Sunday, February 11, 2007

CORONATION STREET 1975 Deirdre first wedding

CORONATION STREET 1975 Deirdre is getting married to Ray Langton.


Debbie said...

I should be sleeping, but instead I'm watching this:

Jacqueline said...

# 1 - Why does it seem like Deidre and Rita aged merely some odd years between then and now, but Blanche seems to have aged 60 years.

#2 - In the Rovers, just as Deidre tells Len, 'If we miss that train Mr. Fairclough...' you can see the sound mike come into the frame.

#3 - I didn't realize Eddie Yeats had been on the show since the mid 70's. For some reason I thought he came on later.

corrierules said...

Thank you for this! Deirdre and I were born the same year and I too wore my hair just like hers! Or I could also say I wore my hair just like Ray's. LOL
OMG, those glasses it was a battle to decide whose were uglier, Deirdre's or the Registrar's. But I too wore big goggle specs in my day. And of course Annie Walker looked happy... she was simply thrilled that Deirdre was not marrying her Billy.

Jacqueline said...

Mmmm. I was born the exact same day and year that Peppermint Patty made her appearence in the Peanuts.

I still enjoy wearing a stripped shirt and hitting on bald men with beagles.