARDS AGAIN" was code for "The British Public hated this storyline so much (14 months ago when they saw it) that this will be the "Pam was only dreaming and Bobby really isn't dead" storyline for Corrie, and we're going to pretend we never went there."

Sigh. Too much to hope for, but that's OK. It'll all be over soon.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I understand why David is so awful:

Amber is pretty amusing.

Dev always seems drunk; it's some weird acting style, I think.

Debbie said...

I loved Amber last night when she said I made "Chicken masala 'cept there weren't no chicken so you will have to imagine that part and aloo gobi 'cept there were no cauliflower either so you'll have to imgaine that to, but other thyen that it's the same."

(London) Rob said...

I'm really touched by the interaction between Amber and Dev - it's nice watching their relationship develop as Amber is charming her way into his prickly heart. She's great!

And yes, Lloyd is one big, f_ _ _ing pillock isn't he. I felt so sorry for Kelly getting pressured into that guilty plea. Like how does a system let someone off when they admit to a crime, and apparently jail someone who pleads 'not guilty' - wasn't that evidence circumstantial? and wasn't Kelly believeable? ...I thought so...

Anonymous said...

Lloyd should be leaving soon right? The actor was given leave to fix his drug problem?
I don't like Lloyd at all. Poor Kelly...She has to deal with mad Becky and swinish Lloyd..Oh yes thank god the card storyline is over...Can someone please give David a decent haircut now!??

Michigan Corrie Lady