Friday, February 09, 2007

The Divorce Proceedings Update

The episode starts as Danny emerges from his car and answers a call from his solicitor, as Frankie does the same in the background, leaving her house. They talk to their solicitors simultaneously. The calls are basically, “you tell him” and “you tell her” and “not a chance” until they end up literally face-to-face yelling, “see you in court!”

In the next scene, Danny says to Frankie that he wants to sit down and talk man-to-man, but Frankie says she can’t trust him.

David Platt makes moves to bring his mom tea, but Gail says, “you think all it’s going to take is a cuppa tea?” David looks appropriately sheepish.

Enter Sarah, who thinks it’s all an act, that David’s just sucking up. Lord, how did she get to be the smart one?! “You lied then, and you’re lying now,” she accuses. Gail announces that David’s not going to school today. Sarah protests – why should he get a day off for what he’s done? - and Gail cuts her off, “thank you Sarah, I’ll deal with this in my way.”

Gail adds that she doesn’t want Jason to know about this. But she concedes she’ll have to tell Audrey and tells Sarah to ask her around at lunch. Sarah protests the secrecy, but Gail says, “I’m protecting the whole family.”

Then, an overhead shot of the new factory! Wow, they really did slip in that rebuild. We saw scaffolding for, what, one episode? And no builders, either.
“At last the building resembles something from the 21st century,” Danny says proudly and yes, it is quite different. Spacious, with an air of industrial efficiency.

Leanne accuses him of going soft for giving “that thief” her job back, meaning Kelly. Leanne predicts loudly that Kelly will be ‘inside' by the end of the week. “Let’s hope she never gets called for jury service,” Fiz says of Leanne.

David’s punishment is to sort through a bin of all of his stuff, sorting into 'toss' or 'keep'. It's Gail's ploy to get him to talk to her. “I want to understand" (to which I give a resounding “ptttttpht!”, spittle and all, because I'm exceptionally unreasonable when it comes to this family).

At Streetcars, Lloyd tells Kelly not to let Leanne get to her, that no judge in his right mind would send her away. "I wouldn’t bank on it,” Steve jumps in.
Kelly retorts sarcastically that what, should she just give up and go pack her things for her inevitable jail sentence?
"Good idea,” he replies.
After Kelly departs in a huff, Steve says he felt he had to provide a balanced opinion since Lloyd was giving her false hope.

Later, Lloyd talks about how he wants Kelly to cling to hope, to persevere. Steve still thinks she should plead guilty since she’s had previous offences. If she threw herself on the mercy of the judge, she could get a lighter sentence. Claire thinks it’s simply wrong to lie.

“Nobody ever listens to me,” David tells Gail. The only time she ever pays attention is when he’s done something wrong. “You just get on my back all the time."
Gail starts to melt, “So you did this to get attention?”
He says he couldn’t stand how she was playing ‘happy families’ with Phil. “I hated him so much and I hated you for liking him.”
Then she asks why he carried on sending the cards after Phil was gone, and he shrugs. He just wanted her to keep thinking it was Phil’s. “Why?” she asks. David falters.

Meanwhile, at the salon, Sarah tells Audrey to go see Gail about something really important that she can't talk about, but Audrey’s determined to get the news out of Sarah first.

“You’re right, I don’t listen,” Gail says to David (the Hubby thinks Gail’s being proactive here. I think David’s a manipulative little psychopath and Gail’s as proactive as carpet lint).

Out of the box of junk, he extracts his first proper ‘footie’ boots (sp?). He reminisces about his first football match, which Gail and Martin watched from the sidelines, cheering him on. “You miss your dad, don’t you?” she asks. They have a hug.

Until Audrey comes in swinging, ready to beat the living tar out of him. (This is where the Hubby enters rant mode, something about “the complete and utter lack of self control of all characters on this show. The only person I like is Ken.”
Since I’m hollering, “Go Audrey!”, the ‘pause’ button is depressed while a ‘discussion’ ensues.)

Dev, as organized as ever, bursts into Streetcars and offers the 50 quid to whomever for a couple hours work. Lloyd and Steve are not interested so Dev accosts Keith in the street. Keith agrees to put in some hours while Dev’s getting a van to move his stuff from the house to the flat above the store. Keith comments that it’s nice Sunita’s moving into the house. Dev replies, “it’s more than nice, Keith, it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Frankie enters the new factory looking smashing, especially compared to poor Leanne ( monster clipboard, Ms. Danson! Seriously, she must be going on mat leave soon). Frankie wants to talk to Danny so he sends Leanne off to fetch the tea, which amuses the factory girls to no end.

Gail tells off Audrey for attacking her son. Audrey naturally assumes Gail is letting David off too easily, accusing her of dealing with him too softly. Gail defends her approach, saying she’s dealing with it and “yes, by talking. Something that’s in short supply around here some times.” Audrey retorts that she’s burying her head in the sand as usual. This point seems to be proven when Gail acquiesces to letting David go outside to play football in the street. Oh, the look on Audrey’s face! I think she wants to slap Gail next.

Frankie warns Danny that there’s no chance of reconciliation so why bother fighting the divorce proceedings? Danny says the only thing he’s clinging to is the villa in Spain. Leanne interrupts to do the ‘urgent’ filing and is summarily dismissed again. She shoots Danny a mean look as she shuts the door.

In the next scene, Leanne is sitting on a bench outside when Les comes by. She’s sad. She thinks she’s unlucky with men. Les ramps up to kill Danny and Leanne has to reassure him that Danny didn’t cheat, it’s just that he and Frankie are talking divorce. Les empathizes that the lava lamp was the main sticking point between him and Janice when they were splitting up.

Leanne says she saw how Danny’s face lit up when Frankie walked into the room. Les assures her that Frankie will be back off to London once she’s cleaned Danny out. Is she worried about the money? No, Leanne replies, she couldn’t care less about the money. It’s Danny she wants. “Blimey, you have got it bad, don’t you?” Les says, taking his daughter into his embrace.

Audrey looks out the window at David playing football with Craig. Gail emphasizes that she hasn’t let him off the hook. But what is she supposed to do? Hit him? Ground him?
“YES!” replies Audrey, “Do we all have to tiptoe around him, be nice or he might play some nasty tricks on us?”
Gail doesn’t disagree; she just thinks it should be handled differently. She wants to spend time with him, talk to him, stop bringing home men who terrorize him.
“Gail, he needs to be dealt with,” Audrey persists.
“Like you dealt with me?” Gail snaps. Audrey says she was never like this but Gail implies that Audrey would never have even noticed if she had been. So frankly, Gail doesn’t want Audrey’s opinion on parenting.
“But love, what he did is a terrible thing,” Audrey says. She thinks they should put the fear of God into him. “I mean it,” she says, warning that Gail better put a stop to it or she will. Outside, she pauses to give David the Evil Granny Glare before walking on.

“Do you want me to get you a glass to shove against the door?” Jo teases Leanne, who is obviously stressed that Danny’s still in there with Frankie. Jo moves to get Danny to do a quality check but Leanne snatches the lingerie out of her hands and reenters the office to find Danny and Frankie having a good laugh together. Danny says things are in a delicate state and asks her to leave again.

In the last scene of the episode, a cop pulls up in front of David and Craig. They watch as he knocks on the Platt’s door. He’s tells Gail he’s there in connection with the hoax cards.


Anonymous said...

It is making me crazy that Gail won't do something drastic to that evil David....he will get away with this stunt and then later on down the line, he will do more evil things on the street. LOL..But that is why I watch it!!!
But is time to trade up and get another actor to play David. This jack Shephard is tired and boring and has bad skin and hair!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what happens when Dev finds out Keith's been setting his own prices in the shop. Dev has giant house that he doesn't live in to pay for.

Debbie said...

Dev has 7 shops (like the Jeffersons!). One of them can pick up the slack.

I kinda love David's bad hair and bad skin. He is 15 afterall. Maybe one day he will go to a juvenile detention centre and come back as Street Toty.

I loved the Audrey Roberts Smack Down (ARSD). It was cathartic. It would have only been better if she 'accidentally' landed one on Gail. I want to watch that episode over and over again so that I can see Audrey come flying through that door.

Also, I think Audrey called Gail a stupid monkey at one point, or I may just have been dreaming. Did anyone else hear that?

Jackie said...

I absolutely LOVED it when Audrey came bursting through that door and starting hitting David! THAT is the reason I don't tune out the Platt scences, in the hopes that something that wonderful will happen again!!

MJ said...

Somebody needs to bitch slap Gail.

Jacqueline said...

Um...I would have been Audrey with the purse bashing... Sorry.

In fact, I was kind of moving my arms in the same motion during that scene.

Mr. glacia just left the room.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Frankie is hung up on getting the Spanish villa in the divorce - didn't Danny just inherit it? It seems to me Frankie should have no rights to recently acquired holdings.