Monday, February 26, 2007

Debbie Asks

What's Nathan's purpose on the show?

I wondered myself, and after the 2,500th time seeing him with pouting lips, raised eyebrown and sunken cheekbones in, I got it.

Nathan is there to give us a daily dose of 'Blue Steel'.

Spoiler alert: Next month we'll get "Magnum".


Debbie said...

Look at that face. I wonder what he is doing now. He would have made a nice balance to Charlie Stubbs, I think. Two titans of manliness. One good, one evil.

Jacqueline said...

Check it out.

Lori said...

I just watched Harry Potter last week (again!) and couldn't quite place the centaur,, but now I am feeling some animal lust coming on!

Anonymous said...

I am sure he will get the boot soon from Frankie...wink wink

(London) Rob said...

If I was writing the show Debbie, I'd write in a street when Charlie had Keef up against the wall, Nathan intervenes and the two 'titans of manliness' have a massive episode-long punch-up ending with Nathan wiping the cobblestones with Stubbsie.

Wouldn't that be great...?

Debbie said...

(London) Rob, I would LOVE too see that. I think that would be the single most viewed episode of the Street.

But, it would have to involve Frankie. Like, Stubbs tries it on, and he is overbearing. So, Nathan clocks him one. But is reluctant due to his bad boy past. Then, Charlie gets a couple good ones in. Suddenly, Nathan's anger gets out of control, he stops thinking about the consequences and he kicks the living shit out of Charlie. Everyone on the street is stunned. Tracey wonders if she is with the wrong guy and Danny , having witnessed the whole thing from beginning to end, gains a new respect for Nathan. But, while Danny isn't one to shy away from the odd dust up, he knows to stop calling Nathan on.

At the garage, Kevin is as good to him as ever, but Nathan notices that Sally doesn't like the girls talking to him as she has correctly assessed that Nathan was out of control. Also, the Battersby-Browns make a big deal out of the event calling Nathan the "Bad Boy Brawler."

However, since the Street and it's residents have reminded Nathan of his violent past, he is a man conflicted. Even though the vast majority of people on the street treat Nathan like he is a hero, he can't shake the shame of resorting to violence. During a heart to heart with Ken, Fred and Ashley we get a peek into what Nathan has been trying to live down. His rage has gotten him in trouble before and while he normally directs it to people like Stubbs, he has gotten it wrong, and it cost him his wife and daughter. He wants to leave all that behind him. He was doing fine for the past 5 years, but the street has brought it all back and he can't take it.

He also realizes that Frankie isn't for him and they can no longer fake it.

A few days pass and during a particularly low moment, Nathan sees Emily going into her local church and for some reason, follows her in. While standing in the back pew, not really listening to the minister, but thankful for being in a 'quiet' place for the first time in a while, Nathan picks up a leaflet stuffed in the box that holds the bibles and hymnals. He looks at the leaflet and experiences a moment of revelation.

In the next scene we see Nathan frantically packing and a plane ticket on the bed beside his bag. Jamie walks in on him and asks what is going on, is he going to join Frankie in Spain. But, Nathan says, "no, I'm just running away mate." he looks elated. Lloyd pulls up in a streetcars cab in front of number 7 and Nathan gets in. He's going to the airport.

A couple episodes later, Frankie is in the pub talking with Liz and we learn that Nathan has joined a development project in the South Pacific and has found the peace he was looking for.

The end!

(London) Rob said...

That's brilliant should be writing for the show!

The only thing you missed was a detailed Harlequin Romance-type description of Nathan and Charlie with their shirts in tatters, the sweat gleaming off their bared torsos, battling like a couple of stags rampant before the rut...

...that, and the merry throng of munchkins dancing around a triumphant Nathan showering him with rose petals...

Debbie said...

Yeah... I think those dancing munchkins would actually be me and Glacia.