Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Friday Update

“Do you think asking your son’s ex-girlfriend to marry you while your son’s stood there is romantic or not?” Kelly asks the group sitting outside the factory. They laugh. Fiz warns there’ll be no stopping Leanne now that she’s engaged to Danny.

Meanwhile, Leanne practically sings good morning to Nathan, saying she reckons they did him a favour by getting engaged. “Have you phoned her, told her the good news?” she asks, referring to Frankie.
“Well, I’ll just have to phone her myself,” she says.
“Oh, don’t waste your battery, luv. I’m sure Danny’s on the phone with her right now,” Nathan smirks. Leanne frowns and moves along. Man, he totally harshed her buzz.

Sean asks Eileen if his dark suit will be all right. He hasn’t been to many funerals. He wants to look appropriately somber. He feels guilty that he didn’t visit his Aunty Betty more often. Eileen says it’ll be nice to see his family, especially his dad. Sean replies that the day is about Aunty Betty, not anyone else.

But later, as Aunty Betty’s coffin is carried up the aisle, Sean turns at every sound, clearly looking for his dad. No sign. “It’s his own sister’s funeral and he hasn’t turned up. I knew he wouldn’t. He hadn’t turned up for me in 20 years, and I’m alive. So why’s he going to turn up for someone who’s dead?”

Keith is at Dev’s shop spilling his woes to Dev, Norris and Liz. He’s seeing the Citizens Advice on Wednesday to find out his rights as a tenant. Norris doubts it’ll make a difference. Liz calls him a pessimist. What does he know?
“There’s all sorts of areas I’m knowledgeable in,” Norris retorts.
“Hm, well, there’s being knowledgeable and there’s having an opinion. They’re two very different things,” says Dev.

Amber arrives. Dev tells her to leave her bag and get herself off to school. “What about the rest?” she asks.
“There’s more?” says Dev incredulously.
“Don’t know much about teenagers, does he?” Liz murmurs to Keith.
Amber says her mom’s leaving this morning and if they don’t get it now, Dev will have to buy her all new stuff.

Ronnie sits in the Streetcars office looking gloomy. No, more enigmatic, says Eileen. No, more fabulous, says Steve, because “look at her. She is beautiful, she is sexy, she is core-vatious.” Lloyd has a good laugh at that one. Eileen finds a speeding ticket in the mail and Steve assumes that it must be Les’. He wants to check the logbook but no one ever updates it except Claire and she’s on mat leave. Lloyd says it could’ve been one of the girls, not just the guys. Ronnie snaps that it wasn’t her.

The factory girls grumble that it’s all right for Leanne to come in late, especially now that she has a ring on her finger. Leanne closes the office blinds, meaning to get it on with Danny, but he’s not interested. He’s going out and never mind why. He tells her to mind the factory and “that lot.” She says she won’t have a problem, “they know better than to cause any trouble. I can get dirty and they know it.”
“I’ll be they do. You frighten me sometimes, Leanne.”
“Glad to hear it.”

“It’s smaller than I thought,” Amber says, her stuff piled throughout Dev’s apartment. She’s excited to get her stuff sorted, to get to know Dev better. Dev more interested that she keep to her own space. She’s not to clutter up the bathroom or touch his stuff. She assures him she won’t be any trouble. She is a little miffed when he refuses to stay and help her sort out her stuff.

At the Rover’s Bev tells Shelley to go take a few hours off, go hang out with mates or something. Shelley doesn’t have anywhere to go, doesn’t have any mates. Bev thinks she’s spending too much time behind the bar, that there’s more to life then her job. “There’s not much more to mine,” Shelley replies. Meanwhile, a nice looking guy in a blue shirt steps up to the bar for a refill.

Janice appears at the factory, “aw, have you missed me?” She and Sally enjoy their usual volley of words. Leanne tells Janice to come to the office where she’ll make her a cup. “Not with our milk,” Sally warns.
“Our Leanne’s management these days. That entitles me to executive tea and biscuits,” Janice retorts.
Fiz asks if they’ll be catching up on all the gossip later in the Rover’s. Janice says they can catch up right now as she’s working there again. This is a shocker and Sally is least pleased, saying, “Leanne will have the whole family working here soon. There’ll be Les and Cilla and Chesney…”
“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with our Chesney,” Fiz interjects.
“Well, actually I like Chesney,” Sally admits.
“Good job. Me mother is objectionable, though,” Fiz nods.

In the office Janice realizes that Leanne hasn’t told Danny she’s back to work. Leanne says the worst he can do is order her off the premises, which Janice thinks is very likely as he doesn’t like her. Leanne says Danny doesn’t like most of the girls out there and that Janice is no worse than any of them, provided she keeps her gob shut. Janice is willing to make the effort just so she doesn’t have to go back to Toya’s flat where there wasn’t even a pub on the corner.

After the funeral service Violet thinks they should ask around, see if they can’t find out why his dad didn’t show. But Sean says he knows why – he doesn’t care. However, Jamie does find a wreath addressed from him. Back on the street, they stop by Roy’s for a coffee and try to convince Sean that he’s better without his dad. Sean just wants to know why he left, why he didn’t come back, why he continues to ignore him. He decides he’s going to go around to his dad's house. Jamie and Violet insist on driving him.

“Lippy!” Danny spies Janice working at a station.
“Hi ya Mr. Baldwin," Janice says sheepishly.
“’Hi ya Mr. Baldwin’?! Is this some sort of a joke?” He orders her into the office where he confronts them both. Leanne says Janice was a good machinist and they need one. Janice says she’ll keep her mouth shut. Leanne says output’s been down and that he won’t have to deal with her. Janice says she loves the job and begs. Danny relents to a trial period. Janice is over the moon. Danny looks sick to his stomach.

After Janice leaves, Leanne assures Danny she is not going to take advantage. She promises. “On what?” Danny asks. He pulls out a big, sparkly diamond. Leanne, over the moon herself, promises he won’t regret this. He says it took him a long time to choose the ring and Leanne says she loves it. Any other day and Janice would’ve been booted, he points out.
“Oh, forget her,” Leanne says.
“I already have,” Danny says and he shuts the office blinds.

Ronnie sits alone in her car at the scene of the crime. There is an accident notice and flowers. She relives the incident.

At the Rovers Bev, Deirdre and Liz make moves to get something started between Shelley with Blue Shirt Guy. They tell him she’s not attached and isn’t she attractive? Shelley apologizes to him and he asks her out. Shelley declines, saying she doesn’t go out with customers. Bev tells him to try again.

Meanwhile, Ronnie confesses to Steve about the speeding fine. She says it could cost her job as she has nine penalty points on her license that she ‘forgot’ to tell him about. He offers to stick up for her, tell him how good a driver she’s been. She asks him to lie for her, to say he was behind the wheel. He refuses, saying it wouldn’t go down very well for the boss of the company to have a mark like that against him. Is Ronnie screwed?

The three musketeers pull up at a lovely looking house. Jamie and Violet promise to wait for Sean. He approaches the door and rings the bell.
“Please let there be some reason,” Violet says. Sean rings the bell again.



missusmac said...

So Ronnie, knowing full well she hit some OAP, is trying to get Steve to say he was driving using some trumped up version of possibly losing her licence?

Nice... Very Classy. I never really liked her, but this is pretty low even for her.

And we all know Steve will cave to her.

Which now leads to Steve eventually being forced to say he has an alibi. Hmmm, will that taxi office be big enough for Lloyd and Steve after that?

Anonymous said...

If I were Blue Shirt Guy, I'd run as soon as Bev started in on the "Go on, ask her out." Nothing sexier than being prodded by the mum of a girl you like.

Rob Swizzle said...

How many times can we watch Janice get fired? I thought the rules of Coronation Street dictated that any character shown sitting inside the Weatherfield Wayfayer was off the show for good.

Debbie said...

Sooooo, does Nathan have a reason for existing? Because he is totally useless. Why couldn't the writers give him more, like why couldn't he have moved to the street with a daughter or sommet?

I read or heard that the writers liked to bring people on with a family so that there is more potential drama. It is like they brought Nathan on for useless street totty.

What chance does a character have of sticking if there is little chance for drama?

Anonymous said...

That's a good question about singles on the show. Almost every character has a family relation of some sort, unless they're of the elder generation like Emily and Rita, who are widowed.

People there with no family can get weeded out after a few years. It happened to Ciaran, didn't it?

Unless Nathan marries Frankie and they start producing babies, I think he's a goner.

missusmac said...

IN a street mainly populated by Jack Duckworth, Roy, Diggory, Fred, Ashley, and Norris, there is no such thing as useless street totty!

howdi said...

Janice looks good since she's been away with her tan and funky hairdo. She has lost weight too.

About Leanne's ring- could that be one of the engagement rings Mike bought when he had Aldzheimers?