Saturday, February 03, 2007

The News Bulletin Update

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, K-E-L-L-Y ...
Why? Because you're

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
(pause) Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
Kelly of mine!



It’s morning and Kelly and Jo walk along the cobbles, Kelly looking a little better. She wants to talk to Becky face-to-face and ask one question – Why? Jo seems skeptical. Later, Jo tracks her down at Roy’s to report that Becky didn’t show up for work and no one knows where she is.

Kelly's avoiding Lloyd, but he eventually tracks her down. She claims to have a busy schedule but promises to meet him for a talk later.


Claire declares that there should be no smoking in the Streetcars office now that she’s manning the phones, as it’s bad for the baby. Lloyd immediately stamps out his butt. Enter Les, smoke in hand, lighter at the ready. He’s outraged by the new rule, especially since his mum smoked a million cigs a day and it never hurt him. Of course, his mum died years ago.

Oh, and Claire hates the ratty old once-was-a-chair they all lounge in. I mean, I’d probably hate that chair, too, but you catch more flies with honey, Claire Bear.

In the funniest exchange of the day, Vera tells Roy that he should pay her for the week she missed due to the cafĂ© being closed. Roy says he’ll consider the matter, but what he means is he’ll take his time think up the best way to verbally smack her upside the head. Which he does brilliantly, saying she’s lucky he doesn’t sue her. I wished I hadn’t deleted the episode, AGAIN, because I’d transcribe it here verbatim.

Kevin realizes Craig is home alone and invites him 'round for tea. Craig is stoked and quickly calls Rosie. She wonders if her dad mentioned it to her mom…. Of course he would have, she says, even Kevin wouldn’t be that stupid! Um, yeah. We’re probably going to see Sally freak out again.


Is it my imagination or is Rita getting’ her dukes up with everyone these days? Emily enters the Kabin just as Norris leaves for his second date with this mysterious Helen. Emily inquires and Rita says she thought Emily wasn’t into gossip. Emily argues that Norris clearly wanted her to know the details, so it’s not gossip. I can’t remember why, now because as I mentioned, I ERASED the *&$^%&$* episode, but it ended on a snippy note. Or maybe I imagined that part.

But Rita later calls Emily to tell her that Helen has just arrived to pick up Norris and they not too subtly check her out. Helen is sweet looking, seems good-natured, if not a little mousy. Rita and Emily meet up at the pub, wondering if it’s going to get serious. Then they list Norris’, er, ‘attributes’ and wonder why they care – she can have him!

For some reason, Rita then decides to go into her old flat to have a look around. She doesn’t feel she needs to ask permission from Norris, but she sure hides herself quickly when he returns to the flat with Helen. Rita’s stuck in a closet. What will Norris and Helen get up to? (I know, ew, ew, ew.)


Poor wittle baby David is in bed cos he feewing bad-bad in his tum-tum. Like me-me watching this story-story.

Later, the house is still. Through some creepy camera work as we see the legs of someone sneaking into the Platt house. We see there’s a card on the kitchen table addressed to “My Stepson David,” I think (damn that PVR delete button!), and then we see the person enter David’s room. It’s Sarah checking up on David, who is indeed sleeping. She sneaks out of the room. Did she leave the card? We don’t know!

Gail finds the card when she stops by at lunch to, I dunno, give David some Pedialite. Of course she loses her mind when she sees it and races around the house, trying to find David. He’s upstairs, safe and sound, and he has no idea who could have left the card. Sarah returns home and tells them she did stop by but never noticed the card. Gail’s freaked out – someone has clearly been in the house. Sarah reassures her that Eileen is safely on vacation.

She and Audrey do notice a blood stain on the card, as whoever did it obviously suffered a paper cut. They have a ludicrous exchange about call the cops, don’t call the cops, blah blah blah. In the end, Gail does.

And so the storyline drags on. Sorry, I’m losing patience. I’m so tempted to hit the fast-forward button whenever I see this family, but somehow I don’t. If only I were half as hesitant with the damn DELETE button.

The end.

Kelly: Woody that was beautiful.
Woody: You really liked it?
Kelly: Oh, I liked it more than anything.
Woody: Thanks.
Kelly: So, where's my gift?


Jacqui said...

Well I think they want us to think it's Sarah leaving the cards. Hopefully this means they're starting to move on with this darn storyline. I'm so sick of this whole family! And what was with Audrey? She was all over the place arguing with Gail just for the sake of it.

That Joe seems to be a "good mate" as Kelly says, and I also think Lloyd will be back in her good graces soon.

So what do you figure Becky's up to now?

Working From Home Today said...

I think Becky's taken all the money she can safely take from the street and she's off getting some more. After all, Lloyd did kick her out.

I couldn't take it anymore. I cheated and looked up this Hillman card story line. I'm grateful to assure you that it does indeed end soon. God be praised.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

My husband found out who was sending the letters and it was the only thing I let him tell me about future episodes. It spoils it to know though, but I think the sender will be revealed really soon. I also wonder if maybe Rita likes (ew) Norris a little more then she is letting on. Just a feeling I have. Maybe that`s where they taking that storyline.


Kristin said...

thanks for the cheers reference! That kicks!

I, too, am tired of the card story line. Did it not occur to someone that maybe the card was placed from within?????? OOOOOOOOOOOOOH.....I think I would suspect that before thinking that someone got in. btw, who actually knew that David was sick besides Audrey, Maria, Sarah, Gail and David's school administrator.

Oh wait, I forgot, what about Bethany? I knew it. That's why she's been keeping such a low profile. She doesn't want anyone to suspect her!

Anonymous said...

I think its David who's sending the cards, because he can't stand his mother to be with a another man instead of his own father.Gail needs get a life from her own kids and from Audrey and new hair do.

missusmac said...

I think Becky has gone off to prepare for her 'Maya' impersonation.

I seriously think she's a little deranged, so there will probably be weapons involved. At the least, a lit cigarette.

pip said...

I still think it is Phil sending the cards. He could have made a copy of the key to the house. He would know that David is sick because he works out of the doctor's office that Gail works in, and her reaction to the cards could (in his sick mind) be data for some theory he has about the longlasting effects of serial killers on their (almost) victims. Then again, I could be completely wrong.

The Big Seester said...


OK. Once you said you cheated and looked up the whole Platt/Hillman card thing, I decided I just HAD to know. (Know when it ends, at least, because I have been certain from day one who the culprit is. I cannot in good conscience say whether my guess was correct, because then people would only have to look back to what I said.)

What I WILL SAY is: Steady on, Corrie Canuckers - THE END IS NEAR. I can't be 100% sure, because of the date differences, and the "double episodes" they have in the UK, but my guess is either the end of this week, or definitely by the middle of next week, this whole disaster of a storyline should be DOA.

Hurray! Or do I mean Hurry?! I probably mean both!!!

Michigander Fan

GoBetty said...

I wish it was Becky who was sending the cards to Gail. And then Becky and Maya have sex.