Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Coronation Strasse, Pet - Update

Auf Weidersehen, Papa!
We seen Sean contacting the elusive Brian trying to set up another son/father renuion. When he leaves a message he tells him that they need to talk and clear things up and adds 'I'm not 10 anymore - I can take anything you need to say to him.'

Both Eileen and Jason are impressed with the maturity of this move and Glacia really, really likes the 'I'm not 10 anymore' line.

Later Brian calls Sean on his cell and agrees to come to Eileens to meet up with him. Sean runs around like a loon trying to come up with the appropriate thing to serve his dad. Eileen suggest that he makes both cheese and ham butties, that way Brian has a choice.

Sean takes this advice and ends up making 3,500 sandwiches.

Dad comes around and the two of them have a pleasent enough conversation. Brian asks Sean what he knows about what happened between his mom and Brian. Sean replies only what his mom has said. (Methinks, there's more to the story than Brian just buggering off.)

Anyway, Brian leaves after a little bit but they agree to see each other again (wiedersehen) and that's it.

#1. We all know where Tim Healy who plays Brian is from, do we? Previously seen on 'Auf Weidersehen, Pet'.

#2 - Can someone PLEASE tell me what accent that was that Brian was throwing around. I could barely catch what he was saying.

Amber, for the Love of Arthur Fonzerelli, RUN! Lauf, liebchen! Lauf!
Amber and David go back to the Platts for lunch and do a bit of bonding over wayward dads. Both seem interested although nothing romantical happens.

Gayle is VERY pleased that David and Amber are chums and is pushing for info.'re young, you still have a chance - stay AWAY from the Platts!

I Kept Thinking of Morrissey for Some Reason
Okay so during this entire story line, people kept walking back and forth past that 'Child in a Coma' sign near the bus stop, warning drivers to slow down.

Glacia takes a sip of her Harvey Wallbanger and tosses her head from side to side while singing, 'Child in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious.'

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, the coppers show up at the streetcars looking for Steve. He assumes that they're there for the speeding ticket but doesnt' understand the big deal.

The police explain that there was a fatal hit and run not far from where 'Steve' got the speeding ticket. They ask to inspect the car which he agrees to, thinking there won't be anything wrong.

WRONG! The police find a dent in the car and when Steve can't explain it, they tow the car away for further inspection. Now our man McDonald is getting worried.

Meanwhile, Moley is a stinking bitch, slithering around and unwilling to go near the cops even when Norris asks her to drive him to the cafe.

Plus, her shirt was ugly.

When Steve confronts her about what happened the night she was speeding she says nothing at all and adds, 'I would have never invovled you otherwise.'

Glacia screams at the telly, 'Bull - shit!'

Im Anderer Neuigkeit.....
Keef has seen the solicitor and was told that Charlie has every right to toss him out. This upsetting news to Keef and Craig who both swear they will fight this.

Jason is deciding if he wants his dad at the wedding. I REALLY want to see Jason's dad.

Llyod and Kelly tell Steve that they are back together again. Llyod adds that Steve won't have to play 'third person' anymore. Steve and Kelly look at each other. UNCOMFORTAAAAAAAAAAAAABLE!

Liz suggests to Fred that the Rampant Rockin Rythmm Rascals (orwhateverthehelltheyrecalled) should play at his wedding. Fred wears the same expression Glacia did when her mother in law suggested a Celine Dion tribute band for her wedding to Mr. Glacia.

Sarah's hair is looking GORGEOUS!


Debbie said...

Ronnie is a terrible person to say the least. But, she is also kind of stupid. Steve may be a fool in his trousers, but does she really think that he is going to go to jail for her? Where, exactly, did she think this was going to go?

Robin said...

I'm not sure how far the Ronnie storyline will progress - probably as far as Steve covers for her as I recall Lloyd saying they could just request the photo from the speeding camera to determine who really was driving. Somehow, I don't think the storyline will be that smooth...considering Steve has a juicy alibi that you know will come out!

Anonymous said...

I remember Jason's dad Tony from way back when I first started watching the show. He gave Jason a lot of previously unknown detail on his past like the fact that his grandfather was among a wave of Jamaicans who emigrated to the UK in the 1950's to help with the post-war labour shortage.

Jason seemed quite taken with his dad and Eileen worried that Jason would choose to live with him instead of her. Then Tony stole some money from Streetcars and let Eileen take the blame.

papasmurf said...

I think the accent Brian is using from north of Hadrian's Wall.
Steve is going to get busted so bad for a night of drunken rumpy pumpy. I guess the doghouse is better than the big house though.

Maude_Lynn said...

'Child in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious.'

Hee-hee, that made my day, that did.

I hope Ronnie gets sent down for her hit 'n' run. Recalling her quip about Kelly's court attire, I'd sure like to see how glib she is when it's her in the dock instead.

Anonymous said...

Jason's father was the electrician guy with the young blond girlfriend. I think that she showed some interest in young Jase but maybe that's transference on my part. FatherofJason was rather unimpressive.


missusmac said...

Did we ever see father of Todd? I don't think we did, and we're not likely too, since Todd is simply a phone prop now.

Hey, wouldn't it be great and fabbity fab if Todd came back for Jason and Sarah's wedding, a la Steve MacDonald's brother?

How bug-eyed do you think Gayle would get????

And Sarah's hair did look gorgeous. Must not have had it done at Audreys....

CM said...

sean's dad has a geordie accent, probably more north than newcastle, but definitely not scottish.

Anonymous said...

Brian's accent is definitely a classic Geordie or Newcastle accent. It's likely Tim Healy's natural accent as he sound exactly the same in "Auf Wedersehn Pet."