Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moley Sucks Update


Car 51, Where Are You?

or, more reasons to hate Moley.

Here’s the scenario so far:

- Kelly’s at the bar getting drunk, missing Llyod but unwilling to go back to him

- Llyod’s pining for her at the streetcars

- Steve wants Ronnie back.

- Ronnie won’t come back unless Steve really, really, really, really, really begs her to

- Liz and her cleavage want Steve to go after Ronny

- Llyod and Eileen tell Ronny to cut Steve some slack

- Vernon won’t buy a round of drinks.

All of which lead up to Steve meeting up with drunk Kelly in the bar and tying one on with her. At the ring of the bell, Steve takes Kelly back to his place for cheese on toast and one thing leads to another she makes a move on him. (Personally, I think he had her at cheese on toast).

They both do the, ‘Oh we really shouldn’t.’ dance before they decide they should and run off to the bedroom.

Glacia throws confetti in the air because Steve needs a good woman like Kelly and she is so much better than Moley in that she doesn’t run over people.

That’s right, Moley ran over someone.

After Eileen and Llyod talk to Ronny, she decides to make up with Steve and is barreling down the street while yakking on her cell phone leaving Stevo a message. Just as she puts down the phone, all of a sudden we hear ka-whomp ka-blop and she feels something roll under her car.

She stops the car and runs back to find out that she’s run over an OAP. After poking him with a stick to see if he’s still alive, she decides the best course of action is to get back into the car and start driving to Steve’s while talking on the mobile again,

The black bits are the best part of cheese on toast.
Best line was that Llyod calls Steve a ‘closet baldy’. Brilliant, especially as tonight it looked like Steve had more hair than usual.

Charles in Charge
Everyone but everyone on the street has an opinion on the Charlie vs. Keef situation – especially the Barlows who think that Charlie could have handled the situation better by taking Keef to small claims court. Tracey (and Glacia) of course defends Charlie saying that he’s only taking back what Keef was unwilling to pay for. By my calculation, Charlie is still out on the labour costs if Keef doesn’t pay.

Keef meets up with Charlie to discuss the situation again and Tracey is nearby to pip in like a greek chorus during the confrontation. Charlie tells Keef to get the landlord to pay the bill and Keef replies, ‘He’s never paid for anything before,why should he now.’

Scccccccccccccccreeeeeeeeech! Wait, wait, wait,wait, WAIT!

What? Man, for a guy who knows the price of a birdsong in the sky and who owes what, I’m really shocked at his attitude towards the landlord. It’s the landlord’s roof, not yours my friend. It’s his bloody responsibility. You’d think, given Keef’s stubbornness over paying Charlie, he’d dig his heels in just as much to have the landlord pay up.

Anyway, Charlie offers to talk to the landlord on Keef’s behalf which Keef agrees to but not without some reservations. Tracey tries to get Keef to thank Charlie but all she gets in return is the ‘V for Victory’ sign.

Later back at the flat, after seeing the landlord, Charlie tells Tracey that he has a suprise for her. (I think I know what it is and this will make for a good story line.)

Shut Up Keef
Okay John, just cover your ears, cause I know you like Keef.

Audrey talks to Keef about the roof situation and she is another one who feels he should just pay the bill, but she goes the extra bit and offers to help him pay the bill. He’s insulted (okay, I’ll give him that) and tells her that it’s not that he doesn’t have the funds, it’s the principle of the thing. He goes into a rant and tells her that she has a cash register instead of a brain. Audrey finally tells Keef that he can be offensive and that right now she’s offended and they both storm away from each other.

Later, in the Rovers Keef approaches Audrey who’s having a drink with Deidre and Ken. He tells her that he’d like to talk to her in private, but she says that anything he needs to say he can say in front of her friends.

Keef responds by saying that he was going to apologize for the morning, but because she wouldn’t grant him a private audience, she can stick it.

I got to say, Keef is starting to really bug me. Sure, he makes for great OAP tottie, but let’s face it, he’ll never be a Percy Sugden.*

The divorce papers come in the mail for Frankie and Danny and both are upset that 20 years of marriage is at an end.

Leane (who was looking very nice, btw) tries to reassure herself, I mean cheer Danny up by talking about how nice their life together will be. He’s all, ‘ bet it will, kid.’

Frankie meanwhile is drowning her sorrows over at the Rovers and is there when Nathan tracks her down. She tells him that she’s just feeling blue about the divorce and he tells her it’s perfectly okay to feel that way.

Then she tells him she booked a flight to Spain for herself…alone. He’s not quite as cool with that.

I was kind of wonder what business it is of his if she wants to take off by herself for a bit because they haven’t been dating that long. Then I remembered that they are living together.

Still, Frankie just do what you need to do girlfriend, go to Spain.

Oh this year i'm off to Sunny Spain Y Viva Espana
I'm taking the Costa Brava 'plane Y Viva Espana
If you'd like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana
And meet senors by the score, Espana por favor

Paint It Black
Craig wants to see Rosie, but she has other plans because someone has painted their room black…but I don’t’ know who it was because I was too busy scrapping the ‘Gerrard Kennedy for Liberal Leader’ sticker off my fridge.

Actually, it really wasn't an important part of the show, I just wanted an excuse to write 'Paint it Black' on my update cause it's a cool song and all.

*Glacia’s trilogy of Corrie tottie for each stage of life – Charlie Stubbs, Jim McDonald, Percy Sugden. The gay nurse almost made it a quartet.


papasmurf said...

I played rugby with an English guy like Vernon - never got a round in.
'The black bits on the toasts are the best' - seems to me to be a subtle way of Steve saying he was warm for Kelly's form.

Debbie said...

Beyond Ronnie hitting that geezer, Liz's cleavage was the most shocking thing on this episode.

GoBetty said...

Help me Corrie Canuckers, you're my only hope. You've helped me before in this department. What music was playing when Steve and Kelly were about to hook up?

Rob Swizzle said...

Great update. Loved the Gerrard Kennedy and Percy Sugden jokes.

Has a hairdresser from 1986 been appearing at sleeping gals' bedsides and giving them St. Elmo's Fire hairdos? I'm talking about Violet and Leanne in particular, but there seems to be a daily update in the retro hair factor, not even counting Steve's Flock of Seagulls forelock.

Debbie said...


You've mixed up Molly and Ronnie.

Jacqueline said...

Actually, I was calling her 'Moley' - which is the nickname she earned on Corrie Canuck - for obvious perhaps cruel reasons.

But she's such a bitch now, I don't care.

'Moley, moley, moley, moley...'

Anonymous said...

While I didn't Charlie getting physically rough with Keith, I gotta admit, Keith's being a dick. I don't own my own home but I'll do little repairs like fix the toilet and all that but the building itself belongs to my landlord Frank. If the roof is leaking, I'm calling Frank right away, not the nearest builder to try and negotiate the price. It just isn't my place to do that.

When this storyline began, I assumed Keith took over ownership of the Harris house when they all died/went to jail. I had no idea it was owned by some other unknown person. Keith's actions don't really make any sense.

Moley's actions were bad, really bad. For one thing, she's going to be sent away for hit n' run as soon as the police find out. For another, it happened in one of Steve's cabs so that's going to have an effect on him. And most importantly, she's going to walk n' on Steve and Kelly, totally ruining their post-coital happiness/drunken passing out.

A long time ago, the goode ladywyfe asked me which girl on the street I'd most like to, you know, and I said Kelly. The missus likes Kevin.

Jacqueline said...

Kevin's a good choice.

Mr. Glacia has a thing for Maria.

pip said...

I liked the comment Steve made to Liz to the effect of how he had no intention of being an open wallet and an unpaid labourer (in reference to her relationship with Mr. Sponge). Why does Liz put up with that man?

Yes, Kevin is rather the nicest of the middle aged set. My daughter has a thing for Craig, even the non-Goth version.

Anonymous said...

So who owns the Harris/Keith house? Some unknown landlord like :(

Who lived there before the harris family?

Keith is a dick and I hope he soon will be gone. He's a tightfisted dick...or like Jack Duckworth's because he's from lancaster...(What does that mean? Theya re stingy there?)

Mi. Corrie Lady

Anonymous said...

Actually Jack said Keith was from Yorkshire and they're notoriously stingy, a stereotype I've never heard before. Like how American waitresses complain that Canadians are bad tippers - I had no idea we had this stereotype about us.

Michael Palin's king character from 'The Holy Grail' is supposed to be a stereotypical Yorkshireman: "No singing here! None of that now! You see that wall there? I'm going to knock it down and open the whole space up!"

Tanzie said...

Mi. Corrie Lady : I did a quick research on who lived there and the last family before the Harris' and then Keith was none other than Matt Ramsden and his wife.

Pamer said...

how do you make cheese on toast? do you make toast first then add cheese and put it all in the oven?? Or skip the toasting bit?