Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Think I'm Gonna Be Smurfin' Sick Update

Oh Smurfin’ Hell!

Claire has finally felt the baaabee kick and is very excited as it’s a special smurf moment. She tries to get Ashely excited too, but he just thinks it gas.

It’s at that point that Ashley opens to the mail and finds out that Matt’s lawyer has asked that they meet in order to discuss the Joshua situation. There’s a suggestion that he, Matt and Joshua meet at a park and because parks and children CLEARLY don’t mix, Ashley wonders if Matt is a dirty old man.

I like how Ashley’s logic goes all wonky when he’s angry.

When Fred and Bev find out about the attorney’s letter she makes a slip of the tongue and refers to Matt as Joshua’s ‘real’ father.


Ashley throws a fit and starts yelling at Bev about Matt not being the ‘real’ father. He points to her mout and tells her she should keep ‘THAT’ shut. He didn’t have to be that rude to her.

Sometimes Ashley’s an ass.

Claire consoles Ashley in the kitchen and I noticed that every time their together there’s a strange pinky/orangey glow around them.

Trading Places
Rita and Emily are almost coming to blows about about stockings in the kitchen sink. Well, maybe not blows, but snide remarks made under their breaths.

Reminds me of those haylcon university days living in a house with 5 of the most annoying human beings on earth.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, Rita talks to Norris about going back to Emily; which he feels would be the best idea. She then sits Emily down to a chit chat about trading back spaces and Emily is over the moon about the idea and asks Rita what time her and her soggy tights can be out of house.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll Back The Prices!
Dev – this guy that seem to remember from somewhere, but I can’t quite place where – gets a call from someone named Sunita asking him to babysit their children for a few hours.

He tries to convince Steve then Craig to watch the shop so he can run off to be a father. Both are unable and Dev starts shouting down the odds until Keef asks him what his problem is. Once he tells him, Keef offers to care take the shop for him.

Our Keef proves to be a slow shopkeep, but what he lacks in speed he makes up for mad, mad prices! Come down to Dev’s where Crazy Keef is slashing prices! No inflate corner shop price is safe with Crazy Keef around.

When he feels that Seans grocery bill is too high, he tells him just to pay half the amount. But the bargains don’t end there! No, Keef tells pensioner Blanche that her Gypsy Creams are a mere 50p! It’s ceeeeeeeeeeeeraaaazy!

Later Dev meets up with Steve and tells him that he has a cunning plan to get Sunita back. He’s gonna ask her to move into the house with the baby because living with her parents is no place for a woman in her late 20’s.

Glacia: Sunita’s in her late 20’s?
Steve: Sunita’s in her late 20’s?

Don’t get me wrong, she’s fabulous…but late 20’s? That’s pushing it a wee bit, I think.

The Best Part of the Show

Over at the Platts we see the best part of the show. Why?

A – The Hillman saga is wrapping up. And if I never, never EVER hear the name Hillman it’ll be a blessing.

B – Gayle barfs.

C - Gayle recognizes her son as a – and I quote – ‘dangerous little psychopath’.

Gayle is convinced that David is the Hillman card sender and to that end snoops in his room while he is out. She comes across a blank card in his desk at the same moment he walks in the door.

She tells him she’ll be down in a minute and puts away the card. She then comes down the stares all buggy eye and stepping sideways away from him. She starts her rant, ‘David…I’ve been up to your room…..and….and….and… it’s a disaster! Go clean your room you slob!’

While he scurries upstairs, she rushes over to the kitchen sink and barfs and Glacia laughs so hard that her Mojito comes shooting out of her nose.

I don’t know why, but seeing Gayle freaked out to the point of projectile vomiting makes me laugh very, very hard.

Anyway, she sets up David by telling him that it’s Richard’s birthday on Friday and that the only person in the would that knows that besides her is Dr. Phil. This of course is a lie to see if David will send a card.

For once I actually agree with Gayle’s actions – but wonder why she didn’t try this trick on other people she suspected.

Audrey thinks Gayle is off her nut and stops her from stalking David in the street.


Anonymous said...

Sunita is SO not in her late 20's. I think Dev just tells himself that as it just wouldn't do for a swinger such as himself to marry a woman closer to his own age.

Jacqueline said...

According to she was born in 1978. No word on how old Shonba is though.

There's a few characters on Corrie who are about 7 years younger than the actors playing them.

She's a gorgeous woman, but she really doesn't look like she's in her 20's.

Pamer said...

i remember when she came to Toronto last year and it was reported that she was 34 or 35

Maude_Lynn said...

While Sunita is supposed to be 29, Shobna Gulati is apparently 41 this year. Bit of a stretch, that, but she does look lovely.

Anonymous said...

Why does the show do that? If the actor is 40, make the character 40. Shobna looks great regardless.

I know there are new characters coming - not really a spoiler, there are always new characters coming - but her absence, along with Mike's and the others who've left recently, seems to loom over the show. You can tell there are people missing.

Rob Swizzle said...

New characters? Excellent news, John. The plots have been going around in circles like a one legged duck for awhile.