Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Friday Update


Young Joshua is punching Granddad Fred in the gut and giggling like it’s the best thing ever. “God, I hate kids,” says actor John Savident between gritted teeth. Okay, he doesn’t really say that, but I bet he was happy when Claire took the little tyke ‘off to school’.

Fred raises a touchy subject, the possibility of settling with Matt Ramsden out of court. Of course Ashley’s not having any of it. Later, Fred promises a big celebration when the judge tells Ramsden he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. However, he looks doubtful as the younger Peacock’s drive away.

Ramsden stops Ashley outside of the courtroom and asks him to reconsider. Ashley turns his usual shade of red and says he won’t discuss it unless Ramsden is going to agree to leave them alone. “Calm down,” Claire tells Ashley once again.

“I just want to play a part,” Matt tells the judge, “a small part in Joshua’s life.” He asserts that he is the child’s biological father.
Naturally, this sets Ashley off again, “no you’re not. My name’s on his birth certificate. Yours is nowhere.”

Dr. Ramsden is happy to give DNA testing but Ashley continues to refuse. Then Claire asks to speak. She always thought the welfare of the child was the most important thing. She doesn’t understand what this has all been about or why it’s necessary. The judge thanks them all, says they’ve all been quite clear. Since there doesn’t seem to be any willingness to compromise, they will be all called back for a second hearing.


Jason teases David about working at the salon where he’ll be sure to get all the girls. David says it’s only older women who go there anyway. “Yeah,” Jason grins, “well me boss recons they’re the best ‘cause they’re so grateful.”

David offers to watch the door for drunks instead of chores but Audrey says that won’t be necessary. She sends Sarah to clean the beauty room and then apologizes to Maria for not warning her about David. “He needs us. It’s kind of like that community service thing.”
Maria asks what she’s supposed to do.
“What we must all do, darling. Be nice to him.”
Of course, David slacks off as soon as he can. Sarah bitches that he’s playing ball with Craig instead of doing the errand Gran wanted. Maria empathizes that it can’t be that much fun in there for him. She offers to talk to him. She tells him he’s a good looking lad when he smiles and that she’s on his side, as long as he gets a better attitude.


Lloyd really misses Kelly but she won’t talk to him. He complains to Steve and Ronnie that right now he needs the kind of friends he can rely on.
“Yeah, well you haven’t got any,” says Steve
“Yeah, I know. I’m just saying. It’s what a man needs.”

Steve runs into Kelly at Dev’s shop and asks her how she’s doing. “Folks is stopped grabbing their purses when I go by,” she replies. She asks after Lloyd but won’t be calling him, adding that life goes on.

Ronnie thinks Lloyd’s better off without Kelly anyway. She says Kelly’s stupid and walks like she’s on stilts. You can’t criticize someone for the way they walk, Steve rebukes her. Well, replies Ronny, then it’s her bad taste in clothes and her prison record. “I didn’t realize you were so smitten with her,” she adds. Steve is clearly surprised at this.

Amber arrives at the shop with a big duffle bag and Dev looks less than thrilled. Amber asks if he’s changed his mind, “Oh you have, haven’t you?” Dev certainly pauses, but then hands her the keys and tells her to go up and start unpacking.

Later, he sees her talking to Craig. Suddenly Diggory appears and says he’s had a daughter at that age and he knows what Dev’s got coming and he doesn’t envy him. Then he says something about boys coming down chimneys and up drainpipes. Lord, Molly must have had some creepy (or fictional) boyfriends.

Dev points out that they’re just talking. Diggory warns, “I’ll say this. Don’t turn your back. Not for a second.”


Tracy asks Charlie if he’s actually going to have a shave and get changed and take her out for a proper lunch to make up for the night before. He intends to, except he runs into Keith who has a problem with a leaky roof.
“Is Thursday okay?” Charlie asks.
“Thursday? What am I supposed to do until then?” says Keith.
“Buy a bucket?” Ha! (I)
Keith says he’s desperate and he practically begs, so Saint Charlie agrees to do the job.
“There’ll be a drink for you two in the Rovers later tonight,” Keith gushes.
“Yeah, and there’ll be a bill for you.” Ha! (II)

“Keep your eyes open,” Keith tells Craig. See, you watch the builder so you can learn how they do it and then do it yourself next time. Keith’s Granddad taught him that trick.
Craig is skeptical, “You do know he’s working on the roof, though, yeah? So how am I gonna watch him?”
“Well, yes, I can see that’s a problem. But as a general rule, it’s worth bearing in mind.”

As Charlie packs up, Keith expresses his gratitude and offers a glowing recommendation to all. Climbing into truck, Charlie remembers he’s supposed to take Tracy to lunch. He tells Jason maybe he’ll have to just buy her sandwich, tell her it’s takeaway and see how much of a sense of humor she has. But have no fear, he’s still taking her out. He just has to take the bill to Keith, presumably while the gratitude is still fresh. Tracy’s only half listening – she’s still looking for her red shoe. Ha! (III)

At the Rover’s, Keith is still gushing, “there are some folks who call tradesmen names but you won’t see me doing that.” Enter Charlie who hands him a bill for £230. Keith almost chokes on his beer. “This is a bit steep, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, well, so is your roof,” Charlie replies. Ha! (IV)

Keith calls it extortion. Charlie calls it two guys at premium rate plus materials. Audrey thinks it sounds reasonable, but Keith refuses to pay.
“Well, what we doing, Charlie?” Tracy asks, watching her lunch date going down the drain.
“Daylight robbery,” says Blanche as Charlie stomps out of the pub.

Just as the others have almost lifted Keith to their shoulders for standing up to Charlie, enter Craig, who says, “you do know he’s back on our roof taking the tile off?” Oh, the look on Keith’s face! He rushes out into the street to find that, sure enough, Charlie is stripping the whole roof. Keith threatens to call the police.
Go ahead, says Charlie. Afterall, Keith asked him to inspect the roof in the first place. “I’ve decided they’re in such a bad state they’re all going to have to come off.”


Tracy stops by 'for tea' and Dierdre and Blanche wonder what she wants. She wants them to baby sit while she and Charlie go for lunch.
“Short notice,” says Blanche
“It is,” Dierdre agrees.
“They’ve started wind surfing lessons on the reservoir. We thought we might give it a try,” says Blanche.


Anonymous said...

This is Terry from Michigan. I love,love,love Amber. I just love love how Stupid Dev is around her. She is the only one who puts him in his place.
Have a good day

Kristin said...

So how much did Keith think it would cost to have a roof fixed immediately (i.e. have charlie delay other PAYING jobs)???? I can't stand him.

Oh, and the comment "...there'll be a couple of drinks for you in the Rovers later..." Yeah, that's the kind of payment I would want to receive too. That'll cover material costs. UGH

Working From Home Today said...

Terry, heartily agreed. Amber is quickly becoming my new favourite character. The casting was brilliant.

missusmac said...

I do love Amber too. All the rotten 'you're such a jerk' things that all his previous girlfriends have thought, she just stands there and says.

Keith's pettiness is annoying. Yes, he's on a fixed pension, but so is Emily, and she managed to pay Charlie last year.

Perhaps Keith needs to rent out a room -- maybe to Kelly!

Alasdair said...

It's not often you find yourself saying "way to go lad" where Mr. Stubbs in concerned, but in this one with Tight Keith - you had to hand it to him. Charlie and Jason had done an 'emergency job' for him and he should justa paid up and gone on with it. Of course, this is much more fun :-) Poor Audrey is always just mortified around him at his stinginess.

Yep on Amber moving in with Dev - he sure needs someone around to liven up his scenes. Amber is just the tonic and seems all of us agree on that one.

Nice not to hear about those freakin' cards today, wasn't it?!

Anonymous said...

I will be glad when Keith leaves...He is annoying...Blanche has the greatest lines...but sometimes she gets too mean. I like when she gets back at Tracy though.!!!

Michigan Corrie lady

Debbie said...

I have got to say that Charile had a point. He doesn't work for free and Keith didn't want to wait. Why was he being so unreasonable. He then proceeds to get all puffed up and then makes more problems for himself.

I was thinking that he didn't even bother to negtotiate a price with charlie before hand. There must be other builders in Weatherfield.

Keith didn't have a leg to stand on. Charile may be nicely packaged slime, but he does have skills.

Jacqueline said...


Sorry, just had to say that.

Kristin said...

Debbie, I agree entirely. There must be other builders around, however, that would require others leaving the street to do anything!!! :)

Me thinks Keith's going to be a sadder sack than usual in the coming days...

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Keith. I mean, I know he should realise that builders are in demand and if he insists Charlie drops everything, it's going to cost him.

I just don't look forward to seeing Charlie turn his terrorising skills on to Keith. The old man just got on the wrong side of the wrong guy.

Debbie said...

I can think of some skills I would like Charile to use of me!

Whoooaooaaaaahhhh Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!

pip said...

Yeah, Keith should have asked for an estimate from Charlie, but Charlie was clearly intending to stick it to him fromthe get go, so presumeably the bill was inflated beyond what was reasonable even for a 'drop everything' job.

Blanche and Co. egging Keith on to refuse to pay the bill didn't help matters. Keith was being stupid in not trying to negotiate a more reasonable price.

Having said all that I hope Charlie falls off the roof and breaks his neck - or better yet something even more important to him (and Tracy). The only reason he gets away with what he does is because of his looks, which to my mind aren't that great. (Like Brad Pitt, he has too small of a nose.)

Rob Swizzle said...

Oh, I'd pay anything for a contractor who returned my calls in less than 48 hours. Just one of the perils of smalltown living when one hasn't mastered the secret handshake.